Sanaa Lathan Chatted About Her New Movie ‘Repentance’

Sanaa Lathan Sanaa Lathan

This Friday, you will be able to watch a new horror film entitled “Repentance.”  It stars Sanaa Lathan, Nicole Ari Parker, Anthony Mackie, Forest Whitaker as well as Mike Epps.  Anthony Mackie plays the role of a life coach while Sanaa plays the role of the wife of Anthony Mackie and at the same time she is also a yoga instructor.

When Sanaa was asked about her role in the new movie “Repentance,” she revealed:

“So I play Maggie, I’m a yoga teacher who is married to Tommy [Anthony Mackie]. I don’t know if this actually comes across in the movie but my character dated Ben [Mike Epps] before she dated Anthony. And that’s kind of a little- it’s a little scandalous because they are brothers. So  there is a little history that adds to the tension between the three of them. But she’s really in love with Tommy and a loving wife and she kind of gets caught up in the repentance that he has to pay for these mistakes that he’s buried in the past.”

Sanaa Lathan Sanaa Lathan

“The thing that I love about that story [is] it’s such a different kind of profession to see a black man in a movie have. I love the fact that we haven’t really seen that before.”

Will you watch the movie?

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