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Drake Drake

Drake talks about his platonic friendship with Rihanna and the reason why he did not attend this year’s Grammys.  Inside the magazine, he also discussed his thoughts when it comes to Beyoncé’s new album, the text message of Macklemore to Kendrick Lamar as well as his comments to the Yeezus album of Kanye.

What he can say about Macklemore text towards Kendrick Lamar which he posted online, he said:

“That sh-t was wack as f–k. I was like, ‘You won. Why are you posting your text message? Just chill. Take your W, and if you feel you didn’t deserve it, go get better — make better music. It felt cheap. It didn’t feel genuine. Why do that? Why feel guilt? You think those guys would pay homage to you if they won?”

“This is how the world works: He made a brand of music that appealed to more people than me, Hov, Kanye and Kendrick. Whether people wanna say it’s racial, or whether it’s just the fact that he tapped into something we can’t tap into. That’s just how the cards fall. Own your s—t.[...]To name just Kendrick? That sh-t made me feel funny. No, in that case, you robbed everybody. We all need text messages!”

What are his thoughts on the Grammys, Drake responded:

“It becomes more apparent how irrelevant our genre is to them. They were trying to utilize me to sell the show, requesting me to come and perform ‘Hold On, We’re Going Home –but they didn’t nominate me for anything. They’re calling me, emailing me every day to do some elaborate performance and bring them viewers but I didn’t get a nomination for Album Of The Year. I didn’t get a nomination for Song Of The Year.”

Drake Drake

What does he think about Beyoncé’s new album?  Drake said:

“[A member of Beyonce's team flew to Chicago where he was performing to play him the 'Mine' video for his approval.] I said, ‘That’s cool’. [She closed her laptop real fast, walked off and got on the phone.] ‘By the time I came off stage, the album was out! Beyonce was like, ‘I’m so sorry I couldn’t tell you!’ [The article states that Drake admired Beyoncé for the way she released her album.]”

What is his relationship with Rihanna?  Drake revealed:

“She’s the ultimate fantasy. I mean, I think about it. Like ‘Man, that would be good’. We have fun together, she’s cool and s–t. But we’re just friends, she’s my dog for life.”

What can you say about Drake’s feelings for Rihanna?

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Drake and Rihanna Drake and Rihanna

More people are now becoming more interested on the relationship of Drake and Rihanna.  It all started when these two stars did not appear on the Grammys but were seen together during that night at the after-party which was held at Greystone Manor.  This time around, RiRi and Drake were spotted again together in a club.  Both of them were seen leaving at Hooray Henry’s nightclub located in West Hollywood, California.

It seems that the two are turning up together again.  However, before we start thinking about anything, we should recall what Drake said when she was being interviewed by Ellen.  According to Drake:

Drake and Rihanna Drake and Rihanna

“Yeah, [she's a] great girl, we had our moment and I always support and have love for her. I know I’m gonna watch this back and say ‘That’s not what I thought I said.’ [Ellen: You wanna go back and do that one over?] No, I’m not into do-overs in any regard, which is an ironic thing to say.”

Were they just enjoying each other’s company?

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Beyonce-Jay-Z Beyonce and Jay-Z

It has been 15 years since Jay Z joined the music industry as a rapper.  Now, he is not only a great artist but he is also a wonderful father as well as an amazing husband to his talented and beautiful wife Beyonce.  Last Sunday, Beyonce performed a sexy number during the Grammys.  Later on, Jay Z moved closer and kissed Bey in front of the audience.  Jay Z was grateful for the award that he won and he thanked God not necessarily because of the award but because of the woman in his life.  He said:

“I want to thank God, I mean a little bit for this award, but mostly for that and all the universes for conspiring and putting that beautiful light of a young woman in my life.”

However, a particular writer of The New York Post calls Jay Z as “a poor excuse for a husband.”  In her article, she wrote:

“What do you call a man who stands there smiling and singing as his scantily clad wife straddles a chair and shakes her rear end for other men’s titillation?”

“I’m certain if I look through enough Jay Z song titles, I’ll come up with the right name for his role in Beyoncé’s performance at the Grammy Awards Sunday night. Rhymes with Goodyear. . . ? Well, how about I just call him a poor excuse for a husband.”

Beyonce and  Jay-Z Beyonce and Jay-Z

She further added:

“It wasn’t surprising to see Jay Z, looking pleased at his wife’s hyper-sexualized exhibition on stage.” After all, “he’s made a living singing lyrics that call women ‘bitches’ and ‘hos,’ so we shouldn’t be surprised that he objectified his own wife on stage.”

“The sophisticates will say that what we saw Sunday were just the long-established stage personas of Beyoncé and Jay Z; why should their marriage change that?”

The article ended with a good question:

“Beyoncé had a career before she got married–should marriage change the way she performs?”

What are can you say about Bey’s performance?

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Ciara Ciara

Despite the fact that Ciara is currently pregnant, she still managed to perform during the Grammy afterparty celebration.  The singer and her not-yet-born baby performed for the first time at the Hyundai/Grammys Celebration Activation held at the Convention Center in L.A.  CiCi was all in black as she performed most of her hit songs such as “Goodies,” “DUI,” “Like a Boy,” “Overdose,” and others.  She also revealed that she won’t be able to do some of her signature moves due to her present condition.  She said:

“There’s some moves that my body won’t let me do like, sit down mama. Slow down.”

Ciara considered Future as an awesome support, she admitted:

“[Future's] the best. Literally like my best friend and so sweet. He’s been the best support I can have. He’s been to every doctor visit with me so it’s been really cool.”

ciara ciara

Cici also confessed that she had to wait for the right time before telling her parents about her pregnancy, she said:

“I think it’s important I do things on my time. Some people I know may have asked me questions about whether the [pregnancy] rumor is true and I felt so bad because I told them a story. I even told that to my mom and dad.”

“I didn’t tell my mom and dad as early as I wanted to because I wanted to see them in person, and with my schedule, I travel so much so it was hard to really be able to tell them, or everyone how I wanted to. Of course my family knows now. It was just important to me, to share something so special, that I do it on my time. You have to get through the first trimester and all those important times, so I just wanted to do it right and do it in a way that I felt was comfortable.”

What can you say about Ciara’s performance?

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Beyoncé and Jay Z Beyoncé and Jay Z

One of the reasons why you should not miss this year’s 56th Annual Grammy Awards is because Beyoncé and Jay Z will be performing during the event.  Recently, there were rumors that Beyoncé will be showing a portion of “Mrs. Carter Show World Tour” on the Grammys this year.  Now, this has been confirmed though promos.  The event which will be hosted by LL Cool J will take place on Sunday.  The most exciting part about it is Beyoncé and Jay Z’s performance will be done during the first hour.

Although, it is not yet confirmed who will be opening the show but based on the recent success of Bey’s album, she will probably do the opening number.

Beyoncé and Jay Z Beyoncé and Jay Z

According to “Kontrol Magazine”:

“Rumor has it that the King and Queen of music are set to open up the Grammy’s this year on Sunday January 26th. That’s right; a little birdie told Kontrol Magazine EXCLUSIVELY that the Grammy organization and The Staples Center are working hard to keep a tight lid on Jay-Z and Beyonce’s huge opening surprise.”

Will Beyonce be the one who will open the show?

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Most people enjoyed dancing to the number one R & B hit song of Ciara which is entitled “Body Party.”  However, in the Grammy Awards this year, Ciara was one of the artists who were not given any recognition.  After it was known that it was not included in the list of nominees, a lot of Ciara’s fans got upset.  Ciara acknowledged that it cannot be eligible for nomination; she posted the following on Instagram:


“2 All My Fans Upset About Body Party Not being nominated”

“Body Party Going number 1 this year was a blessing within itself, and for that I am thankful! Unfortunately it couldn’t be eligible because of the -My Boo- sample in it. I discovered this before the songs allowed for nomination were set…However this year has been incredible considering the journey a few years prior and it is JUST the beginning :) So, I’za Happy Happy Happy Girl, and Thankful to have a Grammy already!! :) Let’s keep all this good stuff going! :) Love CC!”

Should Ciara’s “Body Party” be included in Grammy’s  nomination?

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For the first time in seemingly months, all the attention on Rihanna focused on the music for a change. At last night’s Grammy Awards, the singer united with singers Bruno Mars and Ziggy Marley to celebrate the greatest reggae artist of all time – Bob Marley.

marley tribute grammys 2013jpg

Also on hand were Sting and Damien Marley. In one of the most moving moments of the night, the singers serenaded the audience with one of Marley’s signature songs, ‘Could You Be Loved’.

YouTube Preview Image

Not a single person was in their seats during the performance. As the stage flashed Marley’s national colors of red, green, and yellow, Rihanna made a statement that whatever happens in her personal life, the music is first and foremost, the reason for her stardom.

It remains to be seen whether or not this performance will be included on any boxed sets or Grammy CDs, but if popular opinion holds out, expect something on iTunes within the week or month!

This year’s Grammys were a bit different from in year’s previous. For the first time ever, the producers of The Grammys issued an edict that all performers and presenters and on air talent had to have their private parts covered. For most of us, that is easy to adhere to, but we are not stars trying to sell a CD/album/concert ticket. Heeding this warning, there were some standouts anyway. Beyonce, fresh off her Super Bowl performance, kept it simple and easy and covered up.


Her black and white ensemble did not exactly set tongues a -wagging, but it was a crisp and clean look. Jennifer Lopez, who religiously ends up on everyone’s Best Dressed lists, decided this year that the gams needed some action, a la Angelina Jolie at least year’s Oscars.


The slit in her dress was just barely within the rules the Grammys placed on everyone, but she ramped up the sex appeal in her black dress. Katy Perry opted for color and full coverage, but her green was just the right touch. And for once, her hair was a color that is humanly possible.

The 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Arrivals

The possible winner of the night was former Destiny’s Child singer Kelly Rowland, whose black dress was anything but simple.

KRowland At 2013 Grammys

The strategically placed cut-outs ensure that this is the Destiny’s Child’s member that will receive the most attention – at least for a week.

Grammy-Red-Carpet-Arrivals1-600x450 copyGrammy-Red-Carpet-Arrivals1-600x450

Other notables include Taylor Swift, Rihanna and Carrie Underwood, who always kills it on the red carpet.

The Grammy’s 2013 is filled with lots of unforgettable musical performances.  All the people who watched the show enjoyed the astonishing live performances as well as the big winners.  Jay-Z made his first performance together with Justin Timberlake.  The winner for the best pop solo performance was won by Adele; she thanked her fans by saying:

“We work so hard, and we make it look so easy.”

The best country solo performance winner is Carrie Underwood.  Frank Ocean grabbed the best urban performance award over Chris Brown.  Both of these singers were recently involved in a punching incident.


The record of the year was won by Gotye while the best new artist is Fun.  The audience was amazed by the terrific collaboration performances of Maroon 5 and Alicia Keys.


A tribute was also given to Bob Marley which was performed by Bruno Mars, Sting and Rihanna.  Elton John and Ed Sheenan performed the warmest performance of “The A Team”.

A year has passed since the world was shocked by the unfortunate death of the late singer Whitney Houston.  The late singer died at the age of 48, the eve before the Grammy Awards night.  Houston was found dead at a Beverly Hilton Hotel and the cause of death was accidental drowning.


The Grammy awards will occur on Sunday night and Houston’s legacy will be remembered once again.  CBS will pay a tribute to Whitney by airing “The Grammys Will Go On”.  This show features the events that happened 24 hours before Houston’s death.  It will also show how the producers struggle to modify the show due to the untimely death of the singer.  It will also feature several singers who are discussing about Whitney such as LL Cool J, Bruce Springsteen, Taylor Swift, and Jennifer Hudson.

A lot of things have happened since the death of Houston.  Whitney has returned to the screen in the movie “Sparkle”.  Her daughter Bobbi Kristina made an appearance on “The Houstons: On Our Own”, which is a lifetime reality show.  Bobby Brown, her ex-husband has remarried and Cissy, her mother released a new book entitled “Remembering Whitney”.


Indeed, drama still continues even after Whitney’s death.