Teresa Giudice, Husband Joe Giudice Released On $1 Million Bond After Hearing On Fraud Charges


After being charged with federal fraud, the stars of the ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’, Teresa Giudice, and her husband, Joe Guidice, were ordered to pay a bond of $500,000 each in order to gain freedom.  Aside from this, the couple should surrender their passports and at the same time they are only allowed to travel in New Jersey and New York.

As Joe walked towards the Newark Federal Court, he pushed a camera out of his camera and his lawyer, Miles Feinstein, quickly advised him to “calm down” and “Don’t do that.”


Teresa was wearing a white pants suit while her husband, Joe, was wearing a dark suit.  When Judge Waldor asked them if they both understand the charges, they replied, “Yes.”  But both of them did not enter any plea.

Joe’s bail was provided by his father, Frank, while Teresa can afford to pay for her own bail since she is earning $36,000 per episode and approximately $750,000 for a single season of her reality show.

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