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Rosie Perez and J. Lo Rosie Perez and J. Lo

Actress Rosie Perez talked about her previous beef with Jennifer Lopez in her new memoir.  The disagreement started when they were still together in ‘Living Color‘.  In her new book entitled, “Handbook for an Unpredictable Life” she exposed that the creator of the show, Keenan Ivory Wayans, does not really like J.Lo since she was ‘chubby and corny‘. She states that:

“All of the girls were coming into my office complaining how she was manipulating wardrobe, makeup, and me, all to her advantage.”

She also pointed out about one particular incident wherein J.Lo was in rage and said:

“some ghetto biatch, screaming and pounding her chest! You pick on me, me and only me, every f–king day! Every f–king day! I work my ass off, deliver and you keep pushing me aside, treating me like sh-t! I know I’m good! I’m better than any of these girls, and you know it.”

Rosie Perez and J. Lo Rosie Perez and J. Lo

Rosie also recalls that when J. Lo left the show, she made ugly remarks about her saying:

“I was blindsided. I’d thought we were cool. I called her up. She wouldn’t pick up. Frustrated, I left her an irate message on her answering machine. Instead of calling me back and hashing it out like friends do, she went on a major talk show and reiterated my lashing.”

What can you say about Rosie’s revelation?

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Taylor Swift recently revealed that she will not be making any collaboration with Jennifer Lopez.  There were rumors that the two will be doing a duet which will be included in the upcoming album of Lopez.  Swift and Lopez sang “Jenny from the Block” during Swift’s Red Tour in New York.  According to reports, Swift’s friends do not like the demands of J. Lo, for instance they were told that they should not look at the diva.

Taylor Swift-Red

After having the duet, the rumors about their collaboration started.  Swift said, “That’s the rumor. We collaborated at Staples Center. She came out and sang ‘Jenny from the Block’ with me which was so much fun. We haven’t spoken further about collaborating but I did read that on the Internet, so that’s nice to know that it’s always accurate.”

She further added, “I mean, for me, I love her, she’s amazing. She has my number, we text, but we haven’t texted about going into the studio.”

How people manage to keep marriages a secret is hard to believe in this digital age. But how stars manage to do it is even more of a trip, because how can they live in the limelight and this major part of their life go un-noticed? Well, that happens to be the case with R&B singer Ne-Yo. The singer admitted to reports a few days ago that he was engaged to his childhood sweetheart when he was just 19 years old.


The two got hitched, but soon divorced and had the marriage annulled (which is probably why no records of it could be found) and is now engaged to the mother of his two children at 30.

Marc Anthony & His Chloe

Meanwhile, Marc Anthony is playing up the May-December romance by dating 21-year old Chloe Green. This just proves that two can play that game, as his ex-wife Jennifer Lopez is latched on to a man significantly younger than herself. How long will Caspar and J.Lo last? Probably about as long as Chloe and Marc. Let’s get those stop watches ticking!