Tatyana Ali Chatted About The Reason Why She Does Not Like To Date A Man Who Is Struggling

Tatyana Ali Tatyana Ali

Tatyana Ali revealed that her father warned her, “Don’t run after men, let them run after you.”  The former star of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air has just finished a new film entitled, “November Rule.”  Aside from this, she also releases a new independent EP entitled “Hello.”  The actress and singer also revealed her thoughts about love.

According to Tatyana, it is not true that Love and Fear can happen at the same time.  She said:

“My last relationship was probably the first one that I probably felt some type of kinship with someone. And so, it’s not so much lessons learned as it is love [taking] courage. I can’t be with someone who is not courageous. Love means you can’t live in fear and have love at the same time. Not the kind of love that I’m looking for. And that’s what I learned from that.”

Tatyana Ali Tatyana Ali

The actress and singer believed that “Almost Love” and “Real Love” are completely different.  She revealed:

“My last relationship was probably over a year ago. Like ‘relationship, relationship,’ and there are definitely songs inspired by that.”

“‘Almost Love’ (from my album) is about that. You go through it. It hurts but it just means it wasn’t right. It wasn’t really love. It took me a while to get to that point… Real love isn’t that. It can’t be! [laughs]”

What is the reason why she does not want to date someone who’s struggling?  She said:

“[On The Breakfast Club Morning Show] they asked me if I would date a struggling actor. Or somebody struggling. That’s totally different. [I said 'No' but] I thought a lot about my answer after I left because I’m not a materialistic person at all. Like, I’m really not, you know what I mean?”

“When I say, “You have to be successful already,’ it’s not in terms of ‘money.’ It means in terms of ‘your purpose.’ You have to have come into your purpose already because I’m already in mine. So I don’t see myself being with somebody who’s still searching. To me, that’s struggling.”

What can you say about Tatyana’s thoughts?

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