Rihanna Dances With Her Grandfather For His Birthday

Rihanna and her Grandfather Rihanna and her Grandfather

After being busy with her Diamonds tour, RiRi took a break and spend some time with her family in Barbados which is in time for the birthday celebration of her grandfather.  Rihanna was wearing a gold dress and shows off the recent tattoo on her hand.  She enjoyed herself while dancing with her grandfather and after a while she was posing with her loved ones.  Later on, she posted a special message to her grandfather on Instagram:

Rihanna and her Grandfather Rihanna and her Grandfather

“Happy Birthday Grandfadda Bravo!!!!! You are so special to all of us!!! If it wasn’t for you buying out the whole tray of mangoes from gran gran Dolly that one day you got off your ship in Guyana, and charmed her with that smile laced with a gold cap, NONE of us would be here!! So Im saying a special thanks to you for having the heart of a Lion, my Scorpio King, Legend!!! They will never know what it took for you to get us here!! I love you way past unconditional!!! You’re true az steel BRAVO!!!! #BirthdayBoy”

What can you say about Rihanna’s bonding time with her family?

Photo Credits: Necole Bitchie

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