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K. Michelle on Arsenio Hall Show K. Michelle on Arsenio Hall Show

K. Michelle must have heard this from other people, not only once but maybe for numerous times already:

“You could go so far, if you changed your attitude.”

Last night, the star of Love & Hip Hop visited the Arsenio Hall Show and talked about her attitude.  She also discussed about how people perceived her on the Atlanta version as well as the New York version of Love & Hip Hop.  She revealed:

“I realize, when I was walking down the street people would run to the other side, that they might not perceive it as good all the time.”

K. Michelle on Arsenio Hall Show K. Michelle on Arsenio Hall Show

“They think I’m mean. But really, if you ask the producers of the show, they will tell you that I was actually the calmest one on the show. I just had the best climax, so that’s what you got to see.”

The singer further added:

“I don’t think it’s fair at all because they don’t”

What can you say about K. Michelle’s attitude?

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After having experienced numerous bad relationships, K. Michelle intends to keep her goodies in her cookie jar.  When she visited VH1′s Big Morning Buzz, she sang “Can’t Raise A Man” and discussed about her relationship status.  She admits that she has yet to find Mr. Right but in the meantime she has a new show in VH1 which is entitled “No New Friends.”

When asked about the Grammys, she said:

“The line was too long at Western Union. I was doing a little Christmas shopping, so I didn’t make it, but people are entitled to their opinion. This is my first album. I’m a new artist, not a self-proclaimed new artist, really a new artist. So with that being said, I just feel like there’s a lot of time for it.[...]I was a little hurt, but I truly feel like with my gift and my ability to write songs that touch people, that there’s always next year. That’s what we’ll aim for. We’ll just work even harder.”


Why did she keep her goodies?  Michelle said:

“It’s gonna take a special man. I just don’t want to give all my goodies away to undeserving creatures.”

Isn’t this too much?

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K. Michelle K. Michelle

K. Michelle recently had a beef with Ashley, the former assistant of Fabolous.  Ashley has been dating J.R. Smith, the Knicks basketball player.  She called up Kenya because she thinks that Moore still wants the baller.  K. Michelle got mad and posted the phone number of Ashley on Twitter and said:

“Don’t call me confronting me about [you're] man if you don’t have a job. [You] should be calling manpower fire crotch!”

K. Michelle K. Michelle

When K. Michelle visited the Civil TV, she regarded J.R. as “community penis” and explained:

“I just feel like with the J.R. and Ashley situation, I don’t know if they’re a couple. I don’t care. I’m on the road. I’m trying to work and I pick up my phone, I just had a great night, a great Soul Train Awards Performance. I pick up my phone and it’s a girl randomly on my phone asking me about her man. If he’s your man, honey, you don’t have to call and ask me about it, okay? So obviously that’s not your man. He might be community penis. You don’t know. But I’m the wrong person to call ’cause you’re gonna get a rude awakening on the other end. Don’t call me about no mess, especially when I’m in a positive place.”

Was it appropriate for Ashley to call K. Michelle?

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Arsenio Hall and Tamar Braxton Arsenio Hall and Tamar Braxton

The beef between reality stars K.Michelle and Tamar Braxton continues on the show of Arsenio Hall.  We have always thought that their beef was over but instead it has triggered even more this week when Tamar guested on the Arsenio Hall Show.  After she sings her new ballad song, Tamar and Arsenio were discussing about the feud between her and K.Michelle.  Arnesio started by saying:

“We can talk about K.Michelle. That was huge.”  Tamar replied:

“K.Mart? You mean oh the store that umm, Nicki Minaj has her clothes in? Their amazing.”  Arsenio continued the chat by saying, “Wow. I think we should go to the card.”  Tamar answered:

“Oh cuz that’s the only K I know.”

Tamar Braxton and K. Michelle Tamar Braxton and K. Michelle

Meanwhile, K.Michelle was watching the interview and suddenly posted several tweets:

“Y’all I’m so not perfect, but honestly I just wanna sing and be left alone.  I have to defend myself though.  No more drama.”

“I don’t want to fight with anyone.  I just want peace and to sing.  Humans, muppets and unknown species, PLEASE LEAVE ME ALONE!”

“Stop talking about me and coming for me. I said I wish you well, but u keep going.”

“Everytime  u hit the stage you got a disclaimer about why sound so bad.  How long do busted vocal chords last? Sheesh”

“Sit yo funny face down and just sing.  Leave me alone Miss Piggy.  Slinging albums 3.99”

“Always throwing shade but I’m the bully. Oh”

“Yes you know Kmart because that’s where you bought that fucked up new face”

Wow! When will this feud end?

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Tamar Braxton who is presently promoting her album ‘Love & War’ revealed the most challenging thing in doing this album.  The 36-year-old reality star said, “The most challenging thing putting this album together is not getting caught up in my voice, and making sure that I was in love with every single song because it was a smash record. And that was purposely done because you know, I never thought that I would have this opportunity again so I looked at it as I’m on death row and this is my last supper, and I want to make this album everything I can possibly make it.”


When asked about K. Michelle, Tamar said, “I don’t know who that is.”  Michelle recently demonstrated her love for Tamar on Instagram but Tamar said, “I didn’t see that.  I don’t know. I don’t follow anyone on Twitter and then the person has been blocked from my Twitter for two years so I don’t know how they figured I keep talking about them – I don’t want to talk about this.”


The cast of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta answered questions after their promotional tour.  The entire cast was there except for Lil Scrappy who had to attend to his parole violation.  The most memorable moment was when Mimi Faust and K. Michelle were hugging on the stage.

K. Michelle and Mimi had a conflict when Michelle claimed that Mimi’s ex-boyfriend Nikko is gay.  Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez were tensed.  It started when Stevie admitted on stage that he bought a costly pair of shoes for Mimi.  Joseline was not pleased about this revelation.


When K. Michelle asked a correspondent from the audience if he was a representative from Bossip.com, she was enraged.  K. Michelle was mad at Bossip because for the past 2 weeks the blog has been making fun of her. The blog published a story about one of her shows and  referred to it as an EBT production.  Michelle said, “We might not be perfect but at least we opened up our lives for people to see….”

Watch It Now!!!!!

Do you think Bossip was wrong about dissing K. Michelle’s performance?


Tyrese Gibson, the former model who is now an actor, will not apologize for his remarks about overweight people.  During his interview while promoting “A Black Rose That Grew Through Concrete”, he was asked about his responsibility in encouraging a healthy lifestyle.  He responded by saying:

“No two situations are the same. If you are fat and nasty and you don’t like the way you look, do something about it. It’s simple. When you take a shower and you put your fat, nasty body in the shower and by the time you get out, the mirrors are all steamed up so you don’t look at what you did to yourself.

“That may sound offensive or insensitive but ultimately, you are big as hell because you have earned that s**t. You worked your a** off to eat everything in sight to get big as hell. If you got a problem with the way you look, then you need to do something about it.”

After Tyrese made these comments, there were some people who were attacking him.  He quickly posted this message on Twitter:

“I look online now my words get twisted about + (plus) size women? it’s unreal out here… I’m not apologizing for what I said… I’m apologizing for the bad choice of wording and execution of my point around obesity… Y’all seen my documentary… I was brought in this world from a plus size mother and my sisters are plus size as well… I am concerned always… We always associate addictions to cocaine, Heroine (sic), and or alcoholic abuse… Food is the #1 addiction in American (sic).”

What can you say about Gibson’s comments?


K. Michelle will not be seen on the third season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.  The reality star recently announced that she will be having her own VH1 reality show.  Maybe this is the reason why Michelle did not attend the party for the second season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.  She said,”God is just bringing me to a whole different place.  My mouth is still bad. I drink and act a fool, but I just don’t think that [Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta] is where I need to be. I do have my own show coming on VH1. You guys are gonna like that one a lot. You really are.”

When K.Michelle was interviewed at Power 105.1′s Breakfast Club, she revealed that she won’t be appearing on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta anymore because she wants to concentrate on her music career.  She also said that it is not appropriate that you would thank God for your blessings then after that you will be cursing other people.  She said, “I’m announcing that I won’t be on ‘Love & Hip Hop’… I just feel like when God is bringing you to the positive, it’s very hard to say ‘Thank you Jesus and f*ck you b*tches.’”  Some people are speculating that Michelle’s reality show will be produced by the same people who were producing Love & Hip Hop, Mona Scott-Young.

Congratulations to K.Michelle!

Kirk Frost and K. Michelle, the stars of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, were beefing against each other in Twitter after the taping of their reality show.  Frost said that K. Michelle was attracted to Rasheeda, his wife.  Michelle responded by saying that Frost is gay and he is attracted to little girls.  The battle started when Frost post a comment on the picture below.  He said:

“Truth be told I think she really liked Rasheeda. Like, really liked her. Like, wanted the box.”


 Frost also said:

”I don’t kiss concrete injected fake a**.”

Rasheeda and K. Michelle’s fight started during the last season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta when Rasheeda told K. Michelle that she was not abused by Memphiz, her ex-boyfriend.  After this incident, both of them have been throwing verbal assaults against each other.


LeToya Lucket celebrates her 32nd birthday at Emerson Theatre and she was so happy because a lot of her friends attended her party.  She was surrounded by friends, family members and celebrities.  Among them are DeRay Davis, Kevin Hart, Irv Gotti, Ron Artest, Damien Wayans, Jermaine Dupri and Trey Songz.

Happy Birthday LeToya!

k michelle


Last night, K. Michelle celebrated her 27th birthday in advance with her friends.  They had an intimate dinner with some drinks.  She tweeted:

“Anything I say or tweet for the next 2days, u shouldn’t judge me! 2morrow is my BDAY and I’m about to cut the f*ck up! I’m blessed I have really good friends! It’s my birthday.”

“I got an abundance of liquor. There’s no peace in the city! I’m everywhere tonight bitches!”

K. Michelle also announced that she will be spending her birthday in the studio:

“Today was perfect! My actual bday 2morrow is gonna be even better! I’m In the studio ALL DAY! Blessed.”

Happy Birthday K. Michelle!

debra lee

Debra Lee, the CEO of BET Networks organizes an extraordinary conference for women which is entitled ‘Leading Women Defined’.  The purpose of this event is to motivate, honor and recognize the power of women in the BET family.  Some of the guests in the event are Mc Lyte, Tracee Ellis and Queen Latifah.  It was defeinitely a girls’ night out event that was held last Saturday (March 2) at Ritz Carlton in Washington.

Leading Women Defined was created by Debra Lee three years ago.

It is truly a wonderful event for women!  Congrats Debra!

K. Michelle wants to prove that she has talent aside from slapping and losing her temper.  During the weekend, she had a successful and sold out performance at the Howard Theater.  She performed some of the latest tracks from her upcoming album which is named as “Rebellious Soul”.  Aside from singing opera, she also played the part of an orchestra conductor.


K. Michelle had a few laughs during her performance and drops this TMI:

“I’m going through something. My c—hie has been like sandpaper. I just know I have no desire, but that’s too much information. “

The Atlanta star also performed a new song which is entitled “My Life”.  This song describes her life and how she obtains an aggressive personality.

What do you think of K. Michelle’s performance?



Fantasia recently divulges the track list of her forthcoming album which is entitled “Side Effects of You”.  The album consists of 13 songs which is produced by Harmony who is a UK composer and songwriter.  Some of her guests in the album are rapper King Los, Missy Elliott and Kelly Rowland.  Elliott and Rowland will be singing with her on “Without Me” while Los will sing with her on “Make Me Feel”

The alum is actually composed of rock-soul songs with a mixture of James Brown and Tina Turner’s music.  During an interview she told Steve Harvey:

“I just wanted so bad to always do something like that and I thank the record company, RCA, for allowing me to do that on this album.”

Fantasia’s ‘Side Effects of You’ Track List:

1. ‘Make Me Feel’ feat. King Los

2. ‘Ain’t All Bad’

3. ‘If I Was a Bird’

4. ‘Girl Talk (Interlude)’

5. ‘Without Me’ feat. Kelly Rowland & Missy Elliott

6. ‘Side Effects of You’

7. ‘Get It Right’

8. ‘So Much to Prove’

9. ‘Change Your Mind’

10. ‘Lighthouse”

11. ‘Lose to Win’

12. “End of Me”

13. ‘In Deep’

14. ‘Haunted’ (Target Exclusive)

15. ‘Kiss Bang Boom’ (Target Exclusive)

Watch out for the “Side Effects of You” album which will be out on April 16.