Nene Leakes’ Half Sister Throws Insults, Jabs & Accusations

Nene Leakes and half-sister, Kenya Kendle Sherman Nene Leakes and half-sister, Kenya Kendle Sherman

Nene Leakes’ half sister, Kenya Kendle Sherman is throwing accusations on Nene during her recent interview.  She also threw some allegations on Nene with regards to her reality show the Real Housewives of Atlanta.  Kenya also revealed what she felt when she is being referred as the half-sister of Nene.  Nene’s half-sister even admitted that she does not approve of NeNe’s marriage to Gregg.

Why does she disapprove of Nene’s marriage to Gregg?  Kenya said:

“Gregg was a married man. She let the world know, it is what it is, everyone knows that.”

Why was her appearance on RHOA edited?  Kenya revealed:

“Yeah she had a fit I guess, I mean it was no shade, Phaedra invited me to her baby’s birthday party. Phaedra was my attorney prior to her coming on the show so we had established a friendship as well as our families know each other from Athens cause she is from Athens. So our families know each other, we were familiar with one another so it wasn’t like strangers…We know each other.”


Was she really kicked out from the party being hosted by Marlo?  Kenya replied:

Nene Leakes Nene Leakes

“Allegedly, I was kicked out. Allegedly, we had words. No, none of that happened. I went to the event, thinking that I can get some orders for hair…I didn’t want anyone to know that I was her sister and I stressed that to Marlo and she said, ‘Girl I recognize you, I know who you are’and I said, ‘You do? Don’t say it too loud, come to the back, lets talk in the back.’One more thing about Marlo’s event,she did let me know that she recognized what I was saying about what I was saying about my sister, and how my sister is very messy, that let me know that she knew what time it was.”

What can you say about Kenya’s comments?

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