Zoe Saldana Snagged Herself A Boo


What is the best thing to do if the people around you doubt your sexuality?  Well, you have to get a nice boo and kiss him over and over again.  This is what Zoe Saldana has been doing this week.  After she commented that there is a possibility that she will have a relationship with another woman, the questions about her sexuality just wouldn’t stop when she was busy promoting “Star Trek Into Darkness.”

In order to put an end to the rumors, Zoe now has a new boo and his name is Marco Perego.  He is a former professional soccer player and after he obtained an injury in the leg, he became an artist.  This Italian guy possesses some similarity with Johnny Depp.   Perego became famous due to his controversial sculpture of Amy Winehouse during her death and he named this creation as “The Only Good Rock Star is A Dead Rock Star.”


The couple was recently spotted kissing after having a romantic trip.

What a sweet couple?

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