When Love Is gone: Kordell Stewart Refuses To Pay Alimony. Porsha Williams To Kordell, “I Raised Your Son!”

Porsha Williams may not be aware that Kordell Stewart is filing a divorce this week but now she is fighting back.  Williams is now filing her own divorce documents and claiming that Stewart should pay her for taking care of Stewart’s son from another woman.  Stewart won’t pay Porsha because she can earn on her own.


According to the new legal documents filed by Randall Kessler, Porsha’s attorney, Porsha give up her career and she even quit from her job and sold her businesses so that she can have time in taking care of Kordell’s son.  But Porsha did not reveal that she is presently one of the stars on “Real Housewives of Atlanta.”


Aside from asking for alimony from Stewart, Porsha also demands that she should have the Atlanta home.  Porsha has no plans of divorcing Kordell because they want their marriage to work out but now she is fighting back.

Will Porsha get what she wants?

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