Shaquille O’Neal’s Former Mistress Vanessa Lopez Writes A Book, ‘Fouls of The Courts‘ Which Includes Accusations Against Shaq Revealed

Vanessa Lopez and Shaq Vanessa Lopez and Shaq

Shaquille O’ Neal has always been nice to the ladies; however his former mistress, Vanessa Lopez has been making some allegations against him.  Lopez filed a case against O’ Neal after he accused her of sleeping with another person.  But according to a Florida judge, Lopez was not entirely honest and has been making numerous lies.  The case was dismissed and Shaq won.

Now, Vanessa’s statements have been released, she alleged that O’Neal is obsessive with guns, she said:

“Every time I was with him, he would take out — he always carried, like, a Glock, a gun,”

“Before having sex, he would put it on the floor, he always had a gun.

[Why he would have a gun] Because he’s the law. That’s what he would say, ‘I’m the law.’”

According to reports Vanessa is writing a book about the whole thing which is entitled, ‘Fouls of The Courts.‘   The book will comprise of:

Vanessa Lopez and Shaq Vanessa Lopez and Shaq

“details of her five year love affair with O’Neal and relationship with J.J. Redick. Fouls of the Courts, slated for an August, 2014 pub date, will share intimate details of Lopez’s affair with O’Neal including never-before-revealed information about O’Neal’s personal life and upbringing as shared by O’Neal to Lopez during their affair. Lopez will also expose the off-court bullying that takes place among sports superstars including O’Neal’s intimidating and threatening behavior when their affair ended and the aggressive coercion she received from J.J. Redick to abort their unborn child with the infamous “contract to kill”.  Lopez’s book will serve as an eye-opening perspective on the power these megastar sports figures yield and choose to exercise, and a cautionary tale to others seduced by their fame, wealth and attention.”

What are your thoughts on Vanessa’s accusations?

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