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K. Michelle on Arsenio Hall Show K. Michelle on Arsenio Hall Show

K. Michelle must have heard this from other people, not only once but maybe for numerous times already:

“You could go so far, if you changed your attitude.”

Last night, the star of Love & Hip Hop visited the Arsenio Hall Show and talked about her attitude.  She also discussed about how people perceived her on the Atlanta version as well as the New York version of Love & Hip Hop.  She revealed:

“I realize, when I was walking down the street people would run to the other side, that they might not perceive it as good all the time.”

K. Michelle on Arsenio Hall Show K. Michelle on Arsenio Hall Show

“They think I’m mean. But really, if you ask the producers of the show, they will tell you that I was actually the calmest one on the show. I just had the best climax, so that’s what you got to see.”

The singer further added:

“I don’t think it’s fair at all because they don’t”

What can you say about K. Michelle’s attitude?

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Yandy Smith and Mandeeces Yandy Smith and Mandeeces

Recently there was a photo which shows the fiancé of Love & Hip Hop’s Yandy Smith, Mandeeces Harris, holding a cocktail along with the message “Having a drink…y’all missed me?” Some are speculating that he has been released from prison.  But Yandy restrained the reports saying:

“Now that I have a free second…if it doesn’t come from me. It’s probably not true. You know they love to speculate and exaggerate. @2thejew you got Instagram in a frenzy over that old pic! Preme…y’all go hard! He sends his love #rorolife #freethatman #nowbacktoworkIgo#filmlife #2daysinharlem”

If you are one of the viewers of the previous two seasons of Love & Hip Hop then you must have known that during the filming of the show, Mendeeces got imprisoned.  So far, there is no information with regards to his case.

Yandy Smith and Mandeeces Yandy Smith and Mandeeces

However, according to a report from Democrat And Chronicle”

“A New York City man accused of a drug conspiracy with a VH1 celebrity was sentenced to federal prison in December.

U.S. District JudgeFrank P. Geraci, Jr. sentenced Ronald Walker to 10 years in prison.

Walker was ordered to forfeit assets totaling $2.5 million to the United States, which represented the amount of proceeds from the drug trafficking conspiracy.

A news release from the United State’s Attorney’s office reports that between 2005 and August 2012, Walker was part of a conspiracy to distribute cocaine and heroin between New York City and Rochester.

Walker arranged for the distribution of cocaine and heroin while he was in New York City through others to individuals who were transferring the drugs to Rochester and distributing them. Walker pleaded guilty in August to trafficking cocaine and heroin.

In addition, Walker laundered drug proceeds by placing at least $911,000 in cash in safe deposit boxes opened by other people to conceal the proceeds. Authorities seized the cash in August 2012, as well as approximately $615,000 in cash from two residences connected to the defendant.

Walker agreed to forfeit all of that cash, as well as a 2012 Range Rover, some jewelry and two properties located in Corona, New York, and Union City, Georgia.

Also accused of involvement in the conspiracy are Mendeecees Harris, who has played a prominent role in a popular VH1 show, and his brother, Tyrus Harris.”

Is Mendeecees out of prison already?

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Mimi Faust Mimi Faust

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Mimi Faust is aware that it is quite embarrassing to be involved in a love triangle especially if it is done in public and can be seen by a lot of viewers.  She expressed that she felt sorry for Peter Gunz, Tara Wallace and Amina Buddafly.  She said:

“It’s insane. It’s very entertaining, I cannot lie. Every Monday, I’m like, ‘What the f**k are they about to do next?!’”

Mimi also revealed that cheating does not only occur in the show but it is quite evident all over the country.  She admitted:

“Like really Peter, you’re gonna do that. I know it’s a little bit like my situation but that goes on everyday in every state. It’s not just me and him (Stevie), Peter doing what he’s doing. It is very entertaining, my heart goes out to Tara, I feel your pain.”

Mimi Faust Mimi Faust

Aside from her reality TV, Faust will also be releasing her first book soon.  She said:

“It will be about dating a man in the industry. It will also have short stories from different women. It won’t be about just me, I will incorporate other people I know. All stories of other women that have had similar experiences in their life too.”

What can you say about the love triangle in Love & Hip Hop Atlanta?

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Chrissy Lampkin Chrissy Lampkin

According to reports, the star of ‘Chrissy & Mr. Jones‘ reality show was arrested due to her involvement in a bar fight that occurred in New Jersey.  The source said that the woman, who sat on the same sofa where Chrissy was sitting, bumped unintentionally into the reality star.

This is not the first time that Lampkin got into a fight.  When she was on VH1′s Love & Hip Hop, she also had a fight with Kimbella due to a disagreement over Emily B.  After the fight, she revealed her regrets and said:

Chrissy Lampkin Chrissy Lampkin

“I don’t regret my feelings, but I regret the way I allowed myself to be pulled out of character. [Vanderhee]‘s another grown woman, and it’s crazy to put your hands on somebody like that. It’s just that I was so hurt and so caught in the moment — it was just reactional. I just reacted to the pain. I know it’s gonna sound crazy, but it wasn’t really personal.”

What can you say about Lampkin’s fighting incidents?

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Mona Scott Young Mona Scott Young

Everything Girls Love (EGL) chose Mona Scott-Young as their cover girl for their November issue.  The theme of this latest issue is about being the ‘Boss.’  Inside the magazine, Mona talked about the famous reality TV franchise of Love & Hip Hop as well as how she was able to successfully balance her family life.  She also revealed how she handled the criticisms with regards to her TV brand.

Most people would describe her as a mean person, what can she say about this?  Mona said:

“The people who really know me know that’s not the case. I can’t concern myself with what people who don’t know me have to say about me; because they’re coming to their conclusions from a very narrow perspective. Maybe I am mean in the pursuit of what it is that needs to be done. I try to maintain a reputation of doing good business and of being a good person to be in business with.”

Mona Scott Young and Yandy Smith Mona Scott Young and Yandy Smith

A few cast members of the reality TV series ‘Love & Hip’ felt that their stories were not told accurately,  for instance with Somaya Reese.  Mona replied:

“There is a very big difference between not liking what is being portrayed verses whether or not what is being portrayed is true. Once you sign up for the show and you sign up to tell your stories fully, you understand that there isn’t going to be censorship in a way that allows you to control what is told.”

Is Mona really ‘mean’?

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Somaya Reece Somaya Reece

After Somaya Reece left “Love & Hip Hop,” she promised herself that she will not be doing any reality shows anymore.  She was too busy changing her image by having a new look as well as a new attitude.  However, recently she admitted that she would return back to reality TV again.  Early next year, Reece will be having her own show on NuvoTV.  During her recent interview she revealed her thoughts on what made her return to reality TV as well as her thoughts on the other stars of “Love & Hip Hop.”

Somaya Reece Somaya Reece

When asked about her recent activity, she replied:

“I have been working. Well you know, I’d decided that what I really needed to do is to rebrand! I needed to find a very – something that’s very not – a lot of people I guess are like, polished? You know, I just needed something to work for myself and to separate myself from the old Tamia, as far as the music, the look, the ‘Love & Hip Hop’ brand – I sort of wanted to come back as fitness, better music. I hear everything that’s out there, I’m not naive. But instead of sitting around and feeling sad about it or criticizing myself, I decided to do something about it because that’s just how I roll.”

Do you agree with Somaya’s decision to return back to reality TV?

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Waka Flocka Flame visited Power 105.1FM to talk about Gucci Mane and Love & Hip Hop.  During his interview with The Breakfast Club Morning Show, Waka was asked if he will be joining the next season of Love & Hip Hop.  He said:

“I’m not doing ‘Love & Hip Hop,’ my fiancée is doing it. [You’ll make a couple appearances?] One or two. I don’t do reality shows.”

“That’s great [that they approached her because of me.]  Let them go ahead and put a million dollars in her pocket because it’s me. Put $2 million.”

According to reports, his fiancée Tammy was offered $500,000 for the show, he said:

“That’s cool. I ain’t gotta buy her no more purses or shoes. Those Christian Louboutins are crazy! You’ll see a picture and say, ‘Oh, I just wanna marry these shoes.’  You look them up and they’re like $4,700.”


Waka’ mother has been telling him that she wants to have a grandchild.  What can Waka say about this?

“I want a kid too. I’ve been trying but I’ve been shooting blanks.  I already [stopped smoking weed.]  I’ve been taking vitamins and all.”

When asked about the change in Gucci Mane’s attitude, he said:

“I’m not even trying to talk bad. I met this guy in [inaudible] Jordans, cowboy boots and sleeping in an old school Chevy. He lived in my mom’s house two years rent free.”

“[...]When I started going on tour and buying different cars and I’m not leasing nothing and I started buying different jewelry. Your conversation change with me now. You can’t lie no more. It’s facts. I guess it crawls under people’s skin. Like when I come around I get like a little different attention than you. I be seeing that mess with his ego, but I didn’t think he was going to go to that level of cyberspace. That’s crazy.”

Why did he call Gucci an accidental murderer?

“He’s an accidental murderer, man. He killed somebody like 20 feet away, running  with his back turned, just shot and got lucky. You’re not a killer. A killer is someone that looks someone in the eyes and gives it to them. Face-to-face, that’s a killer. That ain’t no killer. A guy got his back turned and he’s running. That ain’t no killer in my book.”


These days, it seems the best way to ensure that your children are set for life is to pimp them on reality television. The latest star to get head to the format is none other than ATL-based rapper Shawty Lo. His show, All My Babies’ Mamas premieres on Oxygen early next spring.


The show promises to show the highs and lows of raising a blended family. This should prove interesting, to say the least.
And not to be outdone, VH1’s Love & Hip Hop will starts its third season in New York. The network has released snippets of the show that is scheduled to premiere January 7th, 2013.

YouTube Preview Image

In addition, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta cast member Stevie J is trying to get back with the mother of his daughter, Eva. Mimi took to twitter to post a picture of their phone conversation in which Stevie J stated, ” Have you completely turned away from me? I’m out here working & that it!! I want my family & and if you don’t then ill be happy with just my kids.” Mimi responded by saying, “You sound stupid….you my friend are a complete joke.”


When is this love triangle with Joseline going to end?! This is why we don’t need soap operas anymore. Reality shows are the new soap opera!