Rappers Eve And Azealia Banks Were Spotted In Paris

Eve Eve

Last night, Eve and Azealia Banks were seen at the Paris Fashion Week.  Before this event occurred, they were also spotted at the Etam Womenswear Fall/Winter 2014 show.  The two rappers were performing while the models were on the runway wearing lingerie.

Azealia feels great that she was able to perform together with Eve.  She tweeted, “Eve is such a nice lady! So happy to have performed alongside her tonight!”

Last year, Eve also admitted that she desires to work with Azealia Banks but unfortunately Azealia was busy according to her reps.  Eve told The Breakfast Club Morning Show:

“[ When asked if she would tap her for the album?] Um, yeah? Didn’t we try to get her? I think she may have been one of the ones who was like, ‘I think I’m busy.’ I like her wordplay. I think she actually can rhyme. I just don’t like the drama. That bothers me.”

Azealia Banks Azealia Banks

Azealia revealed that she did not turn down Eve.  She tweeted:

“Def never even received a memo about collaborating ! Def never turned you down.”

Will there be collaboration between the two?

Photo Credits: Rap Basement, Fact Mag

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