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Different celebrities are enjoying their New Year’s Eve with their family and friends.  On New Year’s Eve, Taylor Swift was joined by her BFF Sarah Hyland.  The two were having a good time together on their New Year’s Eve 2014 party.  Taylor Swift and Sarah Hyland showed that they are having a good time by posting some photos where they were making funny faces.  They are all smiles while posing together on their New Year’s Eve party.

Aside from Hyland, Taylor‘s high school BFF Abigail Anderson also joined the party along with Sarah‘s longtime boyfriend Matt Prokop.  On Instagram, the singer posted their photos with the caption:

Taylor Swift with Sarah Taylor Swift with Sarah

“Happy New Year from two high school BFFs. A look at 2008 vs 2014”

Sarah also tweeted about the event and wrote:

“New Years with the best of the best ❤️ @taylorswift13 (I look scared… I think I should be).”

She further added, “MEREDITH PHOTOBOMBED US @taylorswift13!!!!!”

How did you spend your New Year’s Eve?

Photo Credits: Just Jarred, Ace Showbiz


Taylor Swift recently revealed that she will not be making any collaboration with Jennifer Lopez.  There were rumors that the two will be doing a duet which will be included in the upcoming album of Lopez.  Swift and Lopez sang “Jenny from the Block” during Swift’s Red Tour in New York.  According to reports, Swift’s friends do not like the demands of J. Lo, for instance they were told that they should not look at the diva.

Taylor Swift-Red

After having the duet, the rumors about their collaboration started.  Swift said, “That’s the rumor. We collaborated at Staples Center. She came out and sang ‘Jenny from the Block’ with me which was so much fun. We haven’t spoken further about collaborating but I did read that on the Internet, so that’s nice to know that it’s always accurate.”

She further added, “I mean, for me, I love her, she’s amazing. She has my number, we text, but we haven’t texted about going into the studio.”

Ellie Goulding

The rumors about Ed Sheeran dating Ellie Goulding started when they were seen holding hands.  During the MTV Video Music Awards last August 13, both of them were spotted getting cozy with each other.  Goulding responded to the rumors by tweeting, “I love that holding hands with my friends means we’re an item. In that case I am in many relationships. Lover not a hater. What the f**k.”

During a recent interview, Sheeran admits, “Normal people don’t hold hands if they’re just friends. It was going on, and now it’s not.”


He further added, “She’s a really cool girl, she’s very talented. She’s had a number one single for three weeks in England now, so it’s all going well. We just tour a lot.”  Sheeran also vowed that he does not hold hands with other girls including Taylor Swift.  He insisted, “I haven’t even been pictured with that many women. I’m on tour with (Swift). There’s never been a picture that’s come out (with Swift) – if you can find a picture of me and Taylor holding hands or whatever… You won’t be able to because it doesn’t exist!”

taylor swift

Joe Jonas was one of the many inspirations of Taylor Swift for her music.  The 24-year-old singer had been dating and breaking up with a few eligible bachelors in Hollywood.  After she split with a guy she created a hit song and it seems that this has been the secret to Taylor’s success.

When Joe Jonas was asked by Joan Rivers if he was the one who ended his relationship with Swift, he answered, “I think it’s me and a few others, but yeah.”  Rivers further asked, “You did it over the phone, and you got three songs written about you.”  Kevin Jonas, Joe’s older brother answered, “We still haven’t seen the royalty check. It’s weird.”

taylor swift2

There were rumors that Jonas broke up with Swift because he was dating Camilla Belle, his co-star in “Lovebug” video.  Right now Jonas is presently dating Blanda Eggenschwiler.  When asked about the rumor that they have a sex tape.  Jonas just laughed saying, “Apparently, I made a sex tape, but I’m still waiting to see it.”


What did Taylor Swift uttered to Selena Gomez when One Direction was on stage during the MTV Video Music Awards?  The star of “Getaway” won’t tell.  Selena said, “Don’t try that with me.”  She added, “I think girls need to be more supportive of each other. I definitely agree with that. I’m all about that.  Taylor has been one of those girls. We have been friends for five years. She is very strong. She doesn’t care what people think and she inspires me.”


Gomez did not expect that she would win the best pop video for her song “Come & Get It.”  She said, “So I am watching the beautiful boys, One Direction who are not bad to look at, then they said my name. I looked at Taylor … it was surreal. Because I do put so much work into my music. There’s so much talk of everything. But I did put my heart and soul into it so I was really excited. It was great.”

Congrats to Selena and to all the winners!


It seems that Harry Styles and Taylor Swift are already comfortable with each other.  Both of them were spotted together at the SoHo Grand Hotel Club Room in New York City after the MTV Video Music Awards.  Styles, 19, and Swift, 23, even posed together and the photo was uploaded by “spikyphil” with the caption, “Hosting the VMA after party @grandlifehotels With Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran & Harry Styles.”


During the awards night, Taylor won the Moonman for Best Female Video for her hit single, “I Knew You Were Trouble,” and included her ex-boyfriend Styles in her speech.  She said, “Thank you. Wow. I want to thank the fans because I tweeted about this a lot, I really really wanted this.  I also want to thank the person that inspired this song, and he knows exactly who he is, because I got one of these!”


The MTV Video Music Awards 2013 was indeed a memorable night for everyone.  Some of the best performers for the night were Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga and Justin Timberlake.  On Sunday, Aug. 25, the party at the MTV Video Music Awards was just getting started when Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke took the stage.  The audience was stunned by their bizarre and vulgar performance for their hits songs “We Can’t Stop” and “Blurred Lines.”

The opening number for the night was performed by Lady Gaga.  She sang her latest single, “Applause.”  The singer had a lot of costume changes and she started her performance by singing an opera wearing a white cube costume.


Justin Timberlake was reunited with his band, ‘N Sync, and performed “Bye, Bye, Bye” during the show.  Taylor Swift, who is made famous for writing breakup lyrics, was spotted saying “shut the f— up!”, while her ex-boyfriend Styles and his band One Direction were presenting an award.

What a fabulous night!

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Taylor Swift recently sold her home for a million dollar profit. Taylor Swift is currently on Tour with Ed Sheeran and will most likely buy more property!


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Kanye and Kim Kardashian purchased a home in Bel Air, California for nearly 11 million.


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Another day, another reality star mini-drama. NeNe Leakes had to call in the police to break into her car after she locked her yorkie, Playa, inside. Before PETA declares war on the reality television star, they should know that the dog was never in any real danger as there were no extreme temperatures. Nene ran to her Twitter to discuss the incident:

“RT @BravoAndy: @NeNeLeakes glad to hear Playa is ok

Nene & Doggy

And pop singer Taylor Swift may claim she has only dated two men since 2010, but the media says otherwise. This is definitely one of those times where you just assume young stars did not get a proper education and never learned how to properly count OR just blazenly lying.

Taylor In Deniel Of Dates

 For in this early 2013 alone, Swift has been linked with two guys. Is this the new pop star math? Where do we sign up for that?!

The March 2013 issue of the famous Elle magazine will feature the talented singer and songwriter Taylor Swift on its cover.  On this latest issue, the 23-year-old singer really means business.  She shares her thoughts on her ex-boyfriends:

“I don’t think I’ve ever yelled at an ex-boyfriend. Ever. I’m not a yeller. I’m not a fit thrower. If something is done, it’s done.”


When asked why she writes songs about her love life:

“To me it’s just writing songs the way I always have. It’s me sitting on my bed feeling pain I didn’t understand, writing a song, and understanding it better. If people want to dissect the lyrics, that’s their right, but it’s all coming from the exact same place as where I started. It’s just something I do to feel better.”

How does she deal with rumors?

“I’m sure if I looked up the latest Google Alerts rumor it would say I’m chasing somebody who doesn’t like me as much as I like him – people love that angle on me. They’re like ‘Oh Taylor, coming on too strong again, chasing boys.’ I never chase boys. They don’t like it!”

If you want more on Taylor then grab a copy of your Elle magazine which will be out on February 19th.



Drake and Chris Brown are now suing each other due to the brawl which occurred in the W.I.P nightclub last June.  Both of them are pointing finger against each other.

A French model, Romain Julien is filing a suit against Drake, Brown as well as the nightclub due to the injuries that he suffered after the bottle-throwing incident.

Both Drake and Brown are asking the judge to put the blame on the other.  But both of them claim that they were not responsible for the brawl and now they are going against each other in court.

Why do you think Drake and Brown are fighting?  Is it because of Rihanna?