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Last weekend, there was a tragic event that hit a California family.  During a gang-related shooting incident, a 6-year-old girl named Tiana Ricks died.  According to reports, the bullet hit Tiana then her 26-year-old father Tyrell Ricks Jr.  Her father was wounded on his legs but Tiana did not survive.  After learning that her mother, 24-year-old Marquia Macklin was attempting to raise some money, The Game immediately donated $10,000 to Tiana’s family.  During an interview the rapper said:

“This very sad story hit me in a place nothing ever has.”

The Game

The Game shared his experience after Tiana was laid to rest:

“Today was officially the saddest day of my life this far. I don’t have many words as I am disorientated & plagued by disbelief in positivity after walking out of the funeral services for 6 year old Tiana Ricks. My condolences to both her father & her step-father as well as the rest of her family….. But most of all all my love, prayers & well wishes go out to @lost_the_love_of_my_life for being as strong as anyone I’ve ever seen given the untimely circumstances. I am in pieces over this one being a father of a baby girl myself & there is no way on this earth a child should EVER have to lay inside of a coffin. Things like this make people lose all hope… But I’m hoping the God we all praise takes the wheel immediately in her mothers life….. Sad sad story man. I hate when sh*t ends up like this for the wrong people. Rest In Paradise you beautiful little angel & may your life amongst God be a million times better than what earth dealt. My love is with you on your journey into the promise land.#JusticeForTiana”

Condolence to Tiana’s family!


If you are a lady, would you give back the ring after the engagement is finally over?  For Tiffney Cambridge, she would absolutely give it back.  The first season of Marrying the Game, a VH1 reality show, Tiffney was so busy preparing for her wedding with rapper the Game.  However, 10 days before they will walk the aisle Tiffney decided to cancel the wedding due to infidelities and other disagreements.

When we look back at the past, how did Tiffney and the Game really first meet?  Tiffney said, “We had seen each other out in the LA social scene. We had known of each other. But my sister’s kids father really introduced us. His name is Hyme. He used to tell me all the time, “J wants talk to you” and at that time I think Jayceon was 23 or 24, and he was really young and I was like, ‘Are you kidding me?!’ I think with a lot of persistence over time, we just started hanging out as friends and 8.5-9 years later here we sit.”

When asked if being on TV produces a negative influence on the relationship, she answered, “I would say it helped it. I definitely don’t think that it did anything negative, but I think that being able to see yourself outside of yourself, and really watch how you handle situations and how you react, is very helpful.”


Was it difficult for Tiffney to return the ring back?  She replied, “It was very difficult, because I want to be married. I didn’t give him the ring back because I don’t want to be with him or I don’t want to marry him. I just want our focuses to be the same.  I don’t want it to be about anything materialistic. I don’t want it to be about a wedding ring, I want it to be about the commitment the ring signifies. What it stands for.”

“How you gonna buy someone a 10k ring with a 2k commitment? You walking around with this big ol’ 10k ring on that you would think the person that gave it to you would make a commitment to be as big as the ring they gave you. Thats what we’ve been working on. Tryna get the size of the ring and commitment to match up. “

Will the couple have a happy ending?


The May 2013 issue of Ebony Magazine features Jill Scott and her son on the cover.  The magazine also features an interview with Jill.  She talks about various things including the hardships of being a single mother.  She also revealed that regardless of what she would do, she can never teach her son about manhood because it should be thought by a man.  When asked about her thoughts on being a single mom, she said:

“That I-can-do-it-by-myself mentality is a lie. I’m sorry if I hurt anybody’s feelings, but you cannot do it all by yourself. You need a village: some aunties, grandmoms, friends. I couldn’t do this by myself and would be a fool to think I could.”

To know more about Jill Scott, watch out for the May 2013 issue of Ebony Magazine.

the game

The Game spent his weekend with his family.  Last Sunday, he dined at a California restaurant and was very happy with the waiter’s service.  He showed his appreciation by giving the waiter a $6,000 tip.  This amount may have been too much but The Game is quite generous at that time.  He later posted a photo on Instagram with the message, “Left my waiter @ikwuakor a $6,000 tip !!!!!!!!!!!!! My HEART made me do  it… & before yo hatin ass get to doing what you do best, YES I help the  homeless, YES I help families in NEED, YES my niggas ALL straight & so is MY  FAMILY….. My kids… Well, you already know that swaggin dumb out here…. & anyone I can help I do…. But today…. @ikwuakor took care of us…… So I took care of him…. & remember… He has a family too !!!!! Each one Teach one….. Walk a day  in my Barkley 1′s & your heart would be in great shape…. Love is  love.”

What a lucky day for the waiter!

Well that didn’t take long, did it?! Actually, in these micro-moments that we live in these days, nothing takes long. So, to help shuttle you along through the fast paced world of celebrity, we give you the lowdown…


Goodbye, Ashanti.
Hello Tae. That’s LaShontae Heckard. The two lovebirds were found up in the VIP area this weekend at The Gold Room in the ATL on Friday night. Tae, who appears on BET’s The Game, has somewhat of a follow. Rumors are circulating that she has been receiving threats online from Team Ashanti, but it doesn’t appear that she feels threatened by the Twitter verse or Facebook drama one bit. 
Tae & Nelly
Now, someone remind us again.
What exactly does Ashanti do anyways these days? Because we have not heard a hit song from her in forever. Actually, we have not heard ANYTHING from her in forever. Is this about to be the moment when Tae’s star rises as another’s falters? Stay tuned…

Yet another rapper is facing some detaining and explaining. This time it’s rapper Chief Keef. The ‘I Don’t Like’ singer was recently given 60 days in juvenile detention for a firearm on his person.

Chief Keef In Concert

And now the hip hop star is being hit with a child support lawsuit. His babymama, who is in middle school, is demanding payment stemming from unpaid child support bills. Although technically the mother could sue Keef for criminal sexual abuse, there has been no word if she is going to press any charges other than child support. If she did press charges and won, however, Keef would spend up to a year in jail and registration as a sex offender. It seems the laws in Illinois allow for minors to be charged for this as a misdemeanor.

On the other hand, Rapper The Game is honoring a hip hop legend in his own way. His new ‘Day of the Dead’ inspired tattoo features Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes of the group TLC. Check it out below.


What do  you think of The Game’s tattoo…. Cute, Ugly? Would you have honored “Left Eye” like that? Talk to Celebsgotnews people.

RaThe Games Tatoo