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Anette Iren Johansen, who is a former Scientologist, claimed that she was interviewed for the role of Tom Cruise’s bride.  Johansen recalled that she was asked to attend a meeting with regards to Cruise.  She said,” They asked me so many questions about my life, my family background, everything I’d ever done in Scientology.  There was a lot of talk about Tom Cruise at that time – he had just been in Norway [hosting] the Nobel Peace Prize concert.”

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Johansen, who was 27-years-old during that time was asked to sign a document preventing her from revealing the particulars of the meeting.  After leaving Scientology, she spoke about her experiences.  She said, “’I speak out about the Church of Scientology to give a voice for all those who suffer in silence. I’m in the middle of my own recovery and I do not intend to keep quiet. You deserve to know both sides.”


The sister of Leah Remini, Nicole Remini, has revealed the details why her sister left the Church of Scientology.  According to Nicole, the church has regarded her sister as a ‘Suppressive Person,’ which is considered as the ‘worst’ title.  She further added that Leah left the church because the actress was questioning the “weird” relationship of Tom Cruise with the bigwigs of the church.


Nicole said that her sister was wondering why Cruise and David Miscavige, the church’s leader, are very close and why Shelly, Miscavige’s wife, has not been seen in the church.  Nicole revealed, “She’s been curious for years.”  The actress is asking, “‘Where the h— is [Shelly]?’… This is all Leah asked, and this is what it’s turned into?”

Remini’s sister also declared that Kirstie Alley was organizing a meeting about Leah’s disconnection from the church.  She said, “Kirstie organized a gathering of people at Melinda [Brownstone]‘s house and was tweeting about it.  What kind of bully does that?”

“There’s nothing about allowing people to hang on to their own integrity in this. When you’re saying it’s either Leah or us, there’s no integrity in that. When you’re threatening people with all they know, there’s no integrity in that.”

“They’re breaking their own rules right there to do what works for them right now.  That’s the David Miscavige way.”

“The whole thing is so blown out of proportion, and Leah tried to fix it.”

“I think it’s because she’s a Remini and she rocked the boat. She questioned some bigwigs, and they know how connected she is, but there’s a lot of things will start coming out that are absolute lies.”


It’s been a year since Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise were divorced.  So far, Cruise who will be turning 51 today has not yet announced his plans for his birthday.  Maybe he will be celebrating it with his family and friends.

Yesterday, Suri was spotted at JFK airport in New York City.  She was accompanied by her mom Katie Holmes.  Suri looked so fashionable in her pink outfit.  If Tom will not be celebrating his birthday with Suri then he might celebrate it with his other kids, Isabella and Connor Cruise.


Well, Cruise will definitely enjoy this day.  According to sources, “He’s doing really well. He’s really happy.”  So far, he’s been having “an incredible amount of time to reflect.”  Sooner or later he will find somebody else.

The source further added:

“He’s ready to date.  He wants to find love again. He’s a really great guy and it’s difficult for him to play the dating game, because even if he likes someone who isn’t famous it’s hard for them to understand his world.”

Happy Birthday Tom Cruise!

Tom Cruise is planning to revive his character as Ethan Hunt in “Mission: Impossible V.”  Cruise will also be producing the movie.  The 50-year-old actor will be working with Christopher McQuarrie, who wrote “Valkyrie” and directed “Jack Reacher.”  In 2011, “Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol” grossed more than $600 million globally.


Cruise has always been open when it comes to making more films for the franchise.  He revealed:

“I’ll make as many as people want to see, because they’re very challenging and so much fun to make. We’re already working on different images (and) talking conceptually.”


Tom’s latest movie, “Oblivion”, became a box office hit during its opening day in theaters.  The actor is also busy with his forthcoming movies such as “The Man From U.N.C.L.E.,” “All You Need Is Kill,” and “Van Helsing.”

Watch out for Tom’s new movies!


Marvel Studios recently released the first poster for the sequel of Thor which is entitled “Thor: The Dark World.”  This movie will be released this fall.  In this poster, Chris Hemsworth, who is the God of Thunder, looks like he is ready to fight the snow, wind and lightning.

In this sequel, Thor will be battling with a new enemy, Malekith the Accursed, who is played by Christopher Eccleston.  As a leader of the dark, he wants to throw the Earth, Asgard and the other Nine Realms into the dark world.

Odin, Thor’s father, failed to defeat Malekith.  Thor together with Jane Foster, played by Natalie Portman, will fight the enemy in order to stop Malekith’s evil intentions.

“Thor: The Dark World” will be shown in theaters on November 8. Watch out for its first thriller.  It will be shown on April 23.


Tom Cruise, who played the character of Jack Reacher in the movie “Oblivion”, does not mind if he gets injured in doing the action scenes of his films.  The 50-year-old actor will do his own stunts even if he is already a famous star.  Andy Norman, the fight consultant of Oblivion said, “Tom gets right in there, he’ll take the knock and the bruises and he doesn’t want us to hold back. He’ll still be there at 2am going over fight scenes, he’s a total perfectionist.”

Norman said that Tom wants to get involved in the fight scenes.  He revealed, “A fight scene like the one in ‘Jack Reacher’ where he takes on five guys at once can take up to eight weeks to put together and Tom is involved from day one.”

“Tom is so famous in the industry for his focus and he gets so into the character he wants to be there from when we first get together to talk about the fight. He wants to know the emotion, the reason behind it, the why, how much training he needs, the intensity and he makes the job easier because you’re not having to carry him”

“The process is quite collaborative because you’ve got the emotion from the script and we have to see how Tom wants to show that emotion and we work out how to put that together from the movie.”

Tom Cruise really makes sure that his film is perfectly done.


During a recent interview with a German magazine, Tom Cruise made some quotes with regards to his divorce with Katie Holmes.  But according to Tom’s representative, this is not true.  Tom said:

“I did not expect that.”

He further added, “Life is a challenge. To be 50 and have experiences and think you have everything under control, and then it hits you — that’s what life is … Life is tragicomic. You need a certain sense of humor.”

Tom’s representative said that the whole interview was all about the actor’s career and not about his divorce with Kate.  Tom was never asked about his personal life.  The person who made the interview was Steven Gaetjen.  Gaetjen concurs to the claims of Tom’s rep.  He added that he never asked Cruise about his divorce.  They only talked about Tom’s career as well as his forthcoming movie which is entitled Oblivion.


LaToya Jackson, Janet’s sister, was completely blind about her sister’s wedding to Wissam Al Mana.  The entire Jackson family has also no idea about Janet’s marriage.  LaToya said:

“You know what? I didn’t know Jan was married until I heard in the media. No one really knew! It didn’t bother me because I know that in my family a lot of times you keep things private because you don’t want any one to know.”

We can’t really blame Janet for hiding her marriage plans.  It’s her decision.


Tom Cruise, the star of the upcoming movie Oblivion, has finally opened up about his divorce from his ex-wife Katie Holmes which happened last year.  Lately, Cruise has been busy doing some press tours for his new sci-fi movie entitled Oblivion.  When he was interviewed by a German TV station, he finally revealed the distressing event that shocked him during his 50th birthday.  Although it was just for a brief moment, he said:

“I did not expect that.”

The actor was referring to the divorce suit that was filed last June 29 by Holmes.  He further added:

“Life is a challenge.  To be 50 and have experiences and think you have everything under control, and then it hits you — that’s what life is … Life is tragicomic. You need a certain sense of humor.”

Last July 9th, Cruise and Holmes made an agreement on the terms for their divorce and it became official in August.


Chris Brown and Rihanna have broken up last 2009, but are they really done?  Last year, Brown and Rihanna have an on and off relationship.

When Brown was in L.A., he was interviewed by Power 106 about the last time that he saw Rihanna and he answered:

“Uh…it’s been a minute though. I haven’t got the chance to go out there and go on the tour yet ’cause I’ve been working, but I seen her right before that.”

When Rihanna visited Oprah, she admitted:

“We love each other and we probably always will, and that’s not anything we’re gonna try to change.”

Last week, when Brown was interviewed by the “Today” show host, Matt Lauer, he said that he was regretful for assaulting Rihanna, he said:

“As far as me and her are concerned, she knows my heart and I know her heart. I’m not really focused on the negative, everything about it is positive for me. I did my 52 weeks of counseling and learned that it was absolutely wrong.”

It seems that the two have not broken up at all.  Maybe Brown and Rihanna are just acting as if they are not together anymore so that their music will get more attention from the fans and the media.

Did they really break up?