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The daughter of Quincy Jones, Rashida Jones, persists on expressing her views against pop stars that are showing the private parts of their body.  Last month, the actress tweeted about some celebrities who act as if they were “whores.”  Now, she wrote an article entitled “The Pornification of Everything” where she revealed some names.  Rashida wrote:

“[...] at the end of October, a month that had already brought us the Miley Cyrus cross-continental twerk-a-thon and Nicki Minaj’s Halloween pasties. With the addition of Rihanna writhing on a pole in her “Pour It Up” video, and Lady Gaga’s butt-crack cover art for the song that goes “Do what you want with my body,” I was just done. I’d had enough.”


“I don’t know when the pornification of pop stars became so extreme, but as Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” video played in the background—naked fantasy women bouncing around and licking things—I realized that the lines were not really blurry at all. They were clear. A new era had arrived. If 1994 was the Year of O.J.’s White Bronco, 2013 was the Year of the Very Visible Vagina.”

What do you think?

Photo Credits: Jewish Or Not, IMDB