Tagged: Kobe Bryant At Odds With His Mom


Kobe Bryant is not in good terms with his mom and the reason behind this is money.  Recently, Kobe’s mom, Pamela Bryant, brought Kobe’s Memorabilia such as his trophies, jerseys, championship rings and others to an auction store.  Pamela obtained an advance payment of $450,000 for all the stuff.  She also said that she will use the money in buying a house in Nevada.  When Kobe learned about this, he immediately called the auction store and told them that all those stuff belong to him.

According to sources, the war between Kobe and his mother started when the basketball star wanted to buy a house which is less than one million in Vegas for his parents.  But his parents refused because they wanted a house that is bigger.  Pamela felt that it is unfair since Kobe bought a $3.2 million house for Sofia Laine, Vanessa’s mom.  The house was recently sold and Kobe bought another multi-million dollar house for Sofia.

On Kobe’s side, he was unhappy because he has been providing his parents with millions of dollars and at the same time he also bought cars and homes for them.  The war between Kobe and his parents has been going on for years ever since Kobe refused to have a prenup when he married Vanessa.


Last Saturday, Kobe tweeted:

“When u give Give GIVE and they take Take TAKE at wat point do u draw a line in the sand? #hurtbeyondmeasure #gavemenowarning #love?”

What can you say about the mother and son feud?