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Last Monday, it was finally confirmed that the cause of Chris Kelly’s death is drug overdose.  Based on the toxicology screening being done on the body of the 34-year-old rapper, they found out that his system is filled with various types of drugs.  Kelly died last May 1 after he was found lying on the couch in his Atlanta home.  The paramedics tried to revive the rapper; however he died at a local hospital.

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As of the moment they have not yet determined what specific drugs caused his death.  But when the police conducted an investigation, his mother revealed that the night before her son died he had been using cocaine and heroin.  Aside from this, Kelly also had a history of drug abuse.  Before the rapper died, Kriss Kross appeared and performed on the celebration of Jermaine Dupri’s ‘So So Def’ anniversary which was held in Atlanta.  The group also had plans of making a comeback.



As a tribute to Chris Kelly, the Kris Kross rapper, Jermaine Dupri decided to wear his pants backwards during the funeral.  Dupri was the one who discovered the Kris Kross duo while they were singing in a mall.  Aside from Dupri, Da Brat, Kelly’s label mate also wore his pants backwards.  During the funeral ceremony, Dupri did not deliver a speech while Chris Smith said, “I know Chris is in heaven.”


A judge just ordered Goldin Auctions to stop the selling of Kobe Bryant’s memorabilia for now.  A hearing will be scheduled next Monday.  Kobe’s mother brought his trophies, championship rings, jerseys and other stuff to the auction house and claimed that his son gave them to her.  However, the NBA player denied this and said that his mother was just unhappy because Kobe did not buy her the expensive house.  Kobe also added that his mother stole the stuff from his house.

Christopher Kelly, a member of the duo Kris Kross, died in his Atlanta home last Wednesday after he became unconscious.  According to police officers, the cause of his death is drug overdose.  The Fulton County Medical Examiner’s Office revealed that he was found dead at around 4:30 p.m.


Donna Kelly Pratt, Chris’ mother, revealed to the police that Chris took a combination of heroin and cocaine while he was out.  She also said that her son was brought home in order to recover from her drug abuse.  Chris had done this quite often.  Donna further added that Chris was sick the whole morning and passed out.  Unfortunately, at 3 PM he was no long responsive.  An autopsy will be done today (Thursday).


Chris Kelly together with his partner Chris “Daddy Mac” Smith became popular when their hit song “Jump” became number 1 in 1993.  They also became popular for wearing their clothes backwards.

Drug abuse has been the major cause of celebrity deaths lately.  Celebrities should be aware of the dangerous effects of drugs in their lives.


Chris Kelly was declared dead in Atlanta Medical Center.  Kelly, who is part of the Kris Kross group died at the age of 34.  The hospital confirmed that the rapper was dead at around 5:30PM EST after he was discovered unconscious in his Atlanta home.

Kelly and his group Kris Kross became popular in the 90s for their hit song “Jump.”  They were also famous because they were the ones who started the trend of wearing their costumes backwards.


Last February, Kelly was reunited with his partner Chris “Daddy Mac” Smith.  Both of them were doing a performance.  When Kelly was still alive, he also appeared on TMZ Live and he was very nice.



We would like to extend our condolences to the family of Chris Kelly.