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Kenya Moore and Porsha Stewart Kenya Moore and Porsha Stewart

Sometimes we can expect reunion shows for reality TV shows to be the best and also the worst.  On Thursday, the stars of Real Housewives of Atlanta started filming for the show and there was a fight that occurred.  As stated by Radar Online, Kenya Moore and Porsha Williams got into a physical fight.  It all started when Kenya began commenting about Porsha’s ex-husband, NFL’er Kordell Stewart. According to the source:

“Kenya brought sex toys to the reunion taping to taunt Porsha about Kordell’s sexuality and she couldn’t take it anymore”

“Porsha beat the sh*t out of her! She is a little thing and she jumped on her and pulled her down to the ground by her hair, and Kenya doesn’t have a weave, it is all her own hair.”

The RHOA reunion set was not at all surprised about the fight.  It seems that Kenya has entirely crossed a line when she was insulting Kenya’s sex life.  The source added:

“Porsha was sick of her saying that she was Kordell’s beard and those toys were the last straw.  Porsha is a skinny thing but she was whopping her butt!”

Porsha Williams Porsha Williams

When the fight occurred, the security guards were immediately brought in.  The source said:

“They couldn’t get Porsha off Kenya!”

What can you say about the fight?

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Sundy Carter and Draya Michele Sundy Carter and Draya Michele

The ladies of Basketball Wives L.A. got into a fight when their verbal argument became physical.  It all started when Sundy was teasing Draya’s son and calling him not-so-nice names.  She also reminded Draya of her past which is being a stripper.  Then the fight began and eventually Sundy obtained a black eye.  The fight continued on Twitter when the two started throwing shots at each other.

Draya wrote:

“F-ck yo eye and that baby phat sweat suit. Lol they said she got knocked into Mundy …..Lol. She’s mad. It’s in the blogs. Seen her ass 2 weeks ago she ain’t want it again. Old hag. No girl. I won’t come to your event tonight. Lol. Nice try tho.

2 weeks ago she ain’t want it when I was at her front door. Lol. Proof. The winner never wants a rematch.  #idontmaketherules”

Draya Draya

Sundy responded:

“Own ya sh-t!! One thing 4 certain 2 things 4 sure!! U got 1 punch b-tch! Now roll the tape!! F-ck what the eye looked like! #MOLLYS U better had swung first b-tch I f-cked u up!!!! DRAYA u get battle wounds n fights that what the f-ck goes down! Yes ima perfect b-tch keep talkn u better cry I wish I would! Black eye & all let’s get it.

Pretty even with a black eye. Y of course I owned the black eye!! Y not??? Lil battle wound ain’t never hurt nobody!! Lemme get my beautiful ass n the pool. Draya u talk sh-t behind everybody’s back I’m just open bout mine. And that’s a RAP!!Draya u didn’t shut me up b-tch stop lying! The black eye cool but u know the real!!! & so does the folks that were there.

The way I was raised u a fight the b-tch on sight at all times who raised yall the bottom raised me!

@sodraya I gotta black eye but u got ya ass whooped twice! I’ll be there by 7 pm u got 1 hit but roll the tape b-tch!!U can talk all u want

@sodraya don’t hide behind the edit b-tch u know better see u soon! Xoxo”

Aren’t they too grown up for this?

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Nick Gordon and Bobbi Kristina Nick Gordon and Bobbi Kristina

Two weeks ago, during a family gathering, Pat Houston’s son and Nick Gordon were having a fight.  Now it seems that it’s getting worse.  Nick posted some photos of his guns on Twitter and posted some threatening words to the Houston family.

On Sunday, Nick posted a warning:

Nick Gordon's gun Nick Gordon’s gun

“Lmao I got guns bigger then you. Watch them react to this”

“That’s that AR-10 custom. Lol y’all p-ssy ass don’t even now what that is. And yo n-gga a hoe”

Nick openly posted a message to the Houston family members including Gary, Whitney’s nephew, and Gary’s mom, Pat.  He said:

Nick Gordon's guns Nick Gordon’s guns

“I’m in this b-tch, there is no replacing me

I gotta bout a 1000 pics. Gonna go until ppl get off my baby’s check

I can’t wait until yall wake up and respond to my bullsh-t

I wish I had the video on my sh-t. I would just have a go pro on all the time

Pat b-tch Gary M I’m Freddy to y’all n–z. F-ck you suck my d-ck.

I’m going 200 in the Lamborghini right now. I’ll hit y’all after my bomb ass night”

Will this family feud ever end?

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LaLa and Sway LaLa and Sway

La La Anthony and her husband Carmelo Anthony have experienced ups and downs in their marriage.  However, these things only made their relationship stronger.  In 2004, there was an incident which could have destroyed Carmelo career.

According to reports, La La ex-fiancé and Carmelo had a fight in a certain club.  Some people adored him for defending his woman while others fear that he might lose his endorsement opportunities.  Later on, when Carmelo was interviewed he said that “he only did what any man would have done for their woman.”

Now, despite the fact that the couple is having a strong relationship, La La still recalls the abuse from her ex.  During her interview at Sway In The Morning to promote her new book, she said:

“You know and it was my first love and I felt like he was controlling me because he loved me and that’s how he’s showing me that he loved me. And it was later on that I realized that was completely wrong and that’s a message I want to get out to young women out there. That’s not love.”

La La Anthony La La Anthony

She also chatted about the worst moments in this abuse, she revealed:

“Throwing plates of food at me. Breaking glasses. Always being really angry and upset. I was like, ‘This can’t be love.’ Love shouldn’t feel like this. I would tell myself that and continue to stay. It could be the smallest thing–that could be your breaking point. And I remember calling my dad like, ‘Dad, I need you to come and get me.’ I hadn’t even talked to my dad because I had isolated anyone who wasn’t a fan of the relationship. Anyone that didn’t say anything good, I didn’t want to talk to them. I said, ‘Dad, you got to come get me.’ Literally, my dad just got in the car and drove up there to come pick me up. It’s a defining moment to my life that I’ll never forget.”

What are your thoughts about the past abuse?

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Kenya Moore Kenya Moore

The viewers of Real Housewives of Atlanta will be able to witness a fight during the Sunday night episode.  This reality show has been known for its drama, however when it comes to throwing punches it does not really occur while the cameras are still rolling.  Nevertheless, on the episode 13 of the show, it ended with a fight among the husbands of the cast members

Prior to the airing of this episode, Kenya Moore already made some insinuations about the fight.  She tweeted:

“Real Fans of #RHOA will not want to miss tonight it will be EPIC! See who gets @kandi heated; who is an animal; who put their hands on me …”

It is quite evident that the Kenya Moore and NeNe Leakes are not having a good relationship anymore.  Now, it seems that these two stars are struggling on who will become the real star of the show. Kenya said:

“#RHOA 2night see who can’t contain their jealousy; what friends become enemies; who throws punches; and who gets blamed 4 it all …”

Nene Leakes Nene Leakes

She further added:

“Thank god ppl see the truth of who all these people are and their transparent reasons of defense #nobodybelievesu #urnotastardealwithit”

Did you miss this episode?

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Katt Williams just can’t do anything right at the moment! So what did he do this time??

Well, just hours after the comedian was released from police custody on child endangerment charges, Williams got into a club fight with good friend Suge Knight!


The brawl took place outside the Eden Club. Video footage has shown that Suge was more in the thick of the action while Katt was hiding and fleeing! But eyewitnesses say that Katt was the one who started the fight!

BET Comedy Icon Awards - Show

Both men fled the scene with Suge almost crippling several people as he stormed out in his white SUV!!

Both Katt and Suge have been in trouble with the police recently and it remains to be seen what action is taken by the authorities regarding this latest incident!!

How many more times do you think Katt will get away with his antics before he lands himself into serious trouble???