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Kandi and Todd Kandi and Todd

Todd and Kandi tied the knot on April 4th while the cameras from Bravo are rolling.  There were about 300 guests who attended the extravagant wedding which was held in Atlanta.  Kandi wore a $20,000 gown created by Reco Chapple.  Kandi’s gown is designed in a mermaid fit together with ostrich feather fans.  During her interview with In Touch, Kandi revealed:

“The whole thing was like a fairy tale![,,,]I didn’t know if I was going to be able to pull this all together. I couldn’t wait around hoping things would get better. I just had to do it and hope for the best.”

Kandi and Todd Kandi and Todd

The designer of Kandi’s gown, Reco Chapple, revealed how he created the Swarovski crystal-covered gown worn by the reality star.  He said:

“Actually at first I was a bit mad because people in her camp did not want me to make it. Kandi explained that she was comfortable with working with me. She decided to go with me as the designer and I was honored![...]We used a power mesh nude illusion material for the foundation which came from NYC. The ostrich feathers were flown in from China and the Swarovski crystals were flown in from India. She didn’t wear a veil but her tiara was custom made from Kelvin Russell.”

“We worked on Kandi’s gown morning, noon and night! Sun up, till sun down! It took a little over a week and a half. The Swarovski crystals were hand woven into the dress and was full of intricate details. We also made all 7 bridesmaid dresses as well.[...]She wore a mesh Christian Louboutin Body Strass Mesh heel that was worth $1,195.”

“They were dope as heck!”

Are you already excited to watch their spin-off?

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Peter Thomas Peter Thomas

Viewers of BRAVO’s Real Housewives of Atlanta will get to see another drama when the husbands were having some argument.  The confrontation was between Cynthia Bailey’s husband, Peter Thomas and NeNe Leakes’ husband, Greg.  It all started during Kenya Moore’s masquerade ball when Peter approached NeNe.

According to Greg, he only wants to defend his wife.  He said:

“Real Talk. I addressed Peter about a previous situation, as I should have. If he feels he needs to address me, he will. Right or wrong. so u know America, I did have convo with my wife as I should. Situations elevate quicker than thoughts sometime. Respecting all opinions. ! As I said earlier, I do respect your opinions. But can’t u understand mine at the same time.? That was hard 4 ME. ! I defended my wife. Point blank.! Everyman would do the same. I chose a more apporiate time & place. Not at the event. I hear yall.!”

NeNe and Gregg Leakes NeNe and Gregg Leakes

Peter was now asking who ‘approached who.’  He further added that he has no plans of backing down.  He said:

“Here he go! He’s been walking around with all this pinned up aggression for how long now? And dead wrong. Who walked up on who? #RHOA…Ain’t nothin going to change…..never backing down…..If a man step to my wife,please know this,the ass wiping is coming that moment,not months later … But on the real,I didn’t step to that woman,she walk up to me and ask a question,all I did, was answer it”

Peter also revealed that Cynthia should not get involved in this.  He said:

“My wife is a lady,she don’t talk like that,I am a big boy,these MF can’t fuck with me,I got this … I don’t need my wife to fight for me,EVER!!”

Which side are you on?

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Kandi, Todd and Mama Joyce Kandi, Todd and Mama Joyce

Mama Joyce , one of the co-stars of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” responds to critics with regards to how she was treating Kandi’s fiance Todd Tucker.  During her interview with Ebony, Mama Joyce opened up about a lot of things including being independent and not relying on Kandi’s money.  She also revealed that she has not received any payment from Bravo.

When it comes to being financially dependent, Mama J said:

“Cynthia knows that Kandi don’t take care of me.  I’ve been on disability, Social Security, and plus I have rental property. And anybody that knows me knows that I’ve always had my own money.”

Kandi, Todd and Mama Joyce Kandi, Todd and Mama Joyce

Did she receive any check from Bravo?  She replied:

“I haven’t gotten a penny from Bravo. They got me [as] the main person and I done trended on [Twitter] two weeks in a row and every damn thing. People keep saying ‘You’re a celebrity,’ and I ask, ‘How the hell am I a celebrity?’ I’m the most unpaid celebrity there is. I’m looking in the Us Weekly and I have a picture and I say, ‘How am I getting all of this attention? I’m not a celebrity!’ ”

With regards to her relationship with Kandi & Todd, she said:

“If he makes her happy, I’m happy.  I just want the best for her. And if he’s the best for her, well then I’m happy. All I want her to do is be happy. God knows that’s all I want.”

Is their a chance that they can make up?

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Caroline Manzo Caroline Manzo

One of the stars of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Caroline Manzo, 52, announced last Sunday, Oct. 13, that she will not be appearing on the show anymore.  She announced her decision on her Twitter account.  She wrote, “It’s been wonderful, guys. I’ve decided to leave #RHONJ. This season was my last. Love and kisses to you all. xoxoxo.”

On her Bravo blog she also revealed the reasons why she has decided to leave the show.  She wrote:

“Over the past couple of years, Bravo and I have had numerous conversations regarding my position on Housewives, and they accept and understand where I’m coming from.”

“When we started filming Housewives so long ago, [my husband] Al made me promise him one thing. He said, ‘Just be yourself and have fun with it.  I’ve always prided myself on giving you the truth of who I really am, the good, the bad, and the ugly.”

Caroline Manzo Caroline Manzo

According to Manzo, she does not have anything to contribute to the show anymore.  She said, “For me, peace and integrity cannot be bought with money or fame.  I simply feel that my role has run its course and I have nothing more to give.”

So, what next for Manzo?

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Another day, another reality star mini-drama. NeNe Leakes had to call in the police to break into her car after she locked her yorkie, Playa, inside. Before PETA declares war on the reality television star, they should know that the dog was never in any real danger as there were no extreme temperatures. Nene ran to her Twitter to discuss the incident:

“RT @BravoAndy: @NeNeLeakes glad to hear Playa is ok

Nene & Doggy

And pop singer Taylor Swift may claim she has only dated two men since 2010, but the media says otherwise. This is definitely one of those times where you just assume young stars did not get a proper education and never learned how to properly count OR just blazenly lying.

Taylor In Deniel Of Dates

 For in this early 2013 alone, Swift has been linked with two guys. Is this the new pop star math? Where do we sign up for that?!

Another day, another reality series is coming onto the scene to drown our senses. Now comes a new show called ‘Married to Medicine’. In it, viewers will be able to get an inside peek at the lives of women involved in medicine and the stars and struggles they have to treat and tend to.

married to medicine

If anyone was interested in the personal and professional life of the doctor to stars like T.I., Usher, and Toni Braxton, well, they’re about to find out alot about Dr. Jacqueline Walters.


Although some are calling this show a great way to get young girls and women interested in the profession of medicine, others are stating that it tramples on the gray area between privacy for patients, private practices, and the hospitals featured in them. It’s too soon to tell now, but we will all know soon enough when the ratings return, right?

Stay tuned.