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It’s definitely not the best year for Lil Scrappy, the star of Love & Hip Hop.  First, Scrappy violated his probation because he does not want to have a retake of his drug test.  Last April, he was arrested that is why he was not able to attend the premiere of his show in Atlanta as well as in New York.  Later on, he took a drug test but unfortunately the result was positive for marijuana.  Last Wednesday (May 22), he appeared on court due to his refusal in taking a drug test.  Now, Scrappy will be going to rehab for the treatment of his marijuana addiction.


Aside from this, Erica also broke their engagement because they were having some problems with Scrappy’s mother, Momma Dee.  There were rumors that Erica is currently dating boxer Floyd Mayweather, Jr.  After Scrappy heard these rumors, he quickly tweeted about his frustrations:



Is Scrappy sober when he wrote this?  If he is then he is definitely serious about it.


Erica Dixon, the star of Love & Hip Hop, broke her engagement with Lil Scrappy.  And now Scrappy, the ‘Prince of the South’, is dating his ex-girlfriend, Shay ‘Buckee’ Johnson.  Last Friday, the two were spotted at the charity event of Scrappy’s mother.

Momma Dee, Scrappy’s mom, was the host of the show entitled ‘Stomp the Runway’ and in the middle of the show, she announced Shay as the ‘Princess of the South’ and gave her a crown.  Momma Dee is also wearing her own crown being the ‘Queen of the South.’


During the entire event Shay did not leave Scrappy’s side.  The camera crews of Love & Hip Hop were all over the place filming the entire event.  Now, we can anticipate that this event will be part of their upcoming episode.

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The second season of “LAHH ATL” has not been shown but we already know for sure that there will be a fighting scene.  The fight is going to be between Shay Johnson and Erica Dixon.  The two were fighting against each other on the outer area of a nail salon.  Shay allegedly got injured and bloodied on the fight.  These two already had a history of conflicts from the previous season of “LAHH ATL.”  The TV cameras must have been rolling when the fighting happened.  After all, what is the purpose of fighting?  The details of the fighting are not yet clear because a confidentiality agreement was being signed by everyone who was there.


But according to sources, it all started when the ladies were attending the party at Karlie Redd’s.  Erica and Shay are already beefing and there is an assumption that it is all about Lil’ Scrappy.  The two appeared on the parking lot and started to fight.  After the fight Shay was rushed to the salon because she was bleeding.  The best thing is she was in the right place.  There were contradicting reports on who actually won the fight.

Who do you think won the fight?