Rick Ross Revealed The Reason Why He Is Not Yet Ready To Settle Down

Rick Ross Rick Ross

Right after Rick Ross released his latest album entitled, Mastermind, the rapper went to Power 105′s The Breakfast Club to chat about a lot of things.  Aside from promoting his 6th album, he also explained the shooting incident which happened in the Atlanta club just after his album release party.  He also talked about his beef with 50 Cent who recently suggested that he and Diddy are both homosexuals.

Did the Atlanta shooting incident created a negative impact on his reputation?  The rapper replied:

“I’m  not gonna say that. Just performing in clubs and things like that…those type of things happen….Shot out to the DJ. Bistro. He [is] a super cool dude. I don’t wanna speculate on it. That was unfortunate. Besides that, it went well. You just wake up in the morning to the news.”

What can he say about the photo that 50 Cent posted which allegedly shows that he and Diddy were kissing?  Rick replied:

“Was he in his pimp and curly mode? We don’t have time for that. We winning. Other than that, put the wigs on. Other than that, we gon’ keep getting this money.”

Rick Ross Rick Ross

Is there a possibility that he and 50 Cent could become friends?  He replied:

“I don’t believe so. We just different people. All my people’s eating. We open the door to everybody that wanna win. I wanna see my homies selling more records than me….Y’all wanna crack jokes like donkeys. When I shine, my homie shine….Y’all betta check my IG. I’m passionate about this. I put in almost 15 years. When donkeys do little things…”

Does he have any plans of getting married?  Rick explained:

“That ain’t on my mind. My heart is on what I’m doing. What I’m building. It wouldn’t even be fair. But we can be cool.”

When will he get married?

Photo Credits: Rolling Out, Spin

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