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Last night, Eve and Azealia Banks were seen at the Paris Fashion Week.  Before this event occurred, they were also spotted at the Etam Womenswear Fall/Winter 2014 show.  The two rappers were performing while the models were on the runway wearing lingerie.

Azealia feels great that she was able to perform together with Eve.  She tweeted, “Eve is such a nice lady! So happy to have performed alongside her tonight!”

Last year, Eve also admitted that she desires to work with Azealia Banks but unfortunately Azealia was busy according to her reps.  Eve told The Breakfast Club Morning Show:

“[ When asked if she would tap her for the album?] Um, yeah? Didn’t we try to get her? I think she may have been one of the ones who was like, ‘I think I’m busy.’ I like her wordplay. I think she actually can rhyme. I just don’t like the drama. That bothers me.”

Azealia Banks Azealia Banks

Azealia revealed that she did not turn down Eve.  She tweeted:

“Def never even received a memo about collaborating ! Def never turned you down.”

Will there be collaboration between the two?

Photo Credits: Rap Basement, Fact Mag

Eve and Maximillion Cooper Eve and Maximillion Cooper

After dating for three years, Maximillion Cooper finally puts the ring on Eve’s finger.  According to reports, the couple is presently residing in London together where Eve has been working on her new music.

Aside from being a designer, Cooper, 41, is also the founder of Gumball 3000, which is known as the yearly 3,000-mile international car rally.  Incidentally this is also the event where Eve, 35, met Cooper.

The engagement was confirmed by a source close to Cooper.  The source revealed that Cooper proposed to Eve on Christmas Day in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Eve and Maximillion Cooper Eve and Maximillion Cooper

Back in June, the singer opened up about her biracial relationship.  She said:

“I’ve never been the type of person to discriminate.  But I honestly have to say I never thought I’d be with a white guy ever. But it just happened. It’s amazing. I’m the first black girl he’s ever been with too.”

After the engagement, Eve thanked her fans through Twitter and wrote:

“Thanku 2 everybody 4 your congratulations on our engagement! We wanted to celebrate with our family and friends 1st b4 announcing.”

What can you say about their biracial relationship?

Photo Credits: ABC News, Gumball 3000

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Eve discovered love in a very unusual place.  She never imagined that she could find her love in London.  Eve, who covered the Sister 2 Sister June issue, is now considering marriage and being a mother.  She revealed how she loved being the stepmother of Maximillion Cooper’s four children.  These kids are between 4 to 10 years old.  She said:

“I love it now. It took a minute. I was like, ‘I’m not sure this is what I want to be my life.’ You know? But honestly, it’s been three years now and we’ve gone on vacations together, and they’re the sweetest kids.”


Cooper’s kids are already excited of having a new baby in their family:

“We talk about having kids. We talk about marriage. The kids are excited. They want a brown baby sister.”

If you are open-minded then you will never know what surprises will come into your life along with the package that comes with it.

Eve also revealed how she and her British boyfriend met and why she decided to move with him in Europe.  To know more about EVE, grab your Sister 2 Sister June issue which will be out this week.


Eve had a successful comeback with ‘She Bad Bad’ and now she has a new single which is entitled ‘Make It Out This Town’.  This is the first single that is taken from her new album which is entitled ‘Lip Lock’ which will be released this coming May 14.  Gabe Saporta is also featured in the video.  The video features solid visuals and materials.

You can watch the video here:

YouTube Preview Image

Did you likethe new video?


T.I. & Tiny’s VH1 reality show entitled “The Family Hustle” will be having their third season.  They just released a trailer for their new season.  All the kids including Major, King and Zonnique are showing lots of love.  The new season will start on April 8 at 10 PM.  All the fans will have the chance to continue in following the lives of Harris clan.  The younger boys are experiencing puppy love while the older ones are already getting into relationships.

Watch the Supertrailer for T.I.’s ‘The Family Hustle’

The Family Hustle

Don’t miss it!

This is not a game. It’s a trick and/or a joke and the joke is on us. Britney Spears has not sung since the first Bush was in office and for anyone waiting for her MTV Unplugged version, they’d better have a very strong GPS tracking device to find her vocal chords.

Any barnyard animal/kindergartner can be used in place of Britney’s anemic voice and no one would be the wiser, so how is this exactly news?


Because finally, someone has called Britney out on her non-voice. And this time, it’s coming from a peer!

If anyone has heard the will.i.am hit ‘Scream’, it features Britney Spears, and I use the word ‘feature’ liberally because that’s really too strong a word to describe the vocals in the song. However, on ‘Watch What Happens Live’, rapper Eve was on and basically called B.S. on B.S.’ vocals…


“I heard that might not be Britney”, she said. And that was enough to set Team Spears on fire! Non-voice, bad-voice, however you want to rate it, Britney’s camp ran to tell their side.

“Britney sang the song. Will.i.am wanted her for this song and she sang on it.”

Of course it’s Britney’s voice. No one can moan like Brit-Brit!

Case closed?

Eve was once a popular singer and rapper.  She had several Top 10 hits just like Gwen Stefani and Alicia Keys.  At the same time, she was also performing in several television series and she was also busy with her very own clothing line.  Later on she let go of her management team and vanished from the scene.


During her appearance on the Breakfast Club Morning Show, she states that she had a happy life in London with her multi-millionaire boyfriend.  She also denied the recent controversy that she is pregnant.

When asked about her boyfriend Max, she said:


“He’s not a billionaire. [He's rich though.] He’s completely comfortable.  [...]”

“It is my first time dating a white guy. I love my black men. I used to be engaged to an African. You can’t get blacker than an African. This just happened. I wasn’t looking for it. I really wasn’t looking for a white. No offense to the white guys in the room, [but] it just happened. We met and he holds me down so hard. He’s so supportive.”

Welcome back Eve!