Sanya Richards Ross Talks About Marriage On Pynk

Sanya Richards Ross Sanya Richards Ross

Olympic gold medalist Sanya Richards Ross recently graced the cover of the latest issue of Pynk Magazine’s “Elite.”  Last year, Richards started her very own WEtv reality show Sanya’s Glam & Gold where the track runner shows how she balanced her life.  Sanya is currently married to two-time Super Bowl champion Aaron Ross.  Aside from having a track career, she is also busy with her hair salon business as well as a her hair extension line, Rich Hair Collection.

How does she feel being married to an athlete?  Sanya said:

Sanya Richards Ross Sanya Richards Ross

“It’s as hard or as easy as you make it. Because [Aaron] Ross and I started dating in college, I think we figured out what worked for us very early on. I met him and then just a month later, I traveled for a month to compete. He would stay with me a lot and I remember my sister said he would be in the house listening to slow jams. You know, missing me [laughs]. But it’s just been great. We encourage each other. We support each other. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. So, when he’s away at training camp, I miss him desperately and can’t wait to see him and vice-versa. I think it minimizes our fights [laughs] because we’re so excited to see each other most of the time. It’s awesome. It works well for us.”

How can she handle all of these?

Photo Credits: Hello Beautiful, IBTimes

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