Some Things You Did Not Know About Actress Tika Sumpter

Tika Sumpter Tika Sumpter

This year proves to be the year of Tika Sumpter.  Tike has just obtained the most significant role in the movie “Ride Along.”  She is the love interest of Kevin Hart in the movie.  Aside from this, she also played the character of Candace Young in the show “The Haves and the Have Nots.”  Candace’s character is quite challenging since she is ambitious and mischievous at the same time.

During her interview, Tika chatted about her humble beginnings being a waitress before she was given a big break as an actress.

Tika Sumpter Tika Sumpter

Tika talked about the struggles of her family, she said:

“I had tons of setbacks, you know? I mean, I grew up- my mother was a single mom- my mom was actually married for a while and she was a stay at home mom at a young age. And, you know, things happen. She was married to my dad for 13 years and then she just had to basically get a job and she worked at Rikers Island as a corrections officer. My mom is like 5 feet nothing, 120 [pounds] soaking wet. Yeah, so she’s a corrections officer at Rikers Island and I just saw her- car breaking down [and all]- and her struggle taught me so much about perseverance. So when I came to Manhattan from Long Island when I started school, I couldn’t finish school because I couldn’t afford it. And I just had to hustle. Meaning like, I had to waitress, I worked at a hotel. I had so many different jobs, literally living paycheck to paycheck. No furniture in my apartment, praying like ‘Oh my God, how am I going to pay this bill?’ while knowing that there was way more for me in life. That passion [to grind] I think it was my mother… just watching her persevere for us and fight for us. And make sure that we had a chance. That was major for me.”

“Before I even could start really acting- I’d go to these auditions and I’d see these amazing girls and [even though] I didn’t have it all together, I knew, ‘Of course they (the directors) would want me!’ Just because of whatever fire my mom raised us to have [and] that confidence. It doesn’t matter who’s in the room. You walk in with your head up and your shoulders back and know that you’re just as great as anybody else. Like my mom has no problems walking to a Chanel store like, ‘What?’ My mom has a sense of like ‘No, no. I belong here!’ You know what I mean? And I think she passed that on [to me]. So ‘I’ belong here. And I want to spread that sense to other women like ‘No, no, honey. You belong here!’”

Isn’t she a lucky girl?

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