Rihanna Gets A Restraining Order Against Stalker

If you read that title, don’t expect this story to be about Chris Brown, although one could certainly assume it was. No, Rihanna has other people who have been chasing after her it seems. This particular stalker, Steveland Barrow, broke into a home and slept in a bed that he thought belonged to Rihanna. The problem was that the home was not Rihanna’s but her next door neighbor. Reports now claim that the stalker is not in jail and his whereabouts are still unknown. The police arrested him under a breaking and entering, but that didn’t stick long and he was soon released.


Rihanna received a court mandated restraining order claiming she feared for her safety. In it, the document mandates that he remain at least 100 yards away from her and her properties.

Since Rihanna doesn’t know where he is, and neither do the authorities, maybe Rihanna should beef up her bodyguards as soon as possible before he makes another unexpected visit.


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