“RHOA” Husbands Apollo, Peter & Gregg Admit They Were Not Paid

Apollo, Peter & Gregg Apollo, Peter & Gregg

The husbands of “RHOA,” Apollo Nida, Peter Thomas and Gregg Leakes recently dropped by “Bethenny” to chat about the money that they received as well as cheating and strip clubbing.  It’s quite unfortunate that Apollo did not discuss about his recent arrest.  However, here are some of the things that they talked about.

With regards to their paychecks, they revealed that they received nothing.  According to Apollo, Peter and Gregg, they consider the show as their “part time” gig wherein they obtain payment in perks as well as benefit.”

Are they paying a huge price in exchange for popularity?  Apollo responded:

“I think so coming from prison, doing six years in prison and then being thrown into a TV show was kind of difficult and I think for the first time coming off I was very quiet and kind of shy, it was just a difficult transition for me.”

When asked about the discussion they had about the strip club during the pajama party, the men insist that they don’t consider these places as cheating.  Gregg revealed that he met his wife NeNe in a club, he said:

Apollo, Peter & Gregg Apollo, Peter & Gregg

“I picked mine up, I tell it like it is baby….She used to work there and when I went there and saw her….I knew she used to do that but I didn’t realize that’s where you met her…That’s not where I met her. She invited me to her job and I graciously accepted.”

Do you think that strip clubbing is not cheating?

Photo Credits: Bravo TV,  I Am Mo Better

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