Tyrese Celebrated His Birthday in Dubai Along With Jada & Will Smith

Tyrese Tyrese

Tyrese just turned 35 during this past week.  He celebrated his birthday along with his Hollywood friends including Will Smith, Jada and singer Maxwell.  The ‘Fast & Furious‘ actor recently announced on twitter that he will be in 5 countries to celebrate New Year and his birthday.

He enjoyed the Polynesian fire dancers as well as eating heated sushi.  After America and Dubai, he is planning to visit Maldives.  The actor use his personal jet and yacht in traveling.  Incidentally, Will and Jada Smith were also celebrating their 16th wedding anniversary.  Tyrese was all smiles when his friends sang Happy Birthday to him.  He posted:

“Yup…, it’s happened DUBAI Will Smith and lovely wife Jada and and @maxwell sung happy birthday to ya boy!!!! Will Smith is in Dubai this town will never be the same…. I got my #Family here!!! Wooooooow!!!!!”

Tyrese Tyrese

Tyrese also shared his thoughts to his fans through Instagram:

“Sometimes I ask myself….. How did I get here….?? Of all the people in the world how did God choose me… I have figured out more than a few things about my “Purpose”… This year I HOPE that more These days I’m on the roof of a mega yacht on the helicopter pad floor #6 in Dubai hanging with a few new bros who has helped contribute in the building of this lovely place….. Here I stand a man who is feeling bitter sweet about truly enjoying the new year cause my brother my family isn’t here to enjoy it with me…. Happy New Year… Thank you to the beautiful people of Dubai for all the love and energy…. I’m sad I’m leaving on Jan 7th cause I feel at home here….. Amazing amazing times.!!!! I must go rest now…. My private cabin awaits…. Lol… (( I had to throw that in..)). I gotta wash my feet I’m wearing socks on this mans boat people…. Lol.. Dream…. Dream BIG the only limits are the ones you great for yourself….”

Isn’t it a great vacation trip?

Photo Credits: The Jasmine Brand

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