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Naya Rivera and Big Sean Naya Rivera and Big Sean

Glee star Naya Rivera and Big Sean have decided to call off their wedding after appearing together in several red carpet events and doing a track together.  According to reports, Big Sean confessed that he cheated on Naya which ultimately made him decide to cancel the marriage.  But according to Sean’s rep, this accusation is not true despite the fact that the wedding has been called off for now.  Sean’s rep released a statement saying:

“After careful thought and much consideration, Sean has made the difficult decision to call the wedding off.  The recent rumors and accusations reported by so called or fake sources are simply untrue. Sean wishes Naya nothing but the best and it is still his hope that they can continue to work through their issues privately. We will not be commenting again on this matter.”

Big Sean and Naya Rivera Big Sean and Naya Rivera

Naya recently expressed on Cosmopolitan Latina that she is looking forward to marrying Sean so that they can start a family together.  She said:

“I think he’s going to be an amazing husband, and he’ll make a great father someday. He’s so kind to people, but he also wears the pants in our relationship, which I love”

Why did they call off the engagement?

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Kevin Hart and Oprah Winfrey Kevin Hart and Oprah Winfrey

Kevin Hart talks about cheating, marrying her girlfriend and others on ‘Oprah Prime‘.  The 34-year-old actor also talks about his late mother as well as blowing some money while he was just starting his career in the industry.  He also chatted about cheating on his ex-wife.

Does he feel the spirit of his late mother?  Kevin said:

“I’m not like a … over religious…I’m not at the church every Sunday … But what I am, I’m true to how I was raised. My mom beat God in my head. What I am, I’m true to my mom….It’s amazing…I feel like I’m coveted, for a lack of a better word. I feel like there’s something on my back…”

When he was still starting his career, his mother was the one who is supporting him financially.  Kevin explained:

“You got a year. you have one year to prove to me this is what you wanna do and you can support yourself…”

Why did he left Philadelphia to chase his dreams in Los Angeles?  The actor said:

“Without a plan, I just picked..I said, In LA is where the opportunities are.”

Why did he blow so much money at the early part of his career?  Kevin said:

“You don’t know where it goes. You’re young. You know nothing about taxes. You’e taking care of people. Giving money out. You have no idea.”

Kevin Hart and Oprah Winfrey Kevin Hart and Oprah Winfrey

Is he planning to marry his girlfriend, Eniko?  Kevin revealed:

“Five years now. It does matter. There was def a chip on my shoulder bc of the way my first one ended. But there’s a certain magical thing that comes with marriage. I will say, that with my lady now, I have something special….It’s definitely thought. Marriage definitely a thought.”

Aren’t they a sweet couple?

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Mary Mary Season 3 Mary Mary Season 3

The new season of Mary Mary, which will premier tonight, deals about health issues as well as having a solo career.  However, the biggest controversy is about Tina Atkins-Campbell discovery that her husband of 13 years cheated on her.  Tina’s husband Teddy Campbell, who is also the drummer of The Tonight Show band, was cheating while Tina was busy with her gospel tour.

Mary Mary Season 3 Mary Mary Season 3

Tina revealed:

“Whenever I’m on the road, I think about what my husband did to me. He was unfaithful to me while I was on the road.[...]So I’ve got to wonder, ‘Since you got caught, are you faithful now? Do you really mean that you want to be a better man to me? Or are you still who you were?’[...]I’m broken. My heart is crushed. I gotta get on the stage and I gotta act like everything is all good, and it’s not all good! I’m dying inside! I need all the help that God can give because my situation is to’ up. ”

If you are married and your spouse cheats on you, would you quit on your marriage?

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Apollo, Peter & Gregg Apollo, Peter & Gregg

The husbands of “RHOA,” Apollo Nida, Peter Thomas and Gregg Leakes recently dropped by “Bethenny” to chat about the money that they received as well as cheating and strip clubbing.  It’s quite unfortunate that Apollo did not discuss about his recent arrest.  However, here are some of the things that they talked about.

With regards to their paychecks, they revealed that they received nothing.  According to Apollo, Peter and Gregg, they consider the show as their “part time” gig wherein they obtain payment in perks as well as benefit.”

Are they paying a huge price in exchange for popularity?  Apollo responded:

“I think so coming from prison, doing six years in prison and then being thrown into a TV show was kind of difficult and I think for the first time coming off I was very quiet and kind of shy, it was just a difficult transition for me.”

When asked about the discussion they had about the strip club during the pajama party, the men insist that they don’t consider these places as cheating.  Gregg revealed that he met his wife NeNe in a club, he said:

Apollo, Peter & Gregg Apollo, Peter & Gregg

“I picked mine up, I tell it like it is baby….She used to work there and when I went there and saw her….I knew she used to do that but I didn’t realize that’s where you met her…That’s not where I met her. She invited me to her job and I graciously accepted.”

Do you think that strip clubbing is not cheating?

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Gabrielle Union Gabrielle Union

Gabrielle Union, the star of “Being Mary Jane,” recently visited “Live with Kelly & Michael” to promote her show as well as to chat about her proposal from her fiancé Dwyane Wade.  Recently, there were reports that the cheating happened when they are having a break from their relationship.  However, Gabrielle avoids discussing about it; instead she talks more about the recent marriage proposal of the Miami Heat star, Dwayne Wade.  She also revealed that at first she really thought that it was only a joke, she said:

“I was completely surprised. He and the boys planned it completely as a family. We were just going to spend the day having family time. Go to lunch. He said, do you want to do your hair or makeup? I was like, ‘No.’ We were going from there to Our house that is under construction and I was dressed for a construction site.”

Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade

She further revealed:

“So the boys are like, can we do a presentation for you. So me and D turn around and then the boys say, ‘OK we’re ready.’ And we turn back around and they’re holding signs that say “Nicki [Nique?], will you marry us?”

“But the thing is, they ask me all the time. So I was like, ‘Well this is embarrassing. Now they bring in signs.’”

“So I turn to D and he was down on one knee. And he was like, would you marry us? And I was like, ‘Oh you’re serious?! Oh, of course! ‘”

“The kids thought I was saying no, and I’m like ‘Yes, Yes!’  And then they tear up the stairs…”

Isn’t it sweet?

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Dean McDermott and Tori Spelling Dean McDermott and Tori Spelling

Tori Spelling was not bothered by the cheating rumor about her husband, in fact she even posted a photo of her kids with the Christmas message.  She wrote:

“As another year comes to a close, I can’t help but feel so grateful for all of my blessings.  My beautiful family, my amazing friends, and of course, all of you!”

“We’re spending the day together — cuddling, cooking, baking, unwrapping gifts, eating, watching movies and counting our blessings … “

The photo shows the couples’ four children, Liam, 6, Stella, 5, Hattie, 2, and Finn, 16 months.

Dean McDermott and Tori Spelling with kids Dean McDermott and Tori Spelling with kids

According to rumors, Spelling’s husband Dean McDermott was having a one-night stand in Canada.  McDermott, 47 and the former star of “Beverly Hills 90210″ has been married for seven years.  McDermott, who was in Toronto for some promotions, alleged met a woman there and slept with her.  The woman was 28-year-old Emily Goodwin.  Goodwin and McDermott allegedly spent another night together in McDermott’s hotel room.

Is it true that McDermott cheated with Spelling?

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Sandra Bullock admits that she does not look back because she comprehends that this is not the way that she will be going.  During her recent interview with Vogue’s October issue, she revealed the current state of her life after her split with Jesse James.  She said:

“We’re all where we’re supposed to be.”

The award-winning actress continued:

“I am exactly where I want to be now. You can’t go backward. I’m not going backward. I’m grateful that I’m here, blessed to have what I have. Nobody can be prepared for anything”


After she divorced James in June 2010, she adopted her son, Louis.  Bullock said, “If you end up in a place where you can look back and go, ‘It happened, but I’m so lucky to be sitting where I am sitting.’”

Bullock kept her adoption from the public.  During the Oscars when she accepted her award she wanted to announce it and say, “I wanted to get up there and say, ‘Guess what?!’”

According to Bullock, “Work was my life before. … Now I have no reason to leave home.”