Omarosa Slams Bethenny Frankel: ‘You Get To Walk Around And Be Mediocre And Get Rewarded’

Omarosa and Bethenny Omarosa and Bethenny

Omarosa is the type of person who does not hold back anything.  That is why; if you are planning to book her on your show then you should be prepared.  Bethenny Frankel was surprised when she was slammed by Omarosa right on her own show.

It all began in 2010 when Bethenny was compared to Omarosa when she guested on The View.  Bethenny got upset and revealed that she and Omarosa are not the same because she has a brand and a real career.  When Omarosa knew about this, she called Bethenny a b-tch.

Three years later, the two ladies got a chance to confront each other and Bethenny denied the things that she said.  In fact, she even made a bit of $10,000 to Omarosa.  However, when the transcript was retrieved Bethenny lost from the bet.

When Bethenny asked Omarosa about her brand?  Omarosa replied:

“I’m unapologetic about being a strong, African American woman who does not apologize. It’s different for you and I.  I’m an African American woman. You get to walk around and be mediocre and you still get rewarded with things. We have to be exceptional to get anything in this business.”

Omarosa and Bethenny Omarosa

“I think it’s important to understand that you don’t stay a decade on television, on reality TV, without being smart and creating a brand that people want to see. If the audience didn’t want to see Omarosa, they would never book me again. You booked me to be on your show today. There’s a brand there. There’s a commodity.[...]”

“You’re not walking in your own truth. The moment you accept your real truth, everything is going to open up for you. Everything, your happiness, your joy, your relationships, but it cannot happen until you accept your own truth. Truth is, 10 years later I’m still here. I hope that you’re still here a year from now.”

Isn’t it embarrassing?

Photo Credits:  Necole Bitchie

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