Oprah Winfrey, Octavia Spencer & Lupita Nyong’o COVER “THR”

A group of the best actresses was featured on the cover of the latest issue of THR magazine.  This includes the star of  12 Years a Slave’s Lupita Nyong’o, the actress from American Hustle, Her, Amy Adams, from the movie Saving Mr. Banks, Emma Thompson, the star of The Help, Murder, She Wrote, Octavia Spencer and finally Oprah Winfrey who is one of the stars in “The Butler”.

THR cover

Everybody looks amazing on the cover.  When each one of them was asked about the career that they want to imitate, Nyong’o said:

“Hold on. (Takes a tissue.) When I was a little girl, the first time I thought I could be an actor was when I watched The Color Purple.”

Then Winfrey replied, “Oh my God, give me a tissue.”

Nyong’o continued:


“I grew up in Kenya, and a lot of our programming was from all over the world, and we didn’t see ourselves onscreen. It was very rare that you’d see people that look like me. And there was Whoopi Goldberg and Oprah and everything. It’s so meaningful to be sitting here beside you.”

Winfrey seems to agree and replied, “It is equally meaningful for me.”

Who’s your favorite among these actresses?

Photo Credits: The YBF, Indian Express

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