Tagged: Bieber Birthday Leftovers: Dad Gives Him A Customized Motorcycle!

Jeremy, Justin Bieber’s father surprised the pop star with customized motorcycle as his special gift for JB’s 19th birthday.  The black motorcyle has several features which includes Justin’s lucky number 6 engraved on the gas tank and the Batman logo carved on the seat.  It also has JB’s initials, the crown (Justin’s tattoo) and his 35 million followers on Twitter.com which are engraved on the different parts of the motorcycle.

 bieber's bike

Jeremy proudly shows the bike on a YouTube.com video and said:

“So what do you get somebody that has everything, Justin Bieber? This is what you get. Look at the details, number six, it’s Justin’s number, his hockey number. 35 million followers. We’ve customized everything, the JB, Batman, we got the crown – JB’s tattoo. So that’s what you get when you’re 19 and you’re Justin Bieber.”

“Happy 19th birthday Justin we love ya, we appreciate ya and we hope you love the bike!”

At the end of the video, Justin’s stepsiblings, Jazmyn and Jazon greeted their brother a happy birthday.


Justin greets the gift as a welcome surprise after having a worst birthday at the Cirque du Soir in London.  According to reports, Scooter Braun, Bieber’s manager, may have bought the pop star another amazing sports car.

What more does Justin need on his birthday?