RHOA’s Porsha Stewart Gets Emotional Discussing Divorce Hearing: ‘It was an out of body experience.’

Porsha Stewart Porsha Stewart

Porsha Stewart was having a hard time dealing with her divorce proceedings with her husband, Kordell Stewart.  If you have watched Real Housewives of Atlanta then you may be surprised why this couple end up in divorce.  Kordell was the one who filed for a divorce.  The first episode will be very emotional as the viewers will be witnessing the end of their marriage.  Porsha was accompanied by her mother and sister during her first deposition.  She was in tears as she narrated:

“It was just terrible..To hear him say, ‘She wasn’t home at a certain time so I locked her out?’ That was really, really hard to listen to listen to…Seeing Kordell at the deposition, was like a out-of-body experience…”

She further revealed:

Porsha Stewart Porsha Stewart

“I was like, ‘Imma find out everything that I need to know and Imma know exactly why he filed on me’…But after that entire deposition, he had no factual reason…no exact reason…to divorce me…”

Will you watch the first episode?

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