Tagged: Lindsay Lohan: Primed For A Comeback That Could Be Her Last

"Scary Movie V" - Los Angeles Premiere

Lindsay Lohan did not attend the premier showing of her latest movie, “The Canyons”.  The movie, which was directed by Paul Schrader, had a premier last week in Los Angeles.  Schrader said, “We get used to these last-minute situations.  We know that she wanted to come, but the drama wasn’t sufficient enough.”

James Deen, who is a famous adult film actor, is also part of the movie.  “The Canyons,” which is written by Bret Easton Ellis, would have been a great help in reviving the career of Lohan.  Schrader revealed, “Lindsay lives in an atmosphere of chaos.  It just seems to be part of her makeup and if there isn’t chaos, somehow there becomes chaos. It’s exhausting to be around her. It’s exhausting for her.”


Schrader added, “It’s not a one-shot situation, it’s one day at a time, and her primary problem is reliability.  It’s not lack of talent or lack of charisma. It’s lack of reliability.”

So far, there were no comments from Lohan’s rep.