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K. Michelle on Arsenio Hall Show K. Michelle on Arsenio Hall Show

K. Michelle must have heard this from other people, not only once but maybe for numerous times already:

“You could go so far, if you changed your attitude.”

Last night, the star of Love & Hip Hop visited the Arsenio Hall Show and talked about her attitude.  She also discussed about how people perceived her on the Atlanta version as well as the New York version of Love & Hip Hop.  She revealed:

“I realize, when I was walking down the street people would run to the other side, that they might not perceive it as good all the time.”

K. Michelle on Arsenio Hall Show K. Michelle on Arsenio Hall Show

“They think I’m mean. But really, if you ask the producers of the show, they will tell you that I was actually the calmest one on the show. I just had the best climax, so that’s what you got to see.”

The singer further added:

“I don’t think it’s fair at all because they don’t”

What can you say about K. Michelle’s attitude?

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Towanda Braxton Towanda Braxton

It has been a week since Towanda exposed the tax issues of Tamar Braxton’s husband.  During her interview with Bossip, she explains that Tamar Braxton’s fans were a bit cruel to her since they were saying not so nice comments above her saying:

“I wish Towanda’s kids got raped and run over by a bus”

Towanda said, “See people didn’t see that stuff. They just saw what I wrote. So after that I have to say that was 100% out of character for Towanda to respond, but I wasn’t thinking about what was right and what was wrong at that moment I was just reacting and responding.”

Tamar Braxton Tamar Braxton

According to Towanda, she has already regretted the things that she said.  Now it seems that everyone is against her including her sisters Toni and Tamar.  She said:

“After that I was in Twitter jail. Jail Jail. My publicist called me like get off Twitter, you’re done. Toni was like, “Umba! That’s not you, get off,. [Tamar] was pissed! Rightfully so… I was in trouble because it was totally out of character for me, until I explained,’Hey these children are attacking your niece and your nephew.’ Then they understood. Like ‘Okay, we get it. We wouldn’t have done it that way but we get it.’”

Towanda also explained that Vincent’s tax problem is already a public knowledge. She said:

“A  lot of people are like ‘Towanda, you just blasted the family business!’. I didn’t tell family business. That was already on the web. This was public knowledge before I said anything ladies and gentlemen. I didn’t divulge any secrets of the Braxton family. I don’t do that.”

Should Towanda be blamed?

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Draya Michele Draya Michele

Draya Michele recently visited Power 106 to talk about a lot of things including the reason why she left ‘Basketball Wives LA’ and why she decided on going ‘main stream.’  She also discussed about her clothing line in addition to her plans for a spin-off.  The reality star also explained the reason why her boyfriend does not approve of the show.

When it comes to her Fine A** Girls clothing line, Draya revealed, “Fine A** Girls is my clothing line. I made a clothing line for the girls who watch me, who support me, viewers of the show.”

Is their a possibility that ugly girls can wear her brand?

Draya responded, “Listen, I’ve already stated that fine is a state of mind so if you feel fine, then you are fine.”

Draya Michele Draya Michele

Does she feel that she is ready to leave Basketball Wives because of her brand?

Draya said, “Well, I think that Basketball Wives is my date to the prom so I gotta dance with her for a little bit because that’s who I came with, but I don’t have to go home to her at the end of the night. So I would like to do my own thing eventually, once the Basketball wives  train comes to a stop then I would like to graduate into the Draya Show and I’m already transitioning into that.”

What are your thoughts on Draya’s clothing line?

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Tia And Tamera Tia And Tamera

During a recent interview with Essence, Tia and Tamera Mowry revealed the reason why they have decided not to do any reality TV show anymore.  They also talked about sibling rivalry.  Their fans would surely miss them since they will not be able to watch them on reality TV.

Tia and Tamera Mowry proclaimed a few weeks ago that they have decided to quit doing reality show.  What is the reason behind this?

Tia Mowry said:

“What a lot of people don’t know is that it was almost 50/50. The Style Network turned into Esquire. That left my sister and I with the question, should we continue the show? It was talked about for a while. Could we pitch the show to other networks? That was when my sister and I decided to draw the line and say ‘We’re done!’ We did three amazing years. Having a camera in your home 12 months out of the year for eight hours or 12 hours a day is a lot of work. But we’re moving on to other things.”

Tamera Mowry said:

“I came to a point where I thought the universe was giving my sister and I the chance to say if we wanted to move on or not. I had time to really reflect. I thought; I had cameras when I was engaged, I had cameras when I was pregnant and then I had cameras around when I had my son. I just wanted personal private time with my family. I think that you should have balance in your life. That was something that I particularly needed. I wanted to protect that side of my life. I didn’t want [my son] on camera all the time.”

Tia & Tamera Tia & Tamera

Will you miss them?

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Waka Flocka Waka Flocka

Waka Flocka recently visited 93.9 WKYS in D.C. and chatted about fiancée Tammy Rivera as well as their future marriage.  Flocka is also set to appear on the reality show “LAHH ATL”.  What can he say about the allegations that Mona Scott is attempting to get on him on “LAHH ATL”?  He said:

“Yea I’m on it. My fiance’ she on it, so you know I’m backing her up 110%. She like baby you gotta do it, I’m on there…but I’m not doing it by myself.”

Sometimes things can get a little bit messy in reality TV.  Is he worried about this?  Waka said:

“They know not to play with me. I’d go sit behind that metal for mines. But its not even about that. To me, a person can’t do nothing you don’t let them. Like if you said it out your mouth, you meant it. Nobody can make you say nothing. The cameras cant make me say nothing I don’t mean so I’m not worried about it. I don’t play with nobody. I’m a stand up person. I’m super loyal.”

Waka and Tammy Waka and Tammy

Did he ever dream about getting married?  Waka replied:

“Hell Naw! I’m like, I’m a scumbag. Nobody want me man but it’s like, you don’t know what you want until it walk in your face. You don’t know your taste until you get that smell. You know, that food ain’t good until you smell it. You like damn, I need to try that. I guess it always takes one person to change your opinion and your mind on things and I met my one person.”

What do you think about Waka’s appearance on “LAHH ATL”?

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Jennifer Hudson Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson started her career in American Idol and now she is already included in the Hollywood Walk Of Fame.  Yesterday, she received her own star.  Hudson was wearing a white dress and accompanied by her husband, sister and son.  She looked fabulous on her new pixie cut.  She said:

“I knew I would get emotional and I’m sure my mom is in heaven like, ‘Jenny, stop crying!’ But now is the time to cry, Mama. It is. I don’t know where to start because this is an amazing honor as we all know and I did not see it coming. I’m so honored to be here with so many that I love and I feel as though we’re all a family. Even all of you guys. It’s about — I love you, too! It’s one thing to be in this type of position but it doesn’t mean anything if you can’t make a difference in the world to someone. I always say that anytime we go out. We make sure we treat everyone like family so with that being said, I’m so honored that all of my family is here with me today.”

Jennifer Hudson Jennifer Hudson

“[This star] means everything. It inspires me to just wanna continue to say, ‘Wow.’ My new goal — I’ve been blessed to achieve everything I’ve dreamt about — so my new goal is like, okay, I want to have longevity. I want to be a staple in Hollywood, and this is a sign that I can be. It’s like, ‘Wow!’ It makes me want to dream up bigger dreams.”

What can she say about reality stars who will not be able to enjoy the Walk of Fame?  She replied:

“I hope winning an Oscar cancels that out.”

“I’m a firm believer that if you keep at it, it has no choice but to give in. When I was eliminated from a reality show I said, ‘You know what? That’s okay because I’m walking away with a prize and that’s my talent.’ My gift and whatever it is I want, as long as I keep at it and work for it it will have no choice but to give in and here I am.”

Jennifer Hudson is the evidence that dreams really do come true.

Isn’t it inspiring?

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Mona Scott Young Mona Scott Young

Everything Girls Love (EGL) chose Mona Scott-Young as their cover girl for their November issue.  The theme of this latest issue is about being the ‘Boss.’  Inside the magazine, Mona talked about the famous reality TV franchise of Love & Hip Hop as well as how she was able to successfully balance her family life.  She also revealed how she handled the criticisms with regards to her TV brand.

Most people would describe her as a mean person, what can she say about this?  Mona said:

“The people who really know me know that’s not the case. I can’t concern myself with what people who don’t know me have to say about me; because they’re coming to their conclusions from a very narrow perspective. Maybe I am mean in the pursuit of what it is that needs to be done. I try to maintain a reputation of doing good business and of being a good person to be in business with.”

Mona Scott Young and Yandy Smith Mona Scott Young and Yandy Smith

A few cast members of the reality TV series ‘Love & Hip’ felt that their stories were not told accurately,  for instance with Somaya Reese.  Mona replied:

“There is a very big difference between not liking what is being portrayed verses whether or not what is being portrayed is true. Once you sign up for the show and you sign up to tell your stories fully, you understand that there isn’t going to be censorship in a way that allows you to control what is told.”

Is Mona really ‘mean’?

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Kordell Stewart Kordell Stewart

Porsha Stewart recently accused Kordell of being gay and this is also the reason why their marriage ended.  In order to defend himself, Kordell dropped by at Atlanta’s V103′s “Ryan Cameron Morning Show”.    According to Kordell, their marriage ended because Porsha did not give more priority to her marriage and family.  Kordell said:

“For me it’s all about keeping my son’s mind in the right place through all this foolishness that’s going on. Whether it be, my wife still today, on paper, running her mouth, saying the things that she found out about the show on Twitter. To the mama being on the show that I only saw my wife one time in the hospital when we had our miscarriage.”

Kordell Stewart Kordell Stewart

“My wife had said to me many times after coming home two in the morning, three in the morning maybe four in the morning because she’s trying to hustle like the NeNes of the world. Everybody wants to be NeNe. You know my hours [are] two to six. Through all that, I’ll get home and my son will say, ‘Is Mommy coming home?’ or ‘Did she make it home yet?’ Talking about Porsha.  I would say she’s doing her thing. He would wake up in the morning and ask, ‘Did mommy make it home?’ and I would say ‘Yes, she’s sleeping.’  After a couple times of that happening and me not knowing…”

“When my son asked me this these few times, I had to figure out how do I make him understand what’s going on.  He doesn’t deserve to have to deal with that when there’s two parents in the home.  If anything, we should be eating dinner together, finding a way to get it done, or making sure that when the kid goes to bed that you go in there and check on the kid.  Kiss him goodnight. Even if it’s three in the morning, you still give him a kiss so he can feel your presence!  I had to deal with that as a kid.  My mom passed away at 11. My dad did it. He did it the right way.”

Is Kordell gay?  He said:

“No, I’m not.  I’m not on the down low and I’m not bisexual.  I’m a one hundred percent man.  I don’t do no “homophobic.” There’s nothing about no dude that I see, all due respect.[...]I promise you…on my life…and everything I’m a part of including my son, and on my father who’s no longer here, that nothing will ever come up with no dude about me and nothing.  People can say what they want to say.”

What do you think?  Will they reconcile or not?

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Amina Amina

During the first episode of Love & Hip Hop Season 4, viewers can witness a love triangle between Peter Gunz, the Bronx rapper, Tara, Peter’s girlfriend for 13 years and Amina, the new artist who became the wife of Peter.  Tara and Peter lived together and had two sons.  However, towards the last portion of the episode, Peter and Amina got married and Tara didn’t know about it.

When both ladies were asked about their comments about the premiere of Love & Hip Hop NY Season 4, Amina said:

“It was just like… Wow! I was really looking at myself a little disappointed in a way because I look kinda bad you know? I know people [are] saying all the negative stuff about me right now… I just hope that in the following episodes I want everyone to stay tuned and watch what’s coming up because it’s really going to show what’s really going on.”

Tara Tara

Tara replied:

“I was like ‘Gawd dang!’ I ain’t know all of that! You know what? I knew coming into this that there would be some things that I would find out that I didn’t know. I did not know the severity of some of those things. So I’m a little shocked. But I’m human. I’m a woman. I love this man. I’m hurt. But you know–I will find the strength and courage to get through it.”

So, what’s next?

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Porsha Stewart Porsha Stewart

Porsha Stewart was having a hard time dealing with her divorce proceedings with her husband, Kordell Stewart.  If you have watched Real Housewives of Atlanta then you may be surprised why this couple end up in divorce.  Kordell was the one who filed for a divorce.  The first episode will be very emotional as the viewers will be witnessing the end of their marriage.  Porsha was accompanied by her mother and sister during her first deposition.  She was in tears as she narrated:

“It was just terrible..To hear him say, ‘She wasn’t home at a certain time so I locked her out?’ That was really, really hard to listen to listen to…Seeing Kordell at the deposition, was like a out-of-body experience…”

She further revealed:

Porsha Stewart Porsha Stewart

“I was like, ‘Imma find out everything that I need to know and Imma know exactly why he filed on me’…But after that entire deposition, he had no factual reason…no exact reason…to divorce me…”

Will you watch the first episode?

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