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James Deen

When it comes to filming sex scenes, porn star James Deen revealed that he does not want to do it just because of the money.  He also does not want to make love to a woman who is dressed in a clown.  Deen was working with Lindsay Lohan in their movie, “The Canyons.”  The X-rated actor admits:

“I don’t have sex with anyone dressed as a clown. They are creepy.”

“I’ve done it only once, and it was terrifying… I freaked out. I was like… ‘I will not have sex with a clown.’”

GQ Men Of The Year Party - Arrivals

“We found a way to do it with her facing away from me – doggy style and reverse cowgirl, stuff like that. She’d get in position and I’d wait outside the room. The director would yell, ‘OK, James, we’re ready’. I’d run in and do the scene but could only see the back of her head.


Lindsay Lohan, who just got out from rehab, is a no-show again at the Venice Film Festival last Friday.  Paul Schrader, Lohan’s director for “The Canyons,” said, “For the last 16 months I’ve been held hostage, by my own choosing, to a very talented but unpredictable actress.” Schrader continued, “She was supposed to be here today. She said she would be, but she is not.”

Schrader has no explanation on the absence of Lohan but Lohan’s rep said, “She wanted to come, but for reasons out of her control it did not work out.”


The absence of the actress did not seem to bother the management of “Saturday Night Live.”  Lohan was invited by SNL on their 38th season.  A source said, “She is definitely considering doing it.  She loves the show and the people involved.”

Well, let’s just wait and see if Lohan will show up.


After Lindsay Lohan left the rehab, she had been busy with her comeback.  Last Thursday, the actress launched LindsayLohan.com, which is her new website.  According to sources this website has been on the making for over a year now.  The site is operated by SpinMedia and it consists of various photos and videos of Lohan.  People can also discover the fashion and favorite music of Lohan in this site.

The source said, “The Canyons” star wants the site to be a place for her fans first, she knows she wouldn’t even be standing today if it weren’t for them.”


“She’ll highlight her personal style, but also make it an intersection for fashion, music, and art.”

The source further revealed that this website is considered as an artistic outlet of the actress, “This is like a project for her — and she’s still trying to understand the digital space and how to have a footprint that’s effective and ultimately positive. She wants a creative diversion so she can connect with fans and give them a place that’s informative and fun, but chic.”

Don’t forget to visit Lohan’s website!

"Scary Movie V" - Los Angeles Premiere

Lindsay Lohan did not attend the premier showing of her latest movie, “The Canyons”.  The movie, which was directed by Paul Schrader, had a premier last week in Los Angeles.  Schrader said, “We get used to these last-minute situations.  We know that she wanted to come, but the drama wasn’t sufficient enough.”

James Deen, who is a famous adult film actor, is also part of the movie.  “The Canyons,” which is written by Bret Easton Ellis, would have been a great help in reviving the career of Lohan.  Schrader revealed, “Lindsay lives in an atmosphere of chaos.  It just seems to be part of her makeup and if there isn’t chaos, somehow there becomes chaos. It’s exhausting to be around her. It’s exhausting for her.”


Schrader added, “It’s not a one-shot situation, it’s one day at a time, and her primary problem is reliability.  It’s not lack of talent or lack of charisma. It’s lack of reliability.”

So far, there were no comments from Lohan’s rep.


After leaving the rehab, Lindsay Lohan was invited as a guest host of Chelsea Lately for its Aug. 5 episode.  During the preview of this episode, it is quite evident that Lohan had some unkind words for the “Twilight” actress, Kristen Stewart.

With regards to the latest incident wherein Stewart was yelling at a photographer, Lohan commented, “I’m just excited that Kristen Stewart, you know, finally showed some emotion.”  The other hosts were somewhat surprised by her statement but nevertheless they just laughed at it.  But Lohan quickly go on the reverse by adding, “No, I really do love her. She’s awesome. I’m a Kristen Stewart fan.”


However, Lohan did not stop throwing harsh words to the Twilight star. She continued, “I will say this, of course she hates photographers — they got a picture of her kissing a married man in a Mini Cooper.”  Well, LiLo was obviously referring to the infidelity scandal between Steward and Rupert Sanders which occurred sometime in July 2012.

Is Lindsay Lohan having a feud with Kristen Stewart?


Lindsay Lohan has just recently ended her drug and alcohol rehabilitation program.  Last Tuesday, she was spotted leaving the Cliffside facility in Malibu, California with a big smile on her face.  She seems to be happy that finally she has returned to the world.  The actress was wearing a blue mini-dress accompanied by a coat.  She was also wearing a pair of boots which is an indication that she is kicking one bad habit at least for a while.


After leaving the facility, the actress is now facing a busy schedule.  The Cliffside Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Facility has been the home of Lohan for the past three months.  According to sources, the actress is required to remain in the care of a coach before she will have to reenter the world again.  Lohan started her rehab program last May 2.

Welcome back, Lindsay Lohan!


Lindsay Lohan is quite serious in making herself sober.  In fact, after she will finish her rehabilitation program in August, she wants to hide from the public and most of all from the paparazzi.  According to sources, the actress had realized that she won’t be able to fight addiction if she continues to stay in L.A. or New York.

Lindsay will finally be released this coming August from the rehab and she wants to transfer to a far place where the paparazzi could not find her.  Lohan is under a 12-step program treatment and so far it has been successful.  She wants to avoid any relapse after her treatment and she thinks that the best solution would be to escape.  It is not yet certain if Lohan will be gone for a long time.


What do you think?  Is escaping a good solution for Lohan?

It’s truly a big day for Michael Lohan.  First, his daughter, Lindsey has just evaded.  And second, his fiancée, Kate has just given birth to their son, named as Landon Major Lohan.

While Lindsay was fighting in the court, Kate Major delivered a baby boy at hospital in Florida. Landon weighs 7 lbs 5 oz with a height of 19 3/4 inches.

Premiere Of Lifetime's "Liz & Dick" - Arrivals

Michael was with Kate during the entire event, in fact he is the one who cut the baby’s umbilical cord.  Everyone is doing great.

Congratulations Kate and Michael!


Kelly Clarkson is considered as the highest earner among the American Idol based on Forbes list.  The original American Idol Clarkson has just regained the top spot.  She replaces last year’s top earner, Carrie Underwood who is now in number two.


Last year, Kelly placed fifth on the list with earnings of $2.5 million.  But today, she has already earned $8 million while Carrie is earning $5 million.  These enormous earnings can be attributed to her television performances on “The Voice” and “Duets”, the total sales of her fifth album Stronger, income from her Toyota commercial and the earnings from her tours.

Congratulations Kelly!

It looks like Shawn Holley has had enough of client Lindsay Lohan. And this time, after repeated threats and news reports have surfaced, Holley has confirmed that she is legally withdrawing from the representation of Lohan. Although Holley wants to be done with Lindsay and her latest shenanigans, it is not entirely up to Holley if she can leave the case.

Holley & Lindsey

That is up to Judge Sautner, who is presiding over the case, to decide. It seems Lohan wants to hire Mark Heller to handle her case(s) from now on. The problem is that Heller has no license to practice in California and he has a past just as sketchy as Lohan’s, if not more so. This time Lohan is accused of lying to police in a Santa Monica accident. And to make matters even worse, Lindsay Lohan over $300,000!

Again. These two have been inseparable for years and it looks like they will be well into the foreseeable future with her antics. Lindsay Lohan recently tried to fire Shawn Holley and hire Mark Heller to represent her in her latest case(s), but when it became clear that Heller could not rep Lohan- even after sending a termination letter to Holley. Shawn ignored the letter and when asked by the press if she still represented the troubled starlet, she replied in the affirmative.



Although it is not entirely clear that Holley will be Lohan’s attorney when she is due in court on January 30th, this is the second time Lohan has tried to fire Holley. And reportedly, Lohan owes Shawn over $300,000. The plot thickens!