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Porsha Williams Porsha Williams

It seems that RHOA’s Porsha Williams has moved on after her divorce from ex NFL baller Kordell Stewart.  According to reports, the reality star is now dating a rich African guy which happens to be the former boyfriend of Rapper Eve.  The sources further reports that she has associated with an international socialite.  TMZ reports:

“Porsha has been seeing 42-year-old Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue, son of Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, President of Equatorial Guinea … since 1979.”

“Mbasogo (the father) is known as one of Africa’s most brutal and corrupt rulers — not only for having his predecessor executed and political opponents tortured, but for pillaging his own country’s oil wealth … while its people live in abject poverty.”

“And his son is reaping the benefits — living like a king in Malibu and all around the world.”

Porsha Williams and Teodoro Nguema Obiang-mangue Porsha Williams and Teodoro Nguema Obiang-mangue

After doing some research, reports say that Teodoro has been involved in some issues with the IRS.  In fact, some of his luxurious vehicles were impounded by the investigators.  An investigation was conducted on the accusations of theft of public funds.

What can you say about this drama?

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Nia Long Nia Long

Actress Nia Long stars in Tyler Perry’s recent film, ‘The Single Moms Club.’  The 43-year-old actress who is a mother of two recently graced the cover of Essence’s March issue and appeared on Oprah’s Lifeclass during the episode devoted for single mothers.  Aside from promoting her latest film, she also shared a funny story wherein she dated a guy together with her sister and her son who was still 2 years old at that time.  She said:

Nia Long Nia Long

“My son was about two and I had just broken up with his dad. I  said ‘Ya know what, I am going to go out and I am going to reclaim my sexy’… And this gentleman came and I said ‘Lets do a group date’. I didn’t want to do a one- on one thing so I called my sister and said ‘You’re going on my first date with me’.  I was living in New York at the time. We walk out of the apartment, he’s in this big truck like a suburban but he had a driver. So I was like ‘Ooh he’s fancy’. So we get in the car and my two year old goes ‘My daddy has a big ole blue truck and its faster than this one’ . And I just went ‘Oh my goodness’, so they know. They know, even when you try to hide it and be like ‘This is just mommy’s friend’,  they know. That guy didn’t last so him and his truck went ‘bye-bye’. So what it did teach me was to  introduce kinda early. “

What can you say about Nia’s advice?

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Karrueche Tran and Chris Brown Karrueche Tran and Chris Brown

It seems that the rumor that Karrueche Tran and Chris Brown have split is true.  Allegedly the reason behind this is Chris is still having some unresolved issues with her ex-girlfriend Rihanna.  According to reports, Rihanna and Chris have reconciled which is quite strange since Rihanna was spotted with Drake in several occasions.

However, there is no confirmation to this rumor yet.  Meanwhile, Chris has devoted his time in finishing his rehab stint. Last week, the singer was ordered by the judge to go back to the rehab, after staying for 95 days in the facility.

Rihanna, Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran Rihanna, Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran

According to rumors, Karrueche is now dating NBA baller, Brandon Jennings.  Jennings apparently posted a photo of Karrueche with the message suggesting that she is the kind of girl that a man should marry.  Isn’t it quite flattering?  Karrueche is the type of person who typically pays no attention to rumors.  However, in order to stop this completely. She tweeted:

“Not dating anyone stop with the bs.”

So, this means that she is single, do you agree?

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Lupita Nyong’o And Jared Leto Lupita Nyong’o And Jared Leto

Jared Leto and Lupita Nyong’o were recently seen together. Jared was really smitten by the beauty of Lupita Nyong’o.  This is the reason why some people are speculating that they have something going on.  During her visit with Ellen, the fabulous actress discussed about a lot of things including her rumored relationship with Jared.

Ellen told the actress, “There are rumors you and Jared Leto are together.”

Lupita answered, “But I thought Miley Cyrus broke us up? That was the last thing I heard. But you know, it’s crazy because when I read these rumors they’re so detailed that even I start to question whether they’re true or not! I know that I believed them in the past but now I can’t believe them anymore.”

Lupita Nyong’o Lupita Nyong’o

It seems that she did not deny it.  During the interview, Lupita also chatted about being chased by an elephant which is quite a funny story.

Jared Leto and Lupita Nyong’o really look good together.  Do you agree?

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NeNe and Gregg Leakes NeNe and Gregg Leakes

NeNe and Gregg revealed some tips with regards to love, dating as well as marriage.  The couple of Real Housewives of Atlanta married for the second time around.  The couple got divorced in 2011 but they get back again a year and a half later.  Since then they have been enjoying their relationships.

NeNe and Gregg talked about the best thing part about being married.  They also shared their plans for Valentine’s Day.

What’s the most amazing thing about being married?

Nene and Gregg Leakes Nene and Gregg Leakes

NeNe said:

“Well the best thing for me is that I have a partner for life. This is my partner [points to Gregg]. I’m a girl that likes companionship. I really do like having companionship; I love it actually. When I was single for a little while, it was so not for me. Although I dated a lot.”

Gregg said:

“The best thing about being married is to have had a marvelous marriage to start with but even a greater opportunity to have it again. That’s the best thing about being married.”

Aren’t they sweet?

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Maxwell and Julissa Bermudez Maxwell and Julissa Bermudez

Maxwell was recently spotted with a mystery woman in Miami.  The mystery woman is Julissa Bermudez who is a television host and a brand ambassador.  It seems that the two are having a great time in the sun.  Now, the question is “Are they dating?”  Maxwell and Bermudez were also spotted in 2011, but Julissa quickly dished:

“He’s a friend. It’s the perfect example of how media loves to pin people together to make a story. I take a picture with someone and of course I’m automatically “dating” them.”

Maxwell and Julissa Bermudez Maxwell and Julissa Bermudez

She further added:

“I am SO single. Absolutely. It feels good. I’m in a good place in my life. Honestly, when you’re not looking, certain people walk into your path and walk into your life. You’re asking a Libra girl that loves love [Laughs]. Sometimes in life you have to surrender, and that’s just the circumstances, whether it’s the cards you’ve been dealt or just surrender to the things that are out of control. I feel that that comes with experiences.”

What do you think? Are they dating?

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Evan Ross and Ashlee Simpson Evan Ross and Ashlee Simpson

Evan Ross proposed to his girlfriend, Ashlee Simpson, at the start of the year 2014.  The actor and the singer started dating in July 2013 and now they are already engaged.  Evan was so excited and announced the news to his followers on Twitter.  He tweeted:

“The love of my life said YES!!!!!!”

Evan’s older sister, Tracee Ellis Ross, was very happy about the news.  She wrote on her Instagram:

“I am so over the moon for my brother. He has found the LOVE of his life. And I get another sister. Nothing better. I love you “Shlee” Congrats @eross88 @Missbananahammock I’M SO EXCITED!!!!! #RossSimpson #love”

Last November, when Evan was interviewed about his ongoing relationship with Ashlee, he did not reveal about his plans of getting married.  He said:

“Yeah, she’s the one. I’m so in love and we’ve got amazing things going on. And we inspire each other. So it’s cool.”

Evan Ross and Ashlee Simpson Evan Ross and Ashlee Simpson

Ashlee also tweeted about the engagement and wrote:

“My baby love and I are ENGAGED!!! Hallelujah Hawaii !!!!!”


Congrats to Evan and Ashlee!


Aren’t they a cute couple?

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Porsha Williams Porsha Williams

There are a lot of men out there who are interested in dating Porsha Williams.  Despite the fact that she has a deficiency of common sense and intelligence but this is not important.  The beautiful star of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” does not need intelligence in order to date a man.  Porsha revealed to ABC News Radio Online that she has started dating again one month after her divorce from ex-husband Kordell Stewart was settled.

What made her decide to start dating?  She revealed:

“Well I’m a woman and the heart it loves hard and you can’t just snap your fingers and tell it to stop caring for somebody. I definitely care for anybody’s well being that I dated. But as far as me holding onto that and it hindering new love in my life, I don’t think so.”

Porsha Williams Porsha Williams

What are the qualities that she is looking for in a man?  Porsha said:

“The next boyfriend definitely needs to be husband material because I am a hopeless romantic so I definitely want to get married again. I need God to tell me that he’s the one and I’m going to take my time until I get that; until it has resonated in my soul. He needs to be handsome. He needs to be God-fearing. He needs to be about family. It’s a list of things. I’m also willing to compromise, but at this point in my life I want it all and I’m not gonna settle.”

Why did she change her last name to “Williams”?  She confessed:

“I am officially Porsha Williams. I was holding onto something and I really can’t explain to you what it was. But just as a woman we have the right to change our minds. I just want to leave my own legacy and I want to build up who I am, and be able to leave that with that name Williams”

Will she be able to find her ideal man?

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LisaRaye LisaRaye

The star of “Single Ladies,” LisaRaye revealed that there is a chance that she will get married in the future.  The leading actress of “Single Ladies,” who is a single lady in real life, also chatted about some changes that her character Keisha will be going through on this season.  Lisa admitted that she does not want to grow old alone.

LisaRaye LisaRaye

What can she say about her character Keisha?  LisaRaye said:

“She is finally in a solid relationship with Malcolm. They are together and they have confessed their love for each other. She broke him and he broke her and they finally are on even territory so there is a sense of true love. Malcolm does go through some things this season… something major and it takes Keisha to really hold his hand. I am your support.. I am your woman. There is something that happens to a family member that will either tear them apart or make them closer. Also…this season she is helping Raquel in the boutique this season. She has a rich man so she has the time to help her friend out.”

Is she dating right now?  Does she want to get married again?  She revealed:

“No I am not dating. I want to be married again… I cannot wait to get in a committed relationship. It is just easier to fight life with a life partner. And then I don’t want to grow old by myself. I want to explore life with someone. I want to start dating the man I am supposed to marry too. But I am not “over” excited about it. I am waiting for him to come … patiently. I know that when I was looking for my significant other (she is divorced from Former Turks and Caicos Islands Premier Michael Misick) I didn’t do it right… cause if I did ….I would still be with him now. I got my list like everybody else but whomever God puts in my life and I get that feeling… that “ahhhhhh” feeling….I am waiting for that feeling. A real friend.”

Will you watch the new season of “Single Ladies”?

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Nene Leakes and Cynthia Bailey Nene Leakes and Cynthia Bailey

Cynthia Bailey was in tears as she and NeNe Leakes were arguing about their parenting techniques specifically with regards to “teen dating.”  The fight occurred on last night’s episode of “RHOA” when Cynthia decided to permit her 13-year-old daughter Noelle to have a date.  NeNe is strongly against her decision since Noelle is still too young.

Cynthia tweeted about their fight:


NeNe defended herself by posting a reply:

“Parenting doesn’t come with a handbook. We all do the best we can, and we do what works in our personal households.”

Nene Leakes and Cynthia Bailey Nene Leakes and Cynthia Bailey

“On to Cynthia: I talk to Cynthia almost every day, in fact several times a day. Cynthia is very clear on where I stand about teenage dating (13-year-old dating to be exact)! This was not Cynthia’s first time hearing me say that. In fact I have said it many times to her. I think it’s too young, and I won’t be changing my opinion EVER! Not for Cynthia, not for you, not for anybody! I think it’s OK for friends to agree to disagree.”

“It’s also OK for friends to have various opinions with respect to child rearing. I think we are both great parents. I just think we have different ideas on what parenting is. If you don’t want to hear others’ opinions, don’t bring up the topic that you find to be sooo touchy!  Cynthia also said she would rather be picking up Arthur than picking up a grand baby. Were you trying to throw shade, Cynthia? Well it didn’t work, because I would rather my 13-year-old pick up a book than the telephone to plan their next date!”

“Ladies, next time know the difference between an opinion and judging! I wasn’t judging, because I am not a perfect parent, but I do my very best when it comes to my boys. I was just thinking about that outburst of a cry. It sure did come out of nowhere! Maybe Cynthia was dealing with something else? Ummhmm… When I judge you, you will know it! Now catch that shade!”

What can you say about NeNe’s comments?

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