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Tamar and Toni Braxton Tamar and Toni Braxton

The Braxton sisters, Tamar and Toni, were recently spotted together spending quality time in Los Angeles.  Tamar will be back on television a few months from now on “The Real.”  She will also be busy with the third season of Tamar & Vince.  It is anticipated that both of these shows will be having its premiere in September.  Tamar will be balancing her time between her career, motherhood and marriage.

Tamar and Toni Braxton Tamar and Toni Braxton

According to Singersroom:

“In season three, Tamar works to expand beyond just being a successful recording artist, performer and mother. She is capitalizing on her hugely successful album drop by planning her first solo tour and working on a second album, while also beginning a new gig as a talk show co-host and trying to explore feature film work and developing a project for daytime TV.”

“In addition to following Tamar’s journey, the cameras will capture a communication struggle between her and her husband, Vince.”

“As Tamar’s empire expands, with Vince at the helm, they realize serious communication issues are threatening everything they’ve worked so hard for, both at home and professionally.’”

Will season three be more interesting?

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Towanda Braxton Towanda Braxton

It has been a week since Towanda exposed the tax issues of Tamar Braxton’s husband.  During her interview with Bossip, she explains that Tamar Braxton’s fans were a bit cruel to her since they were saying not so nice comments above her saying:

“I wish Towanda’s kids got raped and run over by a bus”

Towanda said, “See people didn’t see that stuff. They just saw what I wrote. So after that I have to say that was 100% out of character for Towanda to respond, but I wasn’t thinking about what was right and what was wrong at that moment I was just reacting and responding.”

Tamar Braxton Tamar Braxton

According to Towanda, she has already regretted the things that she said.  Now it seems that everyone is against her including her sisters Toni and Tamar.  She said:

“After that I was in Twitter jail. Jail Jail. My publicist called me like get off Twitter, you’re done. Toni was like, “Umba! That’s not you, get off,. [Tamar] was pissed! Rightfully so… I was in trouble because it was totally out of character for me, until I explained,’Hey these children are attacking your niece and your nephew.’ Then they understood. Like ‘Okay, we get it. We wouldn’t have done it that way but we get it.’”

Towanda also explained that Vincent’s tax problem is already a public knowledge. She said:

“A  lot of people are like ‘Towanda, you just blasted the family business!’. I didn’t tell family business. That was already on the web. This was public knowledge before I said anything ladies and gentlemen. I didn’t divulge any secrets of the Braxton family. I don’t do that.”

Should Towanda be blamed?

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Towanda Braxton Towanda Braxton

The viewers of Braxton Family Values have observed that this season is all about the beef between Tamar and Towanda.  What is the beef about?  It all started when Towanda threw some comments towards Tamar’s husband Vince.

Some of the viewers think that she was jealous of the success of her younger sister.  The fans started to send tweets towards Towanda.  However, there is one particular comment which made her react.  The tweet said:

“And she can’t help it that her husband is a multimillionaire and yours is a bum! #bvf @towandabraxton # jealous”

Tamar, Vince and Logan Tamar, Vince and Logan

During this time, Wanda brought up the tax problems of Vince by tweeting:

“Check the web boo! He also owes $3.3 million to the irs…guess I’m jealous of that too huh?”

Most likely, this is Towanda’s way of retaliating when Tamar made some comments with regards to her alleged relationship with Kordell Stewart.  According to the singer, Kordell is not a good catch for Towanda.  But this does not mean anything anymore since Kordell already denied having a relationship with Towanda.

Is Towanda jealous of Tamar?

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Braxton sisters Braxton sisters

Tamar Braxton revealed her feelings about her sister’s latest relationship during their visit in “Bethenny.”  The Braxton sisters appeared on the show except for Toni.  During the interview, Towanda was asked about her thoughts on being spotted together with Porsha Stewart’s ex-husband Kordell Stewart.  However, before she could answer the question, Tamar suddenly interrupted them and commented that she was never impressed with Kordell.

Towanda said:

“He’s a really nice guy.”

Tamar commented:

“Lies![...]I wouldn’t consider him a catch. No shade, no shade, no shade! This is not milkshake right now. This is based upon what we all saw on ["Real Housewives of Atlanta"]. She couldn’t go nowhere. She couldn’t do nothing. It’s not cute.”

Tamar Braxton Tamar Braxton

Towanda quickly responded by saying:

“What I’m saying is this. You don’t know exactly what happened. I don’t know exactly what happened in their marriage. That was just a one-sided situation. He wasn’t on the show, she was on the show, so she was telling her side of the situation. I don’t know. I don’t care. He’s just a really nice guy to me. He’s a great dad. People don’t understand that when you put everything tumultuously on television, it effects the children.”

What can you say about the relationship of Towanda and Kordell?

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Regardless if she has a broken vocal chord, nothing can stop Tamar Braxton from doing a show.  She keeps on pushing herself.  During the past weekend, Tamar gave a heartfelt performance at Universal City in connection with the tree lighting ceremony.  During her chat with the Hip Hollywood, she talked about her vocal issues.  She revealed that early this year, one of her blood vessels exploded.  Tamar explained that she did not let it heal that is why is has affected some of her performances, she said:

“I’m on the mend. Some days it’s just not there and it’s only because I didn’t give myself time to heal correctly. Like Ariana Grande, when our albums came out the same day around the same time, both of our blood vessels popped. I had it on both sides. She had it on one side. She took a break. Tay-tay went on the road! She just had a baby! She don’t live with her mama. Everybody wants their checks on the first so I went on the road. I didn’t allow myself time to heal therefore it’s going to take me longer.”


“I’m not ashamed [because] I can sing my face off. At the end of the day it’s there and I don’t have to prove anything to anybody. Whatever I had to prove, I have already proven to myself.”

Is she pushing it too hard?

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Tamar Braxton

No one is too old in pursuing their own dreams.  This is just what Tamar Braxton is trying to prove to us.  During the Soul Train Awards, Braxton became emotional as she received an award.  She actually won three awards.  Tamar thanked her family and her friends then told the audience:

“I just really wanna leave you guys this note. I never thought in my life, that I would be here. And the only reason is that because I almost gave up on myself and I just wanna let you guys know. No matter want you wanna be, no matter who you wanna be, don’t give up on you. It’s possible. I’m 36-years-old and I’m proud of it…and I don’t give a damn if I was 56, she was NOT finna stop. Point blank and the period.”

BET 106 & Park With Special Guest Tamar Braxton

Tamar also sang on the show.  Congrats to Tamar!  Watch out for the SOUL TRAIN AWARDS 2013 which will be shown on BET and Centric this Sunday at 8PM.

Is it possible for anyone to pursue their dreams?

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The-Real The Hosts of The Real

Recently, there were rumors that The Real will be canceled.  However, this is not true since FOX recently announced that they have already made plans for its new season which will probably have its premier in the fall of 2014.

The network conducted some surveys last summer and they found out the there are a number of people who adored the discussions of its hosts including Tamar Braxton, Jeannie Mai, Adrienne Bailon, Loni Love and Tamera Mowry-Housley.

The Hosts of The Real The Hosts of The Real

According to Ken Werner, the President of Warner Bros. for the Domestic Television Distribution, he is already thrilled on its new season next fall.  He said:

“This summer, the daytime landscape in seven Fox markets was dramatically altered when the women of ‘The Real’ exploded on to the air. ’The Real’ brought viewers a unique combination of elements that were missing from daytime, a real, multi-cultural conversation about issues that women of all ages are talking about. Daytime viewers from across the nation tuned in everyday to share in the fun, authentic, energetic and wonderfully outrageous hour that is ‘The Real’ experience. We are very excited to be bring this distinctive unique series to stations for the Fall of 14.”

Do you like their show?

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Tamar Braxton Tamar Braxton

Recently, a lot of people are criticizing Tamar Braxton with regards to her singing voice.  Although it is not really clear what particular performance these people are referring to but the reality star revealed that this will not hinder her progress.  Last Wednesday, she tweeted about it and revealed that she has no plans of stopping from the game.  She said:

“Sometimes the devil will try & trick your mind to make you think you are loosing when you are clearly winning.#dontfallforit#GodisSoGood … I waited my WHOLE life 4this moment….& I have NEVER had this many voice issues. Its embarrassing &hurtful but ive come 2 far 2 give up now…say whatever u like.”

Tamar Braxton Tamar Braxton

She further added:

“Talk about how bad u think things r & How I should change this or that. But, im no where near where I was a year ago..I dont have time 2 talk u into liking me or understanding me. Cause no matter what u will always find fault when u r not perfect yourselves…& honestly the ones talking the most wouldn’t last 1 min in my shoes! Thanks 2 the REAL #tamartianfriends 4 understanding me when I didn’t….”

What can you say about Tamar’s tweets?

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Arsenio Hall and Tamar Braxton Arsenio Hall and Tamar Braxton

The beef between reality stars K.Michelle and Tamar Braxton continues on the show of Arsenio Hall.  We have always thought that their beef was over but instead it has triggered even more this week when Tamar guested on the Arsenio Hall Show.  After she sings her new ballad song, Tamar and Arsenio were discussing about the feud between her and K.Michelle.  Arnesio started by saying:

“We can talk about K.Michelle. That was huge.”  Tamar replied:

“K.Mart? You mean oh the store that umm, Nicki Minaj has her clothes in? Their amazing.”  Arsenio continued the chat by saying, “Wow. I think we should go to the card.”  Tamar answered:

“Oh cuz that’s the only K I know.”

Tamar Braxton and K. Michelle Tamar Braxton and K. Michelle

Meanwhile, K.Michelle was watching the interview and suddenly posted several tweets:

“Y’all I’m so not perfect, but honestly I just wanna sing and be left alone.  I have to defend myself though.  No more drama.”

“I don’t want to fight with anyone.  I just want peace and to sing.  Humans, muppets and unknown species, PLEASE LEAVE ME ALONE!”

“Stop talking about me and coming for me. I said I wish you well, but u keep going.”

“Everytime  u hit the stage you got a disclaimer about why sound so bad.  How long do busted vocal chords last? Sheesh”

“Sit yo funny face down and just sing.  Leave me alone Miss Piggy.  Slinging albums 3.99”

“Always throwing shade but I’m the bully. Oh”

“Yes you know Kmart because that’s where you bought that fucked up new face”

Wow! When will this feud end?

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Tamar Braxton who is presently promoting her album ‘Love & War’ revealed the most challenging thing in doing this album.  The 36-year-old reality star said, “The most challenging thing putting this album together is not getting caught up in my voice, and making sure that I was in love with every single song because it was a smash record. And that was purposely done because you know, I never thought that I would have this opportunity again so I looked at it as I’m on death row and this is my last supper, and I want to make this album everything I can possibly make it.”


When asked about K. Michelle, Tamar said, “I don’t know who that is.”  Michelle recently demonstrated her love for Tamar on Instagram but Tamar said, “I didn’t see that.  I don’t know. I don’t follow anyone on Twitter and then the person has been blocked from my Twitter for two years so I don’t know how they figured I keep talking about them – I don’t want to talk about this.”