Sharon Osbourne slams Kanye West: ‘He’s an average-looking man with an average talent’


Sharon Osbourne is well-known for being unapologetic and outspoken.  The TV star recently commented that Kanye West should sell cars because he can be a ‘great salesman.’  She said that West should sell cars instead of having a career in the music industry.  She revealed, “I have no time for him. He bores me.  He’s an average-looking man with an average talent, but he’s a great salesman.”

Osbourne continued, “West should sell cars because they would f—ing fly out the door. He’s his No. 1 fan.”


Sharon’s husband was recently having a relapse on alcohol and drug abuse but she revealed that she will always stand by him.  But the TV star revealed that she won’t support New York mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner.  She said, “I’d like to slap him.  He did a news interview … where he seemed so smug and said he only wanted to talk about issues. What a crock of s–t. How much time is he going to spend f—ing around with his d–k, and how much time is he going to spend on the people of New York?”

What can you say about Sharon’s comments?

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