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Kevin Hart and Oprah Winfrey Kevin Hart and Oprah Winfrey

Kevin Hart talks about cheating, marrying her girlfriend and others on ‘Oprah Prime‘.  The 34-year-old actor also talks about his late mother as well as blowing some money while he was just starting his career in the industry.  He also chatted about cheating on his ex-wife.

Does he feel the spirit of his late mother?  Kevin said:

“I’m not like a … over religious…I’m not at the church every Sunday … But what I am, I’m true to how I was raised. My mom beat God in my head. What I am, I’m true to my mom….It’s amazing…I feel like I’m coveted, for a lack of a better word. I feel like there’s something on my back…”

When he was still starting his career, his mother was the one who is supporting him financially.  Kevin explained:

“You got a year. you have one year to prove to me this is what you wanna do and you can support yourself…”

Why did he left Philadelphia to chase his dreams in Los Angeles?  The actor said:

“Without a plan, I just picked..I said, In LA is where the opportunities are.”

Why did he blow so much money at the early part of his career?  Kevin said:

“You don’t know where it goes. You’re young. You know nothing about taxes. You’e taking care of people. Giving money out. You have no idea.”

Kevin Hart and Oprah Winfrey Kevin Hart and Oprah Winfrey

Is he planning to marry his girlfriend, Eniko?  Kevin revealed:

“Five years now. It does matter. There was def a chip on my shoulder bc of the way my first one ended. But there’s a certain magical thing that comes with marriage. I will say, that with my lady now, I have something special….It’s definitely thought. Marriage definitely a thought.”

Aren’t they a sweet couple?

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Kevin Hart and Girlfriend Eniko Kevin Hart and Girlfriend Eniko

Kevin Hart considers himself as one of the happiest guy ever.  Apart from having a booming career, his happiness is also due to his family, including his two kids from his previous marriage, as well as his present girlfriend Eniko Parrish.

However, Kevin admits that he has learned a lot of lessons from his previous marriage.  The actor and his ex-wife are also good friends now.

When it comes to the greatest lessons that he has learned from love with regards to his previous or present relationship, he revealed:

Kevin Hart And Eniko Parrish Kevin Hart And Eniko Parrish

“I think every relationship that you have is basically a stepping stone for what you’re going to do in the future. You know, everything that doesn’t go right becomes a learning experience. I’ve had relationships that haven’t been right; I’ve had some that have. Ultimately, what I’ve done is take the good from those situations and applied them to myself. Some of the bad had to do with me, so I had to change myself. But it’s all about growth. So I think within my personal situation, I’ve grown from them and right now I’ve applied the things that I’ve learned from them to my new relationship, that’s going well. And I can honestly say that I’m in a different place mentally than I was before, which is probably why my relationship [now] is going well. I’m an adult. I’m a grown ass man.”

What can you say about Kevin’s new relationship?

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Kevin Hart and Regina Hall Kevin Hart and Regina Hall

Kevin Hart’s movie “Ride Along” is quite a success.  In fact, it has topped in the box office for the succeeding three weeks.  He is now preparing for the release of his new movie “About Last Night.”  This movie is a new version of the 1986 classic.  It is a story about a couple who first meet in a bar.  In this movie Kevin Hart and Regina Hall played as the friends of the couple.

When asked about his chemistry with her co-star Regina Hall, Kevin said:

“I definitely tip my hat off to Regina because it was hard for her. Working with me, not wanting me, not trying to take this to a different level, we kept it professional, which I respect you for. [Jokes with Regina] You could have taken advantage of me and you didn’t. I’ve never clicked on camera faster with anybody in my life than I did Regina. Guy or female. Our comedic chemistry, our emotional chemistry, we didn’t have to search for it.”

Kevin Hart and Regina Hall Kevin Hart and Regina Hall

“Bernie and Joan are 70 percent of the relationships out there. Those couples that are that crazy that they see no problem in what they do and they think everybody else is crazy. ‘We ain’t the problem, y’all the crazy one. Y’all lying and making everything seem like it’s perfect.‘ We are a dysfunctional item but I love the journey that Bernie and Joan takes everyone on. I love how real it is and people are going to relate to that!”

Will you watch the movie?

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Ice Cube and Kevin Hart Ice Cube and Kevin Hart

Ice Cube,  Tika Sumpter  and Kevin Hart Ice Cube, Tika Sumpter and Kevin Hart

During the premiere of “Ride Along,” which was held in New York City, the stars of the movie opened up about their own relationship stories.  Kevin Hart talked about the possibility of tying the knot in the future with his girlfriend Eniko Parrish.  On the other hand, Ice Cube, who has been a married man for more than 20 years, offered some advice on making a relationship last longer.

When asked about the craziest romantic things that they have experienced from a guy, Tika Sumpter revealed, “Because I haven’t had a man in a really long [time], I don’t remember! I remember being in a long distance relationship and [him] flying me back and forth. That was a nice thing. Oh! I remember when I was struggling and I was working really hard and I was miserable and I quit my job, and my ex at the time was like, ‘I’ll take care of you. Just go after your dream.’ Then two days later, I booked my first contract role so he only took care of me for two days.”

Sevyn Streeter also shared saying, “I was on tour and for my birthday he drove really, really, really far just to come be with me for my birthday. I’m really simple, so that meant a lot to me.”

Here is Ice Cube’s advice on how to make your relationship last longer:

“Communicate with your woman, man. Communicate with her on a daily basis. Take time in the morning and then in the evening to talk to each other. You gotta talk about the relationship, you can talk about anything, but I [keep that communication going.] It starts to break apart when you wake up and leave, she wakes up and leave, and y’all ain’t even really have that time.”


“Keep it old school. It always works. Ain’t nothing like romantic dinners. Ain’t nothing like candlelight, chocolates, jewelry. Jewelry always works.”

Any wedding plans for Kevin Hart?  The actor replied, “It could be. [Me and my girlfriend], we’re in a great place right now. Sky’s the limit. It’s definitely something that we’re talking about right now. The future will tell.”

Have you seen the movie?

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Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart was in front of the Los Angeles’ Staples Center as she watched the Mrs. Carter show.  The comedic actor was with his girlfriend Eniko Parish along with Christina Milian.  The 33-year-old actor was screaming as he was shouting Beyoncé name.  During his visit on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, he explained his behavior by saying:

“I know Beyonce, she’s a friend of mine. You don’t realize that you’re a huge Beyonce fan until you’re at a Beyonce show. Like I found myself singing all the songs in a masculine way, as a thug. I was having such a good time. They give out these little Beyonce hats, because they call this section (front row) the Beehive so they give out these little Beehive things to put on your head and all the girls had them on and I was like, ‘There needs to be a man to represent the Beyhive too’. And I put it on and it became more fun because everything was moving.”

Kevin Hart1

He further added:

“Beyonce comes over and at one point she hooks herself up and she like flies to the other section and I’m like standing there and I’m like, ‘Oh my god, its like Tinkerbell’. She flew like Tinkerbell. I started screaming and I was just being silly….I’m just being so annoying. And she turns and she’s like, ‘Shut up Kevin!’ Keep in my mind I don’t know that people are taking pictures and filming. So as I’m talking she takes the towel and throws it at me and she’s like, ‘Shut up Kevin’ and the towel hits me and immediately I don’t know where these guys popped up from [the] paparazzi. In the morning it was like, ‘Beyonce shoves towel in Kevin Hart’s mouth, inappropriate fan he was’. It was so much bad press.”

Are you a Beyhive too?

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Since the School System of Philadelphia has been experiencing a tough time, most schools have shut down.  However, there are some celebrities who have stepped up and made some donations.  One of them is Kevin Hart who recently donated $250,000.  This time, Drake wants to do his part in making a contribution.

According to Drake, when he learned that Strawberry Mansion High School is about to close, he was touched, he said:

“I caught this piece that Diane [Sawyer] did. By the end of it I was so heavily affected I started questioning major aspects of my life.”


We made a visit to the school and met with the kids and hugged them.  He also told them, “I’ma be here for you. I promise. I got you.”  He also made a surprise announcement by telling the crowd:

“In the next few months, I’m building a recording studio inside your school. This about you. This about your principal. This about your future. I love you. I care about you. I want to see you succeed.”

Isn’t it a good deed?

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Kevin Hart Kevin Hart

Due to severe budget cuts, most of the schools in Philadelphia are suffering.  In order to help these struggling students in their education, actor Kevin Hart decided to give a donation of $250,000 to the Philadelphia Public School System.  The donation will be used in buying 500 computers.  This summer there were 24 Philadelphia schools which were shut down and a lot of people were laid off.  When Kevin was interviewed at Hot 107.9′s Philly’s (PMS) Morning Show, he said:

Kevin Hart2 Kevin Hart

“I felt like the city was in a time of need. I feel like it’s good to step up and show kids that regardless of where I’m at in my life now, I once sat in the same seat they sit in.  This city made me. So, me reaching back is me showing them, you have the same opportunity that I had, and it’s just time to make the best of it. You’re not alone. You have people like me that care and hopefully me doing what I’m doing will provoke other people to step up and do the same and help out when they can.”

Isn’t it a good deed?

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Torrei-Hart Torrei Hart

Most of the popular ex-wixes are having their own reality shows and recently Kevin Hart’s ex Torrei is joining them.  Torrei will be one of the casts on the new show entitled Atlanta Exes.  This week, Torrei admitted that she will be part of the show when she attended the red carpet intended for the 5th Annual ASCAP “Women Behind the Music Series.”  Other stars of the show include Tameka Raymond, Cee Lo’s ex-wife Christina Johnson as well as the ex-wife of Idris Elba, Kim Elba.  There were also rumors that Ne-Yo’s ex Monyetta Shaw will also be participating on the show; however this is not yet confirmed.

Torrei-2 Torrei Hart

According to Torrei, she decided to join the show because:

“I just feel like it’s a way to see who I am. In the past I’ve been put out in the press, people have this assumption about me, and it’s a way for people to really get to see who I am. I want to do the show. I think it’s a great opportunity. It’s a great platform, and I’m excited about it.”

“And the women that are on the cast, I really love the women. They’re a great group of women. I think we can empower women, and they can see that reality TV can be positive, it’s not just fighting and negativity.”

Would you watch this show?

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The latest issue of Billboard magazine features Janelle Monáe on its cover.  Monáe shows a surprised look on the cover.  It looks like this is the same look that she had when it was revealed today that her forthcoming track entiled “The Electric Lady” will not only feature Miguel but also an extraordinary appearance of Prince.  Monae revealed that Prince is not only her mentor but also a wonderful friend.  She also explained that she’s not an overnight success just like the other new musicians but she wants to be known as the performer who can create without compromising anything.


Funnyman Kevin Hart looks so serious in the cover of the latest issue of Annex Man Magazine.  The magazine also features Mark Fast, Prince Paleyo, Robbie Jones, Gilles Marini and others.  You can also read relevant articles on Sex in America and others.  On the magazine, you can read about Kevin’s wild journey to Hollywood as well as DUI.

What can he say about his underrated fashion sense?

“WHO YOU CALLING UNDERRATED? Is that a height joke? I’m a f***ing sex symbol! I would love to make it to fashion week to answer your question…when and where ever that is…”

What’s next for Hart?

“Several movies. 2013 is the year of the movies for me. Starting with my concert movie “Let Me Explain” in theaters July 3rd. I plan to hit the road in 2014 with a brand new hour.”

It’s kind of funny to see Hart in a serious look while wearing stylish attire.


 The three ladies who covered the July 2013 issue of EBONY magazine are singer Chaka Khan, actress LisaRaye and actress Jurnee Smollett-Bell.  These three women are already considered as veterans, that is why they are the best choice for the cover of the July issue of EBONY magazine.  LisaRaye was the star of “Single Ladies” while Jurnee Smollett-Bell was the star of Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor.

In this issue, you can read about their thoughts on weight loss, sex appeal regardless of your age as well as their hot careers.

Watch out for this gorgeous issue which will be coming soon!



Some celebrities are not opting for house parties and barbeques but they are hitting the road in order to have some fun and enjoy the sun on Memorial weekend.

Some celebrities were traveling to Miami, Las Vegas and Washington D.C. in order to celebrate the three-day Memorial weekend.   Some of the celebrities who were seen on various events were Kevin Hart, T.I., Draya Michelle, Tiny, Amber Rose, Wiz Khalifa, Marlo Hampton, Kelly Rowland, LeToya Luckett and Gabrielle Union.


Draya Michele and Kevin Hart were hosting a Memorial Day pool party in Las Vegas.  They held the party at Bagatelle at Tropicana and everyone seems to be enjoying the event.

On the other hand, Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose also spent their Memorial Day Weekend in Las Vegas particularly at Ditch Fridays, Palms Casino Resort.

Where did you spend your Memorial Day weekend?