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Jay Z and Beyonce recently announced that they will be having a vegan lifestyle for 22 days until Christmas.  This time, Rocsi Diaz posed for the PETA’s holiday promotion in order to encourage everyone to practice the vegetarian lifestyle.  Diaz looked so sexy in the photo without wearing anything except the brussels sprouts which became her bikini.  This is the second time that she posed for a PETA ad.  You may be wondering why Rocsi choose not to eat meat during her college days.  She said:

”[I] physically felt cleaner and lighter.[...]Later on, literally I saw somebody eating a chicken wing, and it grossed me out. … My body was, like, ‘No more. I don’t want it anymore.’”


She also admitted that it is not so difficult to eliminate meat from your diet:

“I’ve seen grocery stores change to be more welcoming to a vegetarian’s diet and it’s not as hard as it used to be going to your local supermarket trying to find a substitute. You now have sections in grocery markets that are dedicated to people who are vegetarian.”

Are you a vegan?

Photo Credits: Necole Bitchie, Sports Jabber