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Lala Anthony on Arsenio Hall Show Lala Anthony on Arsenio Hall Show

La La recently dropped by at The Arsenio Hall Show in order to promote her new book, “The Love Playbook.”  The new author also offered some advice with regards to relationships.  La La also revealed how she met Carmelo and what are her thoughts about cheating.  She also provides tips to women who want to “attract a baller.”

Where did she and her husband Carmelo Anthony met?  La La said:

“A mutual friend of ours, DJ Clue, who I was actually doing a television show with, was like, ‘I want to introduce you to Carmelo Anthony, this basketball player.’ And as soon as I heard the word ‘basketball player’ I was like, ‘Absolutely not! I do not want to meet a basketball player,’ because you hear the stereotypes and things people say. But we were friends first and I talk about that in the book.. how when you develop a friendship with someone first, it helps you last longer in a relationship.”

What can she say about women who offer their men free passes to cheat?  She said:

“I think that is the absolute worst idea of all time! I just think you’re opening the floodgates to a lot of problems. Why would you allow your man to cheat on you and be okay with that? That just destroys the relationship! That’s my opinion so I’m totally against that.”

Lala Anthony on Arsenio Hall Show Lala Anthony on Arsenio Hall Show

What is her advice to women who wants to attract a baller?  La La responded:

“You don’t try to get a baller. Just be confident in yourself when you go out there and you’ll attract great energy and you’ll get the right kind of attention. Guys can tell when you’re desperate and thirsty and sometimes guys use that for negative things.”


What can you say about La La’s advice?

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LaLa and Sway LaLa and Sway

La La Anthony and her husband Carmelo Anthony have experienced ups and downs in their marriage.  However, these things only made their relationship stronger.  In 2004, there was an incident which could have destroyed Carmelo career.

According to reports, La La ex-fiancé and Carmelo had a fight in a certain club.  Some people adored him for defending his woman while others fear that he might lose his endorsement opportunities.  Later on, when Carmelo was interviewed he said that “he only did what any man would have done for their woman.”

Now, despite the fact that the couple is having a strong relationship, La La still recalls the abuse from her ex.  During her interview at Sway In The Morning to promote her new book, she said:

“You know and it was my first love and I felt like he was controlling me because he loved me and that’s how he’s showing me that he loved me. And it was later on that I realized that was completely wrong and that’s a message I want to get out to young women out there. That’s not love.”

La La Anthony La La Anthony

She also chatted about the worst moments in this abuse, she revealed:

“Throwing plates of food at me. Breaking glasses. Always being really angry and upset. I was like, ‘This can’t be love.’ Love shouldn’t feel like this. I would tell myself that and continue to stay. It could be the smallest thing–that could be your breaking point. And I remember calling my dad like, ‘Dad, I need you to come and get me.’ I hadn’t even talked to my dad because I had isolated anyone who wasn’t a fan of the relationship. Anyone that didn’t say anything good, I didn’t want to talk to them. I said, ‘Dad, you got to come get me.’ Literally, my dad just got in the car and drove up there to come pick me up. It’s a defining moment to my life that I’ll never forget.”

What are your thoughts about the past abuse?

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La-La Anthony La-La Anthony

Yesterday, La La Anthony was busy with her book signing at Barnes & Nobles in Tribeca.  Aside from the book signing, there was also a Q&A.  La La’s new book which is entitled, “The Love Playbook,” is now available in different stores.  In this book, she offers some tips and advice with regards to sex, love as well as marriage based from her very own personal encounters.

Here are the four lessons that you can learn from La La:

The first lesson is “Rule Of Thumb For First Dates: Go Alone”

La La said:

“Here is the number one thing: Do not bring your friends with you to your first date please! Alright? We don’t need tagalongs. Go to the date. Be confident. Bring yourself. I see so many [people] that are like, ‘Yeah, I’m going to meet this guy, it’s my first date. And I’m bringing three of my friends.’ That’s not cool! So let’s not bring tagalongs to our first date, OK?”

La-La Anthony La-La Anthony

The second lesson is “Men like a woman who is doing her own thing”

La La said:

“I think a man is attracted to an independent woman. Someone who has their own thing going on. And it’s different forms of being independent. Everybody is not meant to run a Fortune 500 company, that might not be everybody’s dream. But you could have a hobby, you can have something you’re into [in order] to bring to the table. Bring something that makes you valuable to the relationship and make sure you never feel like you have to depend on a man for anything. Have your own. So definitely independence is attractive to a man.”

The third lesson is “Be open to communicating and teaching him how to love you the way you want to be loved”

La La revealed:

“You know, I did feel like [I had to show Carmelo things.] In all relationships, that’s what it’s about. It’s a learning experience for both. You want to be able to teach each other things so there are also things he taught me and I was able to teach him things and I feel like that’s what a healthy relationship is about.”

“So you know, at first, he had his ways, and he wasn’t that affectionate and I was like ‘I want someone more affectionate,’ so through love and guiding him, I was able to get him to become more affectionate. You know, you just have to show people what you want and he did the same with me so it worked for us!”

And lastly, “When you are engaged, it’s okay to enjoy the moment versus rushing to get down the aisle”

La La shared:

“Enjoy the moment. Enjoy what’s happening and live in the moment… We’re always running and so busy and thinking about the next thing that you don’t enjoy the moment. So take your time and enjoy the engagement and the moment. And there is no rush! I was engaged for a very long time and people put me through the ringer for it. [They said] that I was going to be engaged forever and never get married but guess what? I did it my way and my marriage has lasted longer than half those people that were talking all of that stuff before. So do it your way and enjoy it.”

What can you say about these four love lessons?

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Shonda Rhimes2

Shonda Rhimes, the creator of “Scandal”, has recently made a deal with Simon & Schuster.  She will be writing her very first book which is considered as a book of inspiration, prescription and a memoir.  It is projected that the book will probably be released in 2015.  The book will reveal the struggles of Shonda as a single mom as well as her secrets to success and building a family.  What can she say about this deal?  Shonda said:

Shonda Rhimes

“Simon and Schuster is crazy for giving me a book deal, as I am clearly in no position to be handing out wisdom…I have made a lot of mistakes as a single mother, and as a working mother, and as a sleepless mother, and as a dating mother. And I did all of it while running a bunch of TV shows. So I’m going to write about that and hope my kids don’t use it against me in therapy later.”

Aside from “Scandal”, Shonda is also busy preparing for the feature film entitled, “War Correspondents”.

Isn’t it a great deal?

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Tashera Simmons Tashera Simmons

The ex-wife of rapper DMX, Tashera Simmons, recently wrote a book entitled “You Think You Know, But You Have No Idea.”  This book revealed her experiences being the wife of an artist who is struggling with his drug addiction.  The mother of four, who is also a new author, visited Power 105′s ‘The Breakfast Club’ to chat about her new book.

According to DMX, Tashera is always hungry for money, what can she say about this?  She said:

“I’ve been here several times and I never really talk about anything because I was just to ashamed and I felt like no one would believe me anyway. It was not until he started exposing himself more, Iyanla Vanzant did it for me…I had been writing this book, but I had the last three chapters I just couldn’t get it together…Then after him coming not only here and other places saying I’m money hungry I’m like, ‘we been together for ten years before you got famous and I’m the one that always held it down’.”

Tashera Simmons on The Breakfast Club Tashera Simmons on The Breakfast Club

What motivated her to write this new book?  Tashera replied:

“People would come up to me all the time, in my most darkest moments of being ashamed and feeling humiliated because I know the real story people would come up to me and say,’You’re DMX’s wife?’ and I would feel like sh-t when they asked me I was like ‘yeah’ and they’re like, ‘keep your head up you’re an inspiration.’The more I started hearing that the more I was like you know what I can really turn my pain into purpose and that’s exactly the only reason and that why I do motivational speaking. I feel like after all I’ve been through and you see it in the book…It’s not about bashing DMX at all.”

Would you like to read Tashera’s new book?

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Tami Roman, the star of Basketball Wives recently did an interview with New York radio show, Hot 97.  What can she say about the real issue she had with Evelyn?  She said:

“With this seaosn I don’t think we really had an issue….I think that you call me a bitch and you put your hand in my face…coupled those together that’s a problem for me. I feel lke you’re coming for me…and I’m not a child.”

Did she regret being on reality TV?  Tami revealed:

“I do not have one single regret…Coming onto the Real World I’m just the person that tries to be as transparent as I can be. I feel like I’m putting my story out there. I use the show as a mirror and I work on Tami…You’re mistakes are your best teachers.”


What is her new book Mistresses 101 all about?  The reality star said:

“I have a book coming. It’s called Mistresses 101 and it’s about women and their relationships and how they can keep them…Because I’ve talked to mistresses. I’m not that type of chic. Because I’ve been through a relationship and I thought I was the perfect mate, but clearly there were some things within me…I’m not that chic in my relations. I will not put my hands on you but I was cut the f*ck outta your tires.”