Tagged: Jackson Brothers – Grief-Stricken On Death Anniversary ‘We Miss Him Every Day’


The Jackson brothers are having a hard time in coping up with the death of their brother Michael Jackson.  They said that they missed and loved him so much especially today which is Michael’s death anniversary.  According to Jackie, Tito, Marlon and Jermaine, “Four years ago today we lost one of the greatest musicians, entertainers, and icons the world has ever known. But to us, Michael was first and foremost our brother. We carry his spirit with us always, and we love and miss him every day.”

Randy Jackson, Michael’s youngest brother, posted this message in his twitter account, “Thinking about my brother on this day. Thank U everyone 4 your love and support and 4 the beautiful display of flowers at Forest Lawn.”

Michael died from an overdose of Propofol on June 25, 2009.  It has been 4 years today since the king of pop passed away.  A lot of people may have forgotten it but not MJ’s loyal fans.  Michael’s fans offered tons of flowers outside his mausoleum today.  In fact, one particular group of fans known as “One Rose for Michael Jackson” has given out over 10,000 roses to the grave site of the pop star.


We miss you Michael!