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JA Rule has a new movie entitled, ‘I’m In Love With A Church Girl’, which is about a man who found Jesus after he met Adrienne Bailon, a God-fearing woman.  The movie was produced by Reverence Gospel Media.  Below is the storyline of the movie:

“Miles Montego (Ja Rule) has it all – cars, boats, good looks, mansion, money, women, but more importantly, he has a past. Miles is a retired high level drug trafficker who is now completely legitimate. Even though Miles has turned over a new leaf, the DEA can’t seem to let him out of their sights. Miles’ only downfall is that he is extremely loyal to his circle of friends and former colleagues who are not retired from the lucrative business. Struggling to keep on the right side of the law, Miles meets the one girl of his dreams but she’s not the usual type of girl that he’s used to dating. Vanessa (Adrienne Bailon) is a church girl in every sense of the word. They are tested to their last ounce of faith and strength in God and each other. God continues to chip away at Miles through struggles from his past, having to live up to his reputation, feelings of unworthiness, the death of his mother…”

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During a recent interview, JA talks about his role on the movie, he said:

“The director, Steve Race, he was like, ‘Ja’s the dude for this shit.’ I wasn’t even sure. I started reading the script and it was something I felt I could tackle that didn’t take me all the way outside of my element, but just far enough where people could actually see that I can act.”

What are your thoughts about JA’s new movie?


Ja Rule was just released from prison this morning and he was pickup up by his wife.  The rapper, who is also known as Jeffrey Atkins in real life, was imprisoned at Ray Brook Federal Prison in New York due to tax evasion and illegal gun possession.  After his release, Ja went home to spend some time with his family and to serve his remaining sentence until July 28th.

In 2010, Ja was sentenced to two years for illegal possession of firearms and in 2011 he was found guilty of tax evasion and was sentenced to 28 months.  He was serving both sentences at the same time.  He was supposed to be released in July but fortunately he was released earlier.

According to Melanie A. Bonvicino, Ja’s spokesperson:

“My client Jeffrey Atkins (aka Ja Rule) was released this morning from the Raybrook Correctional Facility in Upstate New York to serve out his federal time obligation due under the terms set forth in accordance with home confinement which were secured by his attorney Stacy Richman.”

“At present, he looks forward to spending some time with his family while he completes his memoir.”


Robert Kardashian is now facing two charges.  These are petty theft and battery.  Last March, a photographer claimed that Rob attacked her and stole her camera.  After the incident, the photographer immediately filed a report.  The photographer allegedly took shirtless pictures of Rob at a West Hollywood gym.

According to Rob, he took the camera of the photographer because she was trespassing in a private property.

Was Rob doing the right thing?

Everyone can breathe a sigh of relief!


That’s why they’re called rumors.

Ice T and Coco are not divorcing, so look for more posing and seasons of their television show together. A couple of months ago, Coco made headlines for posing suggestively with rapper AP9.


The photos hit the internet, allegations were made, and the two were said to be on the splits. But Ice T and Coco are denying the charges and claim to still be in love. That’s great news, because this is a couple that people actually enjoy seeing together.


In the latest ‘rapper in jail’ news, Ja Rule’s release date has been scheduled for July. After a few delays. The Rule’ as he is called these days, will be a free man in only a few months. Maybe he can start preparing that return hit now.

There really should be a measure signed by Congress that releases all of the world’s most important artists from jail, wipes away all of their unpaid debts, and frees them! There are several celebrities that come to mind, but the latest star that could use some policy change in his favor?


Enter hip-hop.

Enter incarceration.

a Rule Still In Limbo — Will He Be Released From Jail or Not? With gun charges still hovering over his head and over a million dollars in debt, questions still remain over whether or not the pint-sized hip hop star will ever see the grassy knoll again.


He’s served all of his time on his gun charge sentencing, but Uncle Sam is still owed and he has quite some time remaining on his 28-month sentence for tax evasion. Reports are surfacing that he may only have to serve six more months or that he may get it all cleared up beforehand. We will know the truth soon enough.