Soulja Boy In The Middle Of A Hit And Run Car Case!


The cops recently arrested a suspect who is involved in a hit-and-run incident which is connected with Soulja Boy’s Bentley.  However, the rapper that was arrested was not Soulja.  Last January 9, a motorcyclist was seriously hurt when a Bentley illegally turned.  After doing some investigation about this incident which happened in Hollywood, the cops discovered that the car involved in the accident belonged to Soulja Boy.

After checking the video of various cameras and verifying the license plate number, the victim’s friend discovered several damages on the car of Soulja Boy.  These damages matched to the accident; however they have not captured the photo of the accident.


The cops arrested Abrahim Mustafa, Soulja Boy’s friend.  He will be facing felony hit-and-run.  The cops have not spoken to Soulja Boy yet.

Soulja Boy’s red Bentley was currently impounded due to the accident which injured a motorcyclist.

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