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The sad end of Jovan Belcher is still making headlines as the eye-witnesses come forward with their memories of the incident. Belcher killed his girlfriend, Kasandra Perkins, in front of his mother, and then drove to the Chief’s practice facility before turning the gun on himself.


However, once there, he had asked to talk to the Chiefs GM Scott Pioli. He also had a standoff with his coach, Kansas City’s Chief’s head coach, Romeo Crennel. According to those present at the time of the tragic incident, Belcher told Pioli “I’m sorry Scott, I’ve done a bad thing to my girlfriend already. I want to talk with Gibbs and Romeo.” He went on to say that he had been having problems at home, and while he had gotten help, it had not proved to be enough. Belcher repeatedly said that he could not “go back now”.

Kansas City Chiefs coach Crennel looks on from bench as his team plays Buffalo Bills in third quarter of their NFL football game in Orchard Park
Coach Crennel begged Belcher to lower the gun, saying “You’re taking the easy way out”, but Belcher did not respond to his coach, and, instead, made the sign of the cross on his chest before firing the single bullet that ended his story.

We are extremely saddened by the news of Jovan Belcher’s murder-suicide.

The twenty-five year old linebacker is said to have been suffering from extreme depression and stress, and was also found to be under the influence of alcohol. While we sympathize with him, and mourn the loss of a promising young man, we believe the true victims are his girlfriend and the mother of his daughter, Kasandra Michelle Perkins, and his mother, Cheryl Shepherd, who witnessed this horrific crime; And, of course, his baby daughter, who will have to live her life with this appalling incident in her past.

Belcher shot his twenty-two year old girlfriend nine times before leaning down to kiss her forehead and apologizing to her. He then kissed his three-month old daughter goodbye and left the house. His mother frantically called 911 to ask for medical help for Kasandra.

Belcher drove to Arrowhead stadium where he confessed to the murder in from of his team GM Scott Pioli and Coach Romeo Crennel. He then crossed himself and committed suicide.

“Guys, I have to do this,” he said to Pioli and Crennel. “I got to go. I can’t be here.”
Our hearts go out to the victims and their families .