Rihanna Tour Bus Traveling With Weed, Busted + Is Adele Planning A Secret Wedding?

We all knew it would be only a matter of time before Ri-Ri got busted for her weed consumption and now the time has finally come! The singer, who has Instagrammed, tweeted, and Pinterested herself smoking marijuana for the past few years, finally will have to account for her actions. But not so fast. Because Rihanna herself was not busted.


Her tour bus, however…

Her tour bus was crossing the Canadian border when inspectors noticed that oh so familiar smell wafting from one of the vehicles. Out comes the drug-sniffings canines and out comes the pot. A member of Rihanna’s entourage was cited for pot possession and the bus rolled on. Where was Rihanna during all of this?


Turns out Rihanna only flies first class. No bus for her!

And Adele is a pop star that knows how to keep her personal life just that. The Grammy and now Oscar-winning singer has secretly married the father of her babydaddy, Simon Konecki. This is the second marriage for Konecki and the first for Adele, who is 24 to Konecki’s 38.


Best wishes to the couple and their newborn!

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