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Ja Rule was just released from prison this morning and he was pickup up by his wife.  The rapper, who is also known as Jeffrey Atkins in real life, was imprisoned at Ray Brook Federal Prison in New York due to tax evasion and illegal gun possession.  After his release, Ja went home to spend some time with his family and to serve his remaining sentence until July 28th.

In 2010, Ja was sentenced to two years for illegal possession of firearms and in 2011 he was found guilty of tax evasion and was sentenced to 28 months.  He was serving both sentences at the same time.  He was supposed to be released in July but fortunately he was released earlier.

According to Melanie A. Bonvicino, Ja’s spokesperson:

“My client Jeffrey Atkins (aka Ja Rule) was released this morning from the Raybrook Correctional Facility in Upstate New York to serve out his federal time obligation due under the terms set forth in accordance with home confinement which were secured by his attorney Stacy Richman.”

“At present, he looks forward to spending some time with his family while he completes his memoir.”


Robert Kardashian is now facing two charges.  These are petty theft and battery.  Last March, a photographer claimed that Rob attacked her and stole her camera.  After the incident, the photographer immediately filed a report.  The photographer allegedly took shirtless pictures of Rob at a West Hollywood gym.

According to Rob, he took the camera of the photographer because she was trespassing in a private property.

Was Rob doing the right thing?