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Tamala Jones Tamala Jones

It was recently reported that Porsha Stewart did not get anything from her divorce with ex-husband Kordell Stewart.  But this would not matter anymore because she is currently dating a rich man, 42-year-old Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue.  He is the son of African dictator Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, the President of Equatorial Guinea.

However, actress Tamala Jones quickly reacted to the rumor and told Porsha not to take her man on Twitter:

“@Porsha4real Miss Porsha Williams..Now you know you should shame the devil & tell the truth! U grew up in the church & lying was never [ ]…You may have a man, but the one your claiming belongs to me! Check your pr or your head, but don’t step on my toes..”


On the other hand, Porsha denied that she is dating Teodoro.  She said:

Porsha Williams Porsha Williams

“The TMZ report is completely false! I do not know Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue, nor have I ever dated him.  When there is someone special in my life whom I wish to share I will let you all know. It has been rumored that I am dating many people.”

So, who is responsible in reporting this rumor?

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Porsha Williams Porsha Williams

It seems that RHOA’s Porsha Williams has moved on after her divorce from ex NFL baller Kordell Stewart.  According to reports, the reality star is now dating a rich African guy which happens to be the former boyfriend of Rapper Eve.  The sources further reports that she has associated with an international socialite.  TMZ reports:

“Porsha has been seeing 42-year-old Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue, son of Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, President of Equatorial Guinea … since 1979.”

“Mbasogo (the father) is known as one of Africa’s most brutal and corrupt rulers — not only for having his predecessor executed and political opponents tortured, but for pillaging his own country’s oil wealth … while its people live in abject poverty.”

“And his son is reaping the benefits — living like a king in Malibu and all around the world.”

Porsha Williams and Teodoro Nguema Obiang-mangue Porsha Williams and Teodoro Nguema Obiang-mangue

After doing some research, reports say that Teodoro has been involved in some issues with the IRS.  In fact, some of his luxurious vehicles were impounded by the investigators.  An investigation was conducted on the accusations of theft of public funds.

What can you say about this drama?

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Porsha Stewart Porsha Stewart

We can describe Porsha Stewart’s divorce to Kordell Stewart in one sentence: “You leave with what you came with!”

After all the rumors, reputations destroyed as well as other dirty laundry, it seems that Porsha Stewart lost enormously in her divorce settlement from Kordell.  Porsha and Kordell married in 2011 and stayed together for only 22 months.  In their divorce settlement, it was Porsha who come out empty handed since she did not get any alimony, insurance, house, lump sum or even any amount from Kordell’s NFL retirement money.  The worst thing is she will be responsible in paying her own outstanding credit card balances.

Kordell Stewart and Porsha Stewart Kordell Stewart and Porsha Stewart

TMZ revealed:

“It’s almost like a western movie.  She gets the Mercedes she drove in on, and that’s about it.  She does get to keep the engagement ring and all of her personal crap … jewelry, clothes and other personal items.”

“As for Kordell … he gets two houses, 2 plots of land, a 2013 Mercedes and a 2010 Porsche, and his full retirement benefits.  He also gets to keep a 100% interest in his companies.”

“Porsha was fighting like crazy to stay in the house, but Kordell changed the locks on her.”

Isn’t it unfortunate?

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Kordell Stewart Kordell Stewart

It seems that there is one person who is on Kordell Stewart’s side.  He is Peter Thomas, the husband of Cynthia Bailey.  Peter wants to get Kordell’s side of the story.  During the recent episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kordell and Peter chatted about the reason why he and Porsha split.

In Peter’s recent interview with Sister 2 Sister, he revealed that it’s only right that Kordell must explain his side of the story.  He said:

“I lobbied to hear the other side of the story. I spoke to Mr. Stewart, Kordell, because everyone kept on hearing just one side of the divorce situation. I talked him into shooting and telling his side, he’s getting killed. I watched this guy get persecuted by public opinion. His ex-wife threw gasoline on the fire, why is that acceptable? The divorce didn’t just come out of left field.”

Peter Thomas Peter Thomas

Peter also explained that he has no personal issues with Porsha.  He said:

“I don’t think she’s a bad person. I just think she’s young and inexperienced in life. I believe that she will learn from the situation…If she ever gets married again, she’ll be a little bit more conscientious. For her to go on national TV and kind of say all those things she said is in poor taste. That made me a little bit angry as a Black man.”

Was Peter doing the right thing?

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Towanda Braxton Towanda Braxton

The viewers of Braxton Family Values have observed that this season is all about the beef between Tamar and Towanda.  What is the beef about?  It all started when Towanda threw some comments towards Tamar’s husband Vince.

Some of the viewers think that she was jealous of the success of her younger sister.  The fans started to send tweets towards Towanda.  However, there is one particular comment which made her react.  The tweet said:

“And she can’t help it that her husband is a multimillionaire and yours is a bum! #bvf @towandabraxton # jealous”

Tamar, Vince and Logan Tamar, Vince and Logan

During this time, Wanda brought up the tax problems of Vince by tweeting:

“Check the web boo! He also owes $3.3 million to the irs…guess I’m jealous of that too huh?”

Most likely, this is Towanda’s way of retaliating when Tamar made some comments with regards to her alleged relationship with Kordell Stewart.  According to the singer, Kordell is not a good catch for Towanda.  But this does not mean anything anymore since Kordell already denied having a relationship with Towanda.

Is Towanda jealous of Tamar?

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Braxton sisters Braxton sisters

Tamar Braxton revealed her feelings about her sister’s latest relationship during their visit in “Bethenny.”  The Braxton sisters appeared on the show except for Toni.  During the interview, Towanda was asked about her thoughts on being spotted together with Porsha Stewart’s ex-husband Kordell Stewart.  However, before she could answer the question, Tamar suddenly interrupted them and commented that she was never impressed with Kordell.

Towanda said:

“He’s a really nice guy.”

Tamar commented:

“Lies![...]I wouldn’t consider him a catch. No shade, no shade, no shade! This is not milkshake right now. This is based upon what we all saw on ["Real Housewives of Atlanta"]. She couldn’t go nowhere. She couldn’t do nothing. It’s not cute.”

Tamar Braxton Tamar Braxton

Towanda quickly responded by saying:

“What I’m saying is this. You don’t know exactly what happened. I don’t know exactly what happened in their marriage. That was just a one-sided situation. He wasn’t on the show, she was on the show, so she was telling her side of the situation. I don’t know. I don’t care. He’s just a really nice guy to me. He’s a great dad. People don’t understand that when you put everything tumultuously on television, it effects the children.”

What can you say about the relationship of Towanda and Kordell?

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Kordell Stewart Kordell Stewart

Porsha Stewart recently accused Kordell of being gay and this is also the reason why their marriage ended.  In order to defend himself, Kordell dropped by at Atlanta’s V103′s “Ryan Cameron Morning Show”.    According to Kordell, their marriage ended because Porsha did not give more priority to her marriage and family.  Kordell said:

“For me it’s all about keeping my son’s mind in the right place through all this foolishness that’s going on. Whether it be, my wife still today, on paper, running her mouth, saying the things that she found out about the show on Twitter. To the mama being on the show that I only saw my wife one time in the hospital when we had our miscarriage.”

Kordell Stewart Kordell Stewart

“My wife had said to me many times after coming home two in the morning, three in the morning maybe four in the morning because she’s trying to hustle like the NeNes of the world. Everybody wants to be NeNe. You know my hours [are] two to six. Through all that, I’ll get home and my son will say, ‘Is Mommy coming home?’ or ‘Did she make it home yet?’ Talking about Porsha.  I would say she’s doing her thing. He would wake up in the morning and ask, ‘Did mommy make it home?’ and I would say ‘Yes, she’s sleeping.’  After a couple times of that happening and me not knowing…”

“When my son asked me this these few times, I had to figure out how do I make him understand what’s going on.  He doesn’t deserve to have to deal with that when there’s two parents in the home.  If anything, we should be eating dinner together, finding a way to get it done, or making sure that when the kid goes to bed that you go in there and check on the kid.  Kiss him goodnight. Even if it’s three in the morning, you still give him a kiss so he can feel your presence!  I had to deal with that as a kid.  My mom passed away at 11. My dad did it. He did it the right way.”

Is Kordell gay?  He said:

“No, I’m not.  I’m not on the down low and I’m not bisexual.  I’m a one hundred percent man.  I don’t do no “homophobic.” There’s nothing about no dude that I see, all due respect.[...]I promise you…on my life…and everything I’m a part of including my son, and on my father who’s no longer here, that nothing will ever come up with no dude about me and nothing.  People can say what they want to say.”

What do you think?  Will they reconcile or not?

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Kordell Stewart denied the rumor that he is gay.  During a recent interview with his estranged wife Porsha, she said “Kordell didn’t want me physically. That made me wonder, what does he want?”

Kordell recently release a statement about the rumors of his sexuality.  He explained:

“I’m very ashamed of my wife for saying something that she knows is not true at all. The rumors have never been true. I’m not gay. It is sad that she would target the homosexual community which often times lacks support to begin with. It is very disappointing that she will do anything and say anything for a minute of so-called fame. She can have that life, I just want to continue to be the best single dad and father that I can for my son.”


During Porsha’s interview with Sister2Sister Magazine, she said:

“I think a woman should look for a man who they feel they can trust and who has their best interest at heart. The way that you’ll know if a man is equally yoked to you is if your purpose in life is aligned with his. A lot of people get married and don’t know what their purpose is. Because a lot of people don’t know how to be still, stop their thoughts, stop their wants, and try to listen to hear what God wants them to do, and once He tells you what He wants for your life, you have to trust that and move on it.”


There were rumors that former NFL player Kordell Stewart is gay or bi-sexual.  According to his team mate, Plaxico Burress:

“People were talking about [Kordell] being gay. The players heard that, but we never talked about it. I don’t know if Kordell is gay or not. It was none of our business. If ever we would have talked about it, it would have made everybody uncomfortable. If some player was gay, I don’t think he could come out while he was still playing. It would be real hard. It would mess a team up mentally and it wouldn’t be good for that person. He had to watch the people that he hung around with. Just hanging out with your friends, or your boys and your cousins, all those things come to the surface. I think he just insulated himself after a while.”

Porsha Stewart was interviewed about the sexuality of her husband, “You know there were a lot of gay rumors about Kordell at one point. He [allegedly] got caught in the park in Pittsburgh and the police didn’t wanna turn him in because he was a star quarterback.”


The reality star defended her husband by saying:

“I don’t know any details of all that. There’s lies out there on the Internet about all kinds of celebrities. [...] One thing I do [know] is my husband loves me, and he puts it down and I will be with him forever. He’s more man to me than I have ever met.”

At present, during the Real Housewives of Atlanta new season, Porsha is dealing with her husband’s gay controversy.  She said, “Kordell didn’t necessarily want me physically and that made me wonder, what does he want?”


Porsha Williams, one of the stars of “Real Housewives of Atlanta”, filed a motion claiming Kordell Stewart, her estranged husband, locked her out from their house.  She also claims that Kordell is bringing another woman into their house.  Kordell responded to the allegation claiming that he locks the house during nighttime due to security reasons.  The main problem is Porsha leaves the house and returns at midnight.   Kordell also claims that Porsha would party until dawn and drink some alcohol.

Last month, Kordell filed for divorce.  Now, the ex-NFL star is claiming that Porsha would call the police so that she can get into their house depite the fact the she has her own key.  With regards to Porsha’s claim that he has another woman, he responded that it was just the nanny.  Porsha failed to take care of her stepson that is why Kordell was compelled to hire a nanny.  Kordell is asking the court to reject Porsha’s request for temporary support because she is a celebrity and she can provide for herself.


Pamela Smith will continue her fight even if Jordan is attacking her.  She also claims that she will prove that the NBA legend is the real father of her child.  It is still unknown why Pamela suddenly backed out from the lawsuit.  However, Jordan quickly makes his move by asking the judge to let his alleged baby mama pay for all the expenses on the lawsuit including the sanctions and the attorney’s fees.

Now, Pamela is tyring to make it clear that she did not completely drop the paternity case.  She said that she was having some technical problems with her legal documents and she is planning to re-file the case.  Her technical problem was quite amusing because she actually forgot to remove the name of her ex-husband on the birth certificate of her son, Grant “Taj” Reynolds.  Grant is aspiring to be a rapper.

Well, this is something that Grant can rap about.